Find Out More About True Blood’s Joe Manganiello

August 16, 2013 by  

Joe Manganiello Tells Australian ‘The Age’ Newspaper How He Unwinds:

Joe Manganiello stars as Alcide Herveaux in HBO's True Blood Season 6, Episode 7, entitled 'In the Evening'Recently Joe Manganiello (who stars as werewolf Alcide Hereveaux in HBO’s True Blood Season 6) visited Australia to promote True Blood. While he was there he sat down with Lydia Feng from Australian newspaper The Age to talk about the important stuff – like how Joe likes to unwind. (Which in on the couch in front of his giant TV by the way.)

Some of the other things he let slip were:

  • That Mr Wong’s (a restaurant in Sydney, Australia) dumplings and his Peking duck pancakes are fabulous.
  • He likes to listen to Die Antwoord (a futuristic rap-rave crew from South Africa)
  • Cuban cigars are his weakness
  • Currently he thinks TV is better than the movies
  • His workout regime for True Blood involves two daily stints of exercise six days a week (now there’s dedication!)
  • Joe thinks True Blood is more popular in Australia than anywhere else he’s visited
  • The worst part of his True Blood fame is the paparazzi
  • Joe tells his mom not to watch the sex scenes in True Blood

You can watch more of the interview in the video below:

Source: The Age – How I unwind: Joe Manganiello

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)