Alexander Skarsgard on The Johnny Dare Radio Show

July 30, 2009

alexander_skarsgard_true_blood_season_2Alexander Skarsgard who portrays Eric Northman, the 1000 year old vampire, on Alan Ball‘s HBO TV series True Blood recently conducted a radio interview on The Johnny Dare Radio Show.  During the interview he discussed his childhood, his experience during Comic-con, Rudy Reyes and on attracting the ladies.  Once again a special thank you goes out to for finding this great interview with Alexander.  To listen to the radio interview click here.

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Deborah Ann Woll In The August Issue Of H Magazine

July 29, 2009

Deborah Ann Woll, who portrays the newly turned vampire on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood appears in the August edition of H magazine.  The online magazine spread features an interview and fashion shoot with Deborah looking absolutely stunning.  In the interview Deborah discusses in great detail how she prepares for her scenes and for the role as of a vampire.

“Research is a great tool.  The more I know about my surroundings and the situations I am in the more creative I can be.  So there is the culture of Louisiana, the primal vampire animalistic qualities, the awkward home schooled teenager syndrome.  Even sometimes looking up precisely what a word means can be very eye opening.  For instance Anger is not an emotion I access as easily as others, so when I was called upon in the script to become very angry I looked up the word in a dictionary.  The definition that struck me the most talked about “righting an injustice” or “teaching someone a lesson”.  That was something I understood very clearly. If I felt someone was treating me or others without respect I could desire very strongly to teach them a lesson.  Right away my experience was more specific to the moment than just playing “angry.”

To read the interview and to enjoy the wonderful pictures click the link here.


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Alexander Skarsgard on The Cooper Lawrence Radio Show

July 29, 2009

true_blood_alexander_skarsgard2Alexander Skarsgard who portrays Eric Northman, the 1000 year old vampire, on Alan Ball‘s HBO TV series True Blood recently conducted a radio interview on The Cooper Lawrence Radio Show.  During the interview he discussed his childhood, his success on True Blood and his feelings on the Emmy snub.  A special thank you goes out to for finding this great interview with Alexander.  To listen to the interview click here.

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True Blood Cast Video Interview From Comic-con

July 29, 2009

true_blood_stephen_moyer_comic_conDiem Brown from had the opportunity to speak with the cast of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood during the autograph signing session at Comic-con.  Ms. Brown asked the cast their view on the comparison between True Blood and Twilight and the current fascination with vampiresSam Trammell provided some spoiler information regarding his character that True Blood fans will see happen this season, so you have been warned.

To watch Diem Brown’s video interview click the link below:

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True Blood Photos From Comic-Con

July 29, 2009

Michael Muller, renown Los Angeles photographer of celebrities, ad campaigns, fashion editorials and movie posters and promotional photos for many big-budget Hollywood movies, did a photo shoot with the cast of True Blood at the EW‘s photo studio at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego during Comic-con.  Presented below are some of the photos from the shoot.  You can see more of Mr. Muller’s work by visiting his website at






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True Blood Season 2: Latest Spoiler Tidbits

July 28, 2009

true_blood_comic_com_cast_groupAs we have hit the mid-way point of season 2 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood, spoiler tidbits are still coming out.  Watch with Kristin from E!Online provides some answers that some book readers of the Sookie Stackhouse novels may have.   She answers a fans question:  Now that True Blood is a hit, will the Sookie Stackhouse novels follow the show’s storyline for the new books?

The only person who can answer that question is the author of the series, Charlaine Harris.   Charlaine states:

“I don’t think I’m that affected by the show because those are past books that the current plot is kind of hooked to, and I’m way beyond that now. Things have changed. Eric [Alexander Skarsgård] has a completely different maker from the maker on the show. There are all kinds of changes. But I hope that you all see it as a great opportunity to have two different entertainment experiences.” She also noted that she doesn’t get involved with the True Blood scripts: “We have a working relationship, [show runner] Alan [Ball] and I. I don’t tell him how to make the show, and he doesn’t tell me how to write the books.”

In other news, episode 12 has finally been named and will be entitled, “Before The Night Is Over.”  According to a report from Stacy Plaisance from Associated Press, the finale episode of True Blood that was recently shot in Louisiana featured the Jerry Lee Lewis song, “Before the Night is Over”:

“The sequence shot on this day was a dance scene. Paquin, in a sundress with her hair in a sleek up-do, and Moyer in black suit, do a modified jitterbug to the Jerry Lee Lewis song “Before the Night Is Over.” Between takes, the actors chill out in a back room at the B&B where stylists touch up their makeup.”

True Blood has definitely glamored the masses and has them mesmerized into needing to know what is going to happen next.  All that True Blood fans can do is wait anxiously each week as we get closer to the season finale and wonder how will they survive the long wait for season 3.


Watch With Kristin: E!

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Alexander Skarsgard Mingled With The Crowds At Comic-con

July 28, 2009

Alexander Skarsgard, who portrays Eric Northman in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood, attended the San Diego Comic-con with the rest of the True Blood cast and found time enjoy the venues.  According to Ted Casablanca from E!Online, Alex was:

“mingling with fans in the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego before making his way up to Float for the Wrath of Con party Friday night.

Instead of walking the red carpet, A.S. took the time to pose for pictures and sign autographs (but no biting) with eager True Blood addicts outside.”


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True Blood’s Bill Compton Listed Top Vampire

July 28, 2009 posted their Fangtastic Five Sexiest Vampires list and Bill Compton (portrayed by Stephen Moyer) from Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood won the top spot as the sexiest vampire of all time and the “new, adult, vampire fantasy figure.”  INTExtreme provides an interesting viewpoint into the growing phenomenon of vampires and their appeal to the public.


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True Blood And The Growing Vampire Trend

July 28, 2009

trueblood1In case you haven’t come out of the coffin lately (yeah, haha), the interest in all things vampire has exploded.  Media news and Nielsen online have reported the demographics for the growing trend toward vampiric entertainment.  According to their reports:

“There has been increasing mainstream interest in and gravitation towards all things vampire, most recently spurred by the Twilight books/movies and the HBO series, TrueBlood. And even if these aren’t familiar topics to you yet, marketers are keen to the vampire mystique”

The article also reports the growth of vampire related websites:

Vampire-related sites are drawing audiences on the Web. In June 2009, the official Twilight movie site was the top online vampire-related destination, garnering 553,000 unique visitors who spent an average of two minutes and 45 seconds on the site during the month (the New Moon trailer is a minute and 47 seconds long). Vampire Wars on Facebook and Vampire Wars on ranked No. 2 and No. 3, with 386,000 and 272,000 unique visitors, respectively.”

Top 10 Vampire Sites Ranked by Unique Audience for June 2009
RANK    Site    Unique Audience    Average Time per Person

1    Twilight    553,000    0:02:45
2    Vampire Wars on Facebook    386,000    0:12:23
3    Vampire Wars on Myspace    272,000    0:37:13
4    225,000    0:17:59
5    The Twilight Saga    211,000    0:15:44
6    Twilight Guide    209,000    0:06:52
7    142,000    0:28:42
8    120,000    0:02:06
9    105,000    0:25:34
10    78,000    0:10:55
Source: The Nielsen Company

Although Twilight is marketed towards, and written for, young adults; interestingly enough,  it showed a surprisingly high index for people in the 25 to 34 age range.  Nielsen reported:

“Women are also 44 percent more likely than the average Web users to visit the site.”

Demographic Profile for Twilight for June 2009
Demographic Group    Audience Composition Index    Unique Audience
Male    50    131,000
Female    144    422,000
11-Feb    **    **
17-Dec    159    72,000
18 – 24    122    61,000
25 – 34    187    149,000
35 – 49    98    156,000
50-64    57    71,000
65+    **    **
Source: The Nielsen Company

**These web sites have insufficient sample sizes for reliable projection of audience size.

The article goes on to discuss the unique ad campaign HBO is using to market the second season of True Blood:

True Blood, hired Digital Kitchen to create an interesting ad campaign that would top the campaign for season one. Digital Kitchen enlisted the help of at least six major brands, from Harley-Davidson to Gillette, to create mock brand ads targeted to vampires. In advance of the new season, HBO increased their online image-based advertising for the show by almost 5,000 month-over-month, displaying 72.3 million online image-based ads in June 2009.”

Also discussed in the article was the surge in online conversation about True Blood:

“While buzz on Twilight eclipsed online discussions surrounding True Blood, there was a surge of conversation after the season two premiere. The number of online mentions nearly tripled the day of the premiere, increasing from .03 percent of all online conversations on the 13th to .07 percent on the 14th, which in turn also helped HBO buzz to increase during the days surrounding the launch of season two.”


With the return of True Blood, HBO experienced a marked growth in viewership:

“With the second season premiere of True Blood on June 14, HBO experienced double digit growth month-over-month in unique viewers of video online, total video streams viewed, and time spent viewing video online. Total video streams viewed on HBO increased 299 percent, growing from 1.6 million streams in May 2009 to 6.4 million in June. Unique viewers of video increased 101 percent, while time spent viewing online increased 182 percent month-over-month.”

In its summation the article points out that while both Twilight and True Blood have sparked renewed interest in vampires, vampires have been popular from Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ To Anne Rice’s ‘Interview with the Vampire.’

Source for the original article is available at:

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Nelsan Ellis From True Blood Surprised At His Character’s Popularity

July 28, 2009

023f843687_23elli1Finally we are enjoying the second season of Alan Ball’s True Blood. We also have the answer to what happened to one of our favorite characters, Lafayette Reynold, brilliantly played by Nelsan EllisNelsan Ellis is a Julliard trained actor and playwright focusing his writing on events that have profoundly affected his life.  Amy Amatangelo from The Boston Herald talked with Nelsan recently to get Nelsan’s take on the popularity of his character, his family, and what in his life has affected him most.
When talking about keeping the secret that Lafayette would remain on the show Nelsan said:

“I was getting very upset with getting asked that question a million times a day,” Ellis said and then laughed during a recent telephone interview from Los Angeles.“My father would call me four or five times a week and say, ‘Your Aunt Esther, she wants to know if you’re dying. She just wants to know.’ Or, ‘My friends from work want to know if you’re dying.’ ”

On what he can reveal that is in store for Lafayette this season Nelsan confided:

“He’s sort of beholden to Eric (Eric Northman played by Alexander Skarsgard), how deeply, that I can’t say. And he goes through post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s not the Lafayette that we know. That was hard. These new circumstances that he’s in calls for a completely different mind-set and attitude and behavior, and I kept going, ‘I want to have some fun.’ But you can’t really when you’re going through post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s not the tough Lafayette. He’s not the sharp-tongued Lafayette. He’s another Lafayette entirely.”

He spoke of his writings which are based on events that have had a profound affect on his life revealing:

While he was attending Juilliard, his sister was murdered by her boyfriend, and he wrote a play about domestic violence that he hopes will be produced for TV. “It’s an epidemic of great proportion,” he said. “People responded to it. It sparked conversation that otherwise might have been taboo.”

Talking about how surprised Nelsan was to find out how popular Lafayette is, Nelsan shared:

“I’m just around, for the most part, my family and friends,” he said. “And my family don’t really dig the show because I have a very conservative Christian family. In my mind, I thought everybody felt like my family and friends.”

Nelsan has put his full trust in writer and creator of True Blood, Alan Ball, the only thing Nelsan added in closing was one request:

“I think his mama should make an appearance, since she apparently has been a big influence negatively on Lafayette. That’s the only thing I would actually say to Alan Ball:‘Can his mama make an appearance and can she be played by Viola Davis?’ ”

Source for the article and to read more :

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