Charlaine Harris Spends Time with Fans in Poland

March 11, 2010 by  

On March 5, 2010, Charlaine Harris spent time in Warsaw, Poland, as she continues her tour across Europe to promote the Sookie Stackhouse series. She did a Q&A session with the fans, several media interviews, and a book signing. About 100 people showed up. One group that was particularly excited to see her was the “Truly Bitten” fan club. On their forum, they posted pictures and personal accounts from the event.

The videos embedded below show the Q&A part of the evening. Charlaine talks about how she developed Sookie to be a character whose story she would want to tell for many years over the course of the series. She recounts the reasons that Alan Ball’s offer to adapt her books was the best one. She calls him a “genius” and says she loves his storytelling and the fact that she can still be surprised by what happens, even though it’s based on what she wrote. She thinks that everyone in the cast is great and enjoys seeing how they have grown into their roles.

She also discusses the current trend in fantasy, especially with vampires. She didn’t set out to write about vampires but about Sookie–all the supernatural creatures were just a way to make Sookie’s story more interesting. Charlaine talks about reading other vampire literature to see how different authors approach the same mythos in unique ways.

It seems like everyone was charmed by Charlaine’s sense of humor, and that it was truly a special experience for them to see her and talk to her about her books and True Blood!


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