Zeljko Ivanek Sinks His Fangs Into True Blood

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Zeljko Ivanek Chats about True Blood and Playing the Bad Guy

Zeljko IvanekTrue Blood is known for its fantastic cast, and fans were overjoyed when Zeljko Ivanek guest starred as the vampire magistrate. Born in Slovenia, but raised in the US, the actor has portrayed a number of creepy characters. From Big Love to Damages and now True Blood, Zeljko has perfected being sinister.

After his untimely beheading on True Blood, Zeljko is now Director of National Intelligence Blake Sterling on NBC’s The Event. Zeljko notes,

“I think it’s the deep-set dark eyes and kind of thin face…I just look a little sinister, apparently. Not to my friends or family, who know and love me, but you stick me in a suit and it has certain connotations.”

His newest role on the Event has Zeljko dissuading the president from releasing prisoners from a facility, believing that America should sacrifice the rights of a few than the safety of Americans. However, it seems that his character may turn out to be one of the good guys.

After so many years of guest star work, Zeljko feels good to be on a set he can call home. He says,

“Right now, it feels really good…There’s just something nice about showing up on a lot and belonging there. The continuity is comforting.There’s a huge difference between going to work some place day to day, and just showing up for a few days. In most situations I’ve been lucky, but you’re a visitor. You’re always a visitor.”

However, this doesn’t mean he’ll give up his guest work. What he loves about working as a bad guy is having the chance to figure out how a villain thinks, that is how the villain justifies himself and his actions. Being so good at playing the villain, has won him an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Damages. The Emmy brought him, for a while, roles on the most buzz worthy shows. When asked about his sting on True Blood, he noted,

“You step back and look around and go, ‘my God. I can’t believe what all these people are doing in this room…When I see this on TV, I don’t even remember being there, because I don’t remember this world seeming like this. It wasn’t until I saw it that the whole bacchanalia was clear to me. They’re remarkable alchemists in what they do.”

For now, Zeljko is happy working on the Event and hopes that the show gains enough of a fan base so he can enjoy his new set, his home away from home.

Source: www.nypost.com — Good At Being Bad

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