MEMES: True Blood Season 6 – Episode 4’s Quotable Quotes

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TB Quotes HeaderHBO’s True Blood Season 6, Episode 4, entitled At Last, was filled to the brim with quotable quotes.

What were your favorites?

Did I miss any?

Let me know in the comments section below!


TB S06E04 4 quote ~ Creepy Counter Guy

TB S06E04 6 quote ~ Eris Northman & Willa Burrell

TB S06E04 8 quote ~ Sookie Stackhouse

TB S06E04 10 quote ~ Jason Stackhouse

TB S06E04 12 quote ~ Sookie Stackhouse

Source: Rachel Tsoumbakos – MEMES: True Blood Season 6 – Episode 4 #TBQuotes

(Photo Credits: HBO Inc./Rachel Tsoumbakos)