True Blood’s Tara Buck Talks About the Origin of ‘That Scream’

August 23, 2014

Ginger the Screamer is a Fan Favorite – But What Got the Ball Rolling… erm… screaming?

Tara Buck rides Pam's coffin as Ginger in HBO's True BloodIn last week’s episode of HBO’s True Blood we saw a break from Ginger tradition. The Fangtasia waitress saw the end of an Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) dry spell – and rather than scream about it, she moaned. For three seconds. Before passing out on the fall in a puddle of fangbanging glory.

But where did that scream originate from? The actor who plays Ginger, Tara Back, admits it all started back in Season 1 with the death of Long Shadow (Raoul Trujillo). But it was really the second scream that cemented her role as Ginger the screamer. This event occurred in Season 2 when she shot Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis):

That was really the first scene that the scream made its way into the character’s profile. I screamed in the first scene of the season before, so season 1, but this was the first time Ginger had come back. I think it may have been written in the script that I screamed once, and I just thought it was funny. I thought it was funny she shoots him. She says she hates guns … she comes out … she’s so tough — trying to be so tough — and then personally I thought it was hilarious. But then she picks up the towel and brings him a towel and screams and looks at towel and screams because it’s so dirty. I just thought — the more she can scream the funnier it is when he’s the one who is shot and he’s laying on the ground — just … “Jesus Christ who is this woman?!”

So, there you have it, as far as Tara Buck is concerned, it was her second screaming incident that really made her character into the one we know and love so much today!

Let us know your fave Ginger screaming moment by commenting below!

And, if you can’t remember them all, why not check out this video of all Ginger’s screams to jog your memory (and burst your eardrums):

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YouTube – True Blood – Ginger Screaming (ALL SCENES / COMPILATION)

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)




Kristin Bauer van Straten Wants To Be More Like True Blood’s Pam

August 7, 2014

Playing a Vampire in HBO’s True Blood Has Taught Kristin Many Things:

Kristin Bauer van Straten stars as vampire Pam in HBO's True BloodFor Kristin Bauer van Straten, 2014 will be forever known as the year she cried a multitude of tears over the demise of HBO’s True Blood. She lived it, she owned it, and there is plenty of video footage left over from San Diego’s Comic Con to prove it. Obviously, playing Pam the snarkiest vampire on earth has gotten under the actor’s skin. Besides loving playing the role, did Kristin ever feel she and Pam had any similarities? And did she take anything away with her after playing Pam? Kristin had this to say to After Ellen recently:

I think I have and I wish that I’d taken more. I truly admire her lack of concern over being liked. I think that’s one of the harder things for me and for humans [because] I really don’t like upsetting people and she could care less for speaking the truth. Because she really isn’t overly vicious or blunt, she’s actually overly truthful. I think that’s why she’s fun to watch because she says what we’re all thinking. And I wish I had that comfortableness in my own shoes. And I think people do gain that ability over the course of a lifetime; vampires just have many lifetimes.

As for die hard Truebies, it is exactly Pam’s attitude that is by far one of her most endearing attributes. Some fans love her attitude so much, in fact, that they even made a video of her best snarky lines from over the entire show. You can check it out below if you like, but just remember than Pam has no censor, so you may not want to watch this video at work 😉

Sources: After Ellen – Kristin Bauer van Straten talks “True Blood,” Pam’s best lines and losing Tara

YouTube – True Blood + [Shit Pam Says]

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


True Blood Rap Video by Karanastic

April 26, 2011

Karanastic put together a fan rap video, available on YouTube, featuring all of our favorite characters from True Blood, including Bill, Lorena, Eric, and Maryann.


Check it out and tell us what you think.



VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 Finale Party in Greensboro, NC Recap

September 15, 2010

As we know, HBO and Time Warner Cable hosted a special viewing party for the Season 3 finale of True Blood in Greensboro, NC (because Greensboro is the #1 viewing market for True Blood). The party was invitation only, and featured Kristin Bauer van Straten, Kevin Alejandro, and Todd Lowe as celebrity guests. See what the stars and the fans had to say in this video recap of the event. Watch and enjoy!

SOURCE:, user account TWCNortheast1


VIDEOS: True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis Playing Vampire Baseball

March 24, 2010

Nelsan Ellis who portrays the flamboyant short-order cook, Lafayette Reynolds, on Alan Ball hit HBO TV series True Blood joined other celebrities including cast members from Twilight in the “Twilight FanTrips’ Vampire Baseball Cajun-Style game at the Zephyr Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday, March 20 , 2010.

Fortunately someone finally put up video clips of Nelsan play at the games so we can all enjoy seeing him participating in a worthy cause.

Many thanks to femmeacadienne for posting these on YouTube. All us True Blood fans are grateful to you! Enjoy!

Nelsan gets a hit.

Nelsan on first base.

Nelsan runs to second base.

Nelsan trying to steal third base.

Nelsan in the outfield.

Nelsan gives a shout out to True Blood fans.

SOURCE: femmeacadienne on YouTube

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VIDEO: Todd Lowe Concert at EyeCon

November 22, 2009

Todd-LoweMany of you may not know but Todd Lowe not only plays the endearing war veteran, Terry Bellefleur on HBO’s True Blood but he is also an accomplished musician and singer with his own country-rock band based in Los Angeles called Pilbilly KnightsTodd demonstrated his other talent as a musician recently at EyeCon by putting on a little performance at the event.  Enjoy the video!

(Photo credit:  IMDb.Com)


Incredible Video Painting of True Blood’s Eric Northman

July 26, 2009

eric-in-process1Tiia Ohman is an incredible artist in Finland who has produced a video showing her create a beautiful Eric Northman painting electronically.

She also runs unikissa a site that is sure to please both photography and art fans.  Her style, when not doing sepia portraiture, is bold coloration and flowing  curves caressing very emotionally expressive faces that are often lugubrious or piquant with a touch of whimsey.  Her kitties are especially adorable but many of her works have a sprinkling of animals in them.  [Editor’s Note:  I found this one to be especially heart touching Girl with Swan.]

I only wish that the works were titled (or at least, that I could read the titles!) as that would give even more insite as to the momment being captured in art.  Be sure to check out her website for more wonderful work (she loves the series House, one can see!)

Here is the video of her speedpainting Eric‘s portrait. Enjoy!:

And, the artist has done a second rendering of Eric!  Enjoy!

(Art Credits: Tiia Ohman)


True Blood Fan Video: Making Your Own TruBlood

May 29, 2009

A True Blood fan has create a YouTube video showing fans how to make their own TruBlood drink.  This is a fun video made Zevchan that is perfect to try out on weekends if you wish.  Enjoy!


River Flows in You – Bill and Sookie Fan Video

May 26, 2009

This fan video was made by linelis1992 on YouTube done to the instrumental song “River Flows in You.”  This is a very moving fan video featuring Bill and Sookie‘s undying love for each other.  This beautiful and sentimental instrumental video will touch your heart and make you fall in love with the love that exists between Bill and Sookie and with True Blood.  Enjoy!


Let The Right One In – Bill and Sookie Fan Video

May 25, 2009

This fan video was made by semivampire99 on YouTube done to the theme song from the movie “Let The Right One In.”  In this video Bill and Sookie find themselves strongly attracted to each other and falling slowing in love. Sookie discovers her feelings for Bill is something that she cannot deny and soon they find that their love for each other is so powerful and that Bill will always love her and be there for her. This is a beautiful and sentimental instrumental video that demonstrates the power of love between Bill and Sookie that only True Blood can give us.  Enjoy!


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