Wilmington, NC Enjoys Its True Blood Connections

July 1, 2010 by  

The beachside town of Wilmington, North Carolina, has its own small film industry. A recent article in the Star News Online proudly noted that True Blood has a number of Wilmington connections, from the cast, crew, and even beer.

Jonathan Olson, a local cafe owner and brewer, was contacted by HBO to have his Wolf Beer featured on the show at Lou Pine’s, the werewolf bar we saw for this first time on this week’s episode. He sent them some boxes and beer taps with the logo of a white wolf, glad to have his brew marketed on such a popular show.

One of the show’s directors, Anthony Hemingway, is also a native of Wilmington. He has worked on the episodes “Plaisir d’amour” from Season 1 and “Evil Is Going On,” the upcoming Season 3 finale.

Some of the True Blood actors also share a connection to Wilmington. Joe Manganiello, before his days as Alcide, filmed there for his role as Owen on One Tree Hill. Beth Grant, who graduated from an area high school, acted alongside Stephen Moyer in the hilarious Bill-centric mini-sode (remember- she wanted him to ravage her like a pirate). She loved being a part of it, saying “I’d do anything for Alan Ball… And then to get to do it with Vampire Bill who is so hot and so cute. And what a lovely gentleman he is.”

SOURCE: starnewsonline.com

(Photo credit: Wilmington/Cape Fear Coast Center and Vistors Bureau)