Stephen Moyer’s Brentwood Theatre Update

November 29, 2008

Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer and the staff at the Brentwood Theatre have been astonished at the numerous donations coming in from his fans for the re-building of the theatre . During December Stephen will be visiting the theatre to see the production of Fantastic Mr. Fox at which time he will be signing the donation certificates to be mailed out and hopefully received by his fans before the end of the year.

Fans who purchased a brick will be invited to the unveiling which should occur sometime in the new year. Unfortunately Stephen most likely will not be able to attend the event as he will be shooting Season 2 of True Blood at that time in Los Angeles and Louisiana. Photos of the new wall will be posted on the Brentwood Theatre website where fans will be able to see their engravings.

Stephen Moyer and the staff as the Brentwood Theatre are sincerely grateful to everyone who has made a donation to the theatre. With True Blood premiering in the U.K. in April on the FX Channel the exposure will surely generate more fans willing to help out with Stephen’s fundraising efforts.

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PopWrap Lists Alan Ball and True Blood on their Top 10

November 28, 2008

Alan BallJarret Wieselman from The New York Post ‘s PopWrap decided to recognize the best from 2008 and “True Blood” is on the list.  Jarret states that “True Blood” is the best new series out there and its ability to examines various thought provoking  issues makes it worthwhile television.  To look at his list please click the link below.

SOURCE: Pop Wrap’s Top 10 Stars of the Year

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Michelle Forbes’s Interview With FEARnet

November 28, 2008

michelle-forbesRecently Michelle Forbes sat down with FEARnet to discuss with them her new role on HBO’s hit TV series “True Blood”. Michelle is a new addition to the show and will play the role of Maryann, a social worker who helps out Tara at her time of need but there seems to be more to her than what she appears to be. Michelle talks about the show and her character and also finds the time to discuss her others works on television. For the complete interview click the link below.

SOURCE: Exclusive: FEARnet talks Vampires with ‘True Blood’s’ Michelle Forbes!

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Update On Anna Paquin’s Film Shoot

November 27, 2008

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin

As reported on the Andrejsala Latvia website the film crew for Anna Paquin’s new film, Miss Irena’s Children, has established a base in the Andrejsala district of Riga for the film. From October 23 to November 13 casting of actors and extras took place in Riga as well as in the U.S.A., Canada, Great Britain, Poland and Lithuania. Over 3000 Latvians came out for a chance to be cast as a extra with approximately 2000 being hired. Anna is joined in the film by Marcia Gay Harden, Paul Freeman, Goran Visnjic, Scott Handy and Steve Speirs.

For a full report and pictures of the film crew base follow the link below.

Miss Irena’s Children: Filming Started in Riga.

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Anna Paquin Talks About True Blood

November 23, 2008

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse. (Photo Credit: HBO / John P. Johnson)

Terry Morrow of Scripps Howard News Service had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie Stackhouse on the new HBO TV series “True Blood”. Anna takes time to discuss her career in the acting industry and how she has still managed to keep herself level-headed. She talks about her character on True Blood and what fascinates her about the show. To read the full interview click the link below.

SOURCE: Anna Paquin enlivens HBO’s “True Blood”

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Ryan Kwanten Interview with PopWrap

November 23, 2008

PopWrap reporter Jarett Wieselman was able to catch up with Ryan Kwanten, Jason Stackhouse, the town Casanova on the HBO hit TV series “True Blood”. Ryan talks about his character and how he got the part on “True Blood”. PopWrap asked detailed questions regarding the various storylines that Jason, his character, is involved in and his interpretations. Ryan also discusses the fans’ responses to the show and to him. To read the full interview click the link below.

SOURCE: Ryan Kwanten: ‘Jason’s World Is Completely Shattered!”

(Photo credit: NYPost/PopWrap)


An Interview With Nelsan Ellis

November 22, 2008

Nelson Ellis as Lafayette

Nelson Ellis as Lafayette

Nelson Ellis known as Lafayette, the flamboyant short-order cook at Merlottes’s took the time to talk about his work on True Blood and how he became an actor. Andrew Herrmann from The Chicago-Sun Times provides the report.  For the complete interview follow the link below.

Nelson Ellis Report from The Chicago-Sun Times

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Rutina Wesley Interview with I09

November 22, 2008

Reporter Meredith Woerner from had the opportunity to interview Rutina Wesley who plays Tara Thornton on the hit HBO show “True Blood”. Rutina discusses the various problems that her character has to deal with and how she interprets them. Meredith Woerner asks what the viewers can expect from Tara in the future. The find out more click the link below.

SOURCE: True Bloods’ Rutina Wesley Tell I09 She’s Not The Huxtables


Rutina Wesley Interview with PopWrap

November 22, 2008

Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton Photo Credit: HBO / John P. Johnson

Rutina Wesley plays Sookie Stackhouse’s best friend, Tara Thornton on Alan Ball’s new HBO show “True Blood”. Rutina had the opportunity to speak with PopWrap to discuss her role and how she feels about the show. PopWrap examines the underlying dynamics that Rutina’s character explores and how it affects both her and her character. The full article can be found by following the link below.

SOURCE: “True Blood” Star: “Things Are About To Get Real Krunk!”

(Photo Credit: HBO / John P. Johnson)


Brentwood Theatre Backstage Fundraiser

November 22, 2008

November 20th, 2008: Jean Armitage of Brentwood Theatre has just sent out a fresh new Press Release of the latest news and updates in regards to the Reaching Out, Building On Campaign to help raise funds for their backstage facilities renovations. With the help of many unofficial True Blood related fan sites helping out with the promotion of this fundraiser to help get more funds raised for their renovations PLUS with Charlaine Harris’s involvement – her endorsement as well as donation – this fund raiser has really taken off to a whole new level which is a true success. But as successful as it is they still need our help in raising more funds to meet their goal to complete their Backstage Facilities Renovations.

Here is a copy of the Press Release that was sent to me yesturday from Jean Armitage:

Press Release – for immediate release

Fans of Stephen Moyer — star of HBO’s True Blood are supporting their favorite Vampire to
‘re-Vamp’ Brentwood Theatre!

The initial success of “Stephen’s Fund” – created to support Brentwood Theatre’s building renovations campaign – has brought hundreds of responses and more than £1500 in the first few days since launching!

More than 15 unofficial ‘True Blood’ related fan websites have posted the appeal – reaching fans in the USA, Canada, Italy, France, and Germany.

Author CHARLAINE HARRIS whose Southern
Vampire-Sookie Stackhouse books inspired the hit
HBO series, has also joined the effort!

This is a limited opportunity supporting the final phase of construction at Brentwood Theatre – Essex, UK’s vital, professional community theatre serving dozens of local non-professional performance groups – where Stephen is Patron. A great holiday gift for your fan!

Each £25 (appx $40) minimum donation gets a certificate personally SIGNED by STEPHEN MOYER as commemorative thank you! Each £50 (appx USD $80) donor will be able to name a Brick for the theatre’s donor wall and receive the certificate. One or two lines (16 total spaces/letters per line)
Be sure you are not on Internet Explorer as your browser; download Firefox or Google Chrome at no cost to make your donation easily.

Other naming opportunities are available, as well as corporate sponsorships. Please contact Mark at or Jean at for more information.

All contributions are voluntary; citizens of the USA and other countries are aware by this notice that any gifts will not be tax deductible in their own countries by law. 18Nov08


So, lets continue to help them out in not only promoting their fundraiser to raise more funds but also donating what we can to help them out!

Tis The Season For Giving: Why not donate a brick in the name of a fellow true fan of Stephen Moyer with a donation of $40 (or more)? Yes you can donate $40 (or more) and get a brick in which you can place any name on it (even your own) and it will have a permenant place in the new and improved Brentwood Theatre backstage facilities.

A Special Thank You From Stephen Moyer: For all those who donate $40 (or more), you will receive a certificate thanking you for your donation which will be also signed by Stephen Moyer himself. In other words, you will be truly recognized for your donation as well as receiving a special thank you from Stephen Moyer himself.

“Reaching Out, Building On” Campaign Promotional Graphics: If you are a site owner and would like to help out in promoting this fundraiser and need a promotional graphic to post on your site, please feel free to visit our“Reaching Out, Building On” Campaign Promotional Graphics Gallery and snag a promotional graphic to post on your site to help promote this fundraiser. We also ask that when you post a promotional graphic on your site you post these links as well: The Official Brentwood Theatre and also a link that leads to the “Reaching Out, Building On” Campaign section of their site  

To get a promotional graphic to help promote the“Reaching Out, Building On” CampaignCLICK HERE You can also download these graphics as well.


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