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Though True Blood Season 4 is about to begin production, we still have a several month long wait until Season 4 actually premieres. Though talking with fellow fans here on helps ease the ache of not having new True Blood episodes to watch, I still find myself going to my bookshelf and grabbing my favorite books to read again.

Though anything with vampires and/or were-creatures tends to be my favorite reading material, if a writer I love writes another series, I’m often willing to try it out. In this case, my favorite author Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote an Arthurian legend series called the Lords of Avalon under the pseudonym Kinley MacGregor.

The first book is called Sword of Darkness, and when I read it, I was thrilled by the dark take on the legend of Camelot. In the series, the peaceful land of Camelot is no longer what it once was. Instead, we see Camelot past it’s prime, with the noble knights of the Round Table living in Avalon.

Beyond seeing darkness rule Camelot, there’s another couple of interesting changes to the legend of Arthur. First, Excalibur has an “evil twin” of sorts, the sword Caliburn. Second, Merlin is not a character. Instead, Merlin is a title for magical advisers, and those advisers are all led by the Penmerlin.

The lead characters of the book, Kerrigan and Seren, are quite the interesting pair and wonderful character foils. But in order to learn more about them, as well as meet the paranormal secondary characters who are tons of fun, you have to read the book!

Luckily for us, Sherrilyn Kenyon kindly donated two (2) copies of Sword of Darkness to to be given away as prizes. And this isn’t the version of the book that can be found in stores. Instead, it’s a special advanced copy that also includes a sneak peek at the next book in the Lords of Avalon series, Darkness Within. Two (2) lucky winners will be chosen to win a copy of Kinley Macgregor’s book Sword of Darkness.

How To Enter For Your Chance To Win a copy of Kinley MacGregor’s book Sword of Darkness.

  • In the comment section below answer the following question: What mythological creature is both sexy and unappealing to you at the same time and why?
  • Please provide a valid email address when you enter so we may contact the winner.
  • Comments must be posted no later then 11:59pm EDT on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 to be eligible.
  • Two (2) winners will be drawn randomly from all eligible entries. The two (2) winners will each receive a copy of Kinley MacGregor’s book Sword of Darkness.

Winners must respond within 48 hours upon notification. Please check both your inbox and spam folders for the notification if you have been chosen the winner. If the winner does not respond within the 48 hours time frame a new winner will be randomly selected.

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Good Luck, everyone!

  • Heather

    The Dolophoni are most appealing and yet unappealing mythological creature. Appealing because they have so much power to deliver justice they can even destroy gods. However, if that power gets out of control, they can be extremely dangerous because they can essentially do what they want.

  • Krishna

    I would have to say a mermen. Yes, they’re amazingly attractive, yet they’re also said to be extremely narcissistic, which in my opinion is really unattractive. Plus, in mythology, they’re also said to lure people off their ships and let them drown. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have be hypnotized into drowning myself no matter how sexy the hypnotist is.

  • Katra

    I find the sexiest and yet unappealing creature is the dragon. It’s super cool to think about things like being able to fly with the help of a dragon, or have them protect you with their fire, but at the same time… There’s so much danger involved! A dragon might make you crispy on accident, and then where would you be?

    • Medusa…She is all the power and sex rolled into one, but then piss her off and bam she turns ugly which does not appeal to me….but then again I could have used that little trick a few times in my life lol.

  • Tracey D

    It’s a toss up between the Minotaur and the Centaur. Both have masculine upper bodies but the rest…ugh…

  • Tanya Maxemow

    I would have to say a werewolf. I think they are extremely sexy in there human form because they have that sleakness and agility that comes from the wolf side. I would say unappealing becasue there are so many different versions of a werewolf and they are not all attractive. Some are very ugly and sometimes in animal form they are not aware of themselves and have no control. So not very appealing ther.

  • Shaine K

    I would have to pick the Selkie. I love the ocean/beach and think I would love to swim and be seduced by one but the thought of being with a half fish is unappealing =)

  • stacia

    Nephelium- They are half human and half watcher angel. They are mutated beings with large cone shaped heads and between 13 and 33 feet tall. They are extremely strong and have the knowledge of heaven given to them by the watcher angels. They can be very beautiful or extremely grossly mutated.

  • I’d have to say any furry shapeshifter. While most supernatural creatures are beautiful beyond compare, I have pets already and the flea treatments and worm pills are enough for me already. Besides, who really wants to wake in the morning haching up hairballs?

  • Vampires! Woot…who wouldn’t want to live forever and be as mean or nice as you want. Plus have that lure that would draw cuties to you }:) I am currently reading Kinley’s “Master of Seduction”, saw her name and snatched it up….love her writing!

  • Shiva Ryan

    Medusa, typically a very attractive woman in early 20’s, but the thoughts of the snake hair is just a little cold.

  • Theresa

    Oh My!! It has to be the centaur!! Just think… a big brawn hunk of male that can sweep you up, toss you on his back, where you have to cling to the broad bare back with a flowing long mane of glorious hair blowing over you. But of course life turns ugly, the lower half is not human and thus no follow through on those raging hormones that such a beautiful upper physique inspires. *sniffles*