Win Tickets To EyeCon 2010 And Mingle With The Cast Of True Blood

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Once again, EyeCon is almost upon us, giving fans the chance to get their True Blood on with the cast of True Blood as well as other fans.  EyeCon is hosting the second annual True Blood Convention at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando, Florida from November 5 – 7, 2010.

This year fans will have the opportunity to meet Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), and Kristin Bauer (Pam). It’s still pretty early and the conference expects to sign up more celebrity guests. Both Sam and Kristin will be at the conference the entire weekend; this is Kristin’s first time at EyeCon but no worries, Sam will help her along given he’s a seasoned pro (he was at the convention last year).

Following the success of last year’s Eyecon Convention, this year will feature once again: celebrity autograph sessions with the True Blood actors, celebrity photo-op sessions, a celebrity banquet, a cocktail party with the stars, a Fangbanger’s Ball, panels, games, celebrity breakfast auctions, blood drives as well as a chance to help Deborah Ann Woll, baby vamp Jessica, bring attention to Choroideremia, a disease which causes early blindness. A convention that brings fans and celebrities together while helping good causes! What can beat that? How about a chance to go the Eyecon Convention featuring our favorite True Blood actors on us?

The people at EyeCon have graciously given 5 pairs of tickets to give away to 5 lucky winners! We have 2 pairs of gold and 3 pairs of general tickets to give away.

Gold Level Ticket Includes:

  • Admission all three days of the convention
  • Access to reserved seating in rows 7-13
  • Access to the dealer’s room and all panels and games
  • Access to all celebrity Q&A Sessions

General  Level Ticket includes:

  • Admission all three days of the convention
  • Access to the dealer’s room and all panels and games
  • Access to all celebrity Q&A Sessions

How To Enter For Your Chance To Win A Pair Of Tickets:

  • In the comment section below tell us what question you would ask the True Blood Cast at the convention.
  • *Please provide a valid email address when you enter so we may contact the winner.
  • Comments must be posted no later then 11:59pm EDT on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 to be eligible.
  • Please enter only if you are serious about attending the event.
  • Prizes are for tickets only; transportation, lodging, meals, etc. are your responsibility.
  • Five (5) winners will be drawn randomly from all eligible entries. Two (2) winners will each receive a pair of either Gold Level Tickets and three (3) winners will receive a pair of General Level Tickets.
  • TICKETS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. You will have to provide your name and that of your companion as they appear on your ID.

Winners must respond within 72 hours upon notification.  Please check both your inbox and spam folders for the notification if you have been chosen the winner.  If the winner does not respond with the 72 hours time frame a new winner will be randomly selected.

For further information on the contest rules:

To learn more about EyeCon visit:

Good Luck to everyone!


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  • nnaellehcim

    I would love to ask the cast:

    Charlaine Harris asks each actor to create an outlandish situation for their character. With only a few minutes to intrigue her mind, what scenario would you suggest?


    If you could switch roles for one episode, what character would you want to play?

  • Caitlin Ward

    Sam- “Do you like where Sam’s character is going? He seems to be heading down a really dark path and that has to be taxing for an actor.

    Kristin- “Fans have been begging for more Pam screen time, is it as much fun playing Pam as it is for us to watch?”

    Hope I’m picked! I live just outside of Orlando so I can go! 🙂

  • Teddy McFarlane

    What part of the Sookie Stackhouse novel’s did you like best, and how did that relate, if it was added, to how it was portrayed in the TV Series?

  • Lori Conrad

    I would ask the cast members how much preparation they do when portraying their respective alter ego onscreen? Have they read the books, and how much reading the books effects their onscreen portrayal?

  • Richard

    I would ask Kristin who her favorite character is on the show, aside from Pam. I would also be interested to find out what her hopes are for the next season regarding the development of her character and potential story lines.

    Finally, I would like to ask Sam what types of roles he enjoys more- dramatic roles or more lighthearted/comedic ones.

  • I live in Florida so I can go. My question for both would be how has True Blood improved or helped your acting career? For Pam it would be does she ever think that maybe there would be a separation from Eric where she would be on her own for a long period of time? As for Sam’s character if you read the books how do you like Alan Balls creation of Sam’s darker side?

  • I’m actually wondering how much the cast is surprised when a scene betweeen them & a co star takes hours to film, but goes by in a couple minutes once edited such as the dosier scene between bill& Russell

  • Janice Keenan

    the question i would ask would be when are Eric and Sookie going to get it on!!

  • BronwynK

    I would ask what their favorite scenes have been.

  • Angel

    I would ask the cast about any embarrassing moments on set and if Sam still had any feelings for Sookie or if those were all dead

  • carina gruber

    i would ask kristin if she thinks that there’s more behind between her character pam and alexander skarsgard’s character eric (except the maker-thing)

    my question to sam is if he would rather be an other creature and if yes, what would it be (werewolf, werepanther or even a vampire?!)

    well… i hope i get picked =D

  • Wendy Morris

    I would like to ask Pam if she has feelings for Eric on the show, seems like she cares a lot about him and would they ever hook up? I have only seen her with females and if she will ever have any romantic twists.

  • P. Doss

    Will there be a packmasters contest similiar to the one in the book? (where Sookie meets Quinn)

    Will Pam have an affair with one of the witches Sookie brings back from New Orleans? (after Hadley is killed)

    Will Sam have more sexual encounters then the few he’s had so far? For a sexy shifter, he really isn’t getting his fair share of sex!

  • Bethany DeLara

    I would ask them all what they like best about the series, and what story lines from the books they would like to have included in the show.

  • Heather

    I’d like to ask Sam if he has any special insights to his character and his future, as well as his complicated past.
    I’d also like to ask Kristin if she’d like to have her character more expanded, showing more of her past?

  • Sheena

    I would ask Sam Trammell how he feels about his character having such a dark past and if he has enjoyed exploring this new side of Sam (acting wise). I would also like to know if he is optimistic that Sam will work out some of his issues in the next season.

  • Kelly

    I am a huge true blood fan!! I would ask Joe Manganiello if he would protect me!! Also what was SAMs favorite episode to film nd why??

  • Tverhal182

    Is it possible for Sookie to have a female love interest?

  • Hello! I’m from sweden(you know, Alexander Skarsgård’s homecountr? hehe), but i will be in Florida, somewere around Orlando, don’t know were exactly. between 26 october and 11 november. It would be really fun to win, I’m a huge fan of true blood. Love them. Hope they make so Alexander can be there.

    But my question would be; How has the true blood series infected on your life? How was it before the series with the famous an all stuff?

    Yep it was that 🙂 hope you will choose me! 😀

  • lee

    I wouls like to ask why hasn’t Pam had a love interest and will there be one in the future? Is there more to Pam there just one-night-stands?

  • If you could write an episode for your character what would you include and what would you change about the current storyline?