Win Original True Blood Inspired Art Benefiting Charity

July 11, 2009 by  

dc25_12Paul Karslake an internationally renowned artist was commissioned by FX in the United Kingdom to create an original piece of work inspired by True Blood to help launch the premiere of True Blood Season One in the United Kingdom which will be broadcast on the FX network on Friday, July 17, 2009 and promote a good cause.

Paul Karslake is the brother to Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood (If you do not know who he is or, then you are beyond my help fanpires.) The picture depicts Ron Wood as a vampire biting into the neck of a blond woman, I mean victim sorry.

All proceeds from the profits of this auction will go to benefit the ACLT
Here is a brief description of the charity:

The ACLT aims to raise awareness enabling potential bone marrow & blood donors to come forward at registration drives to be involved in the process of offering hope & a healthy future to someone suffering from leukemia and other blood related cancers, whose disorders may have otherwise proved fatal. Less than 3% of potential donors on the bone marrow registers are made up of ethnic minorities. Raising awareness and funds will allow us to continue our work throughout the UK and Worldwide.

To donate directly to the ACLT:

Another little brief note on this artist’s work was a painting he did of Keith Richards as a pirate. Story has it Johnny Depp saw the painting at Keith Richard’s house and it inspired him for the character of Jack Sparrow [well you most likely know “Pirates Of The Caribbean” yes that Jack Sparrow]. By the way that is not up for sale, it is hanging on Keith Richard’s wall of course.

To see the unique art of Paul Karslake you can visit his website at:

(photo credit: Ebay U.K Painting By Paul Karslake)