Your Guardian Angel – Bill and Sookie Fan Video

April 12, 2009 by  

This fan video was made by islove YouTube done to the song “Your Guardian Angel” sung by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This video shows how Bill will always there for Sookie and that their love for each other is strong and will endure anything. It is a tender song with loving moments between Bill and Sookie and demonstrates their undying love for each other. A great video to fall in love with the romance of True Blood and Bill and Sookie. Enjoy!

  • vampirebelle

    I truly do love TB but the media is very unthoughful when taking pictures of theses stars who are providing us with such a wonderful show , all the flashes blind them and make theireyes water and burn and who knows maybe even damage their eyes.I ask that they limit the amount of flashes they put upon theses wonderful stars who work so hard for our enjoyment.