True Blood: Find Out What Bill Has to Say About Hoyt & Jessica

August 13, 2014

Jessica Hamby’s Latest Video Blog Features Her Maker:

Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) chat about love in HBO's True Blood Season 7True Blood’s Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) has released her latest video blog! It’s yet another melancholy one though as she tries to get some video footage of her her maker, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) before he meets his true death from his accelerated case of Hep-V.

Bill wakes up half way through her blog entry after he dreamed he had heard Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack). For all of us who watched Episode 8 of HBO’s vampire show last Sunday, we know Bill wasn’t dreaming, and Jessica confirms that for him. This leads to a discussion on love. Not only is Hoyt and Jess’s relationship touched upon, but the relationship between Bill and his human wife, Caroline.

You can view Jessica’s video blog here:

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Source: YouTube – True Blood Season 7: Jessica’s Blog: A Good Man is Hard to Find (HBO)

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VIDEO: True Blood’s Jessica Hamby Wants to Know – ‘Who is Bill?’

July 29, 2014

Jessica Hamby’s Latest Blog Entry is Now Live!

Deborah Ann Woll stars as vampire Jessica Hamby in HBO's True Blood Season 7With the realization in Episode 6 (entitled Karma) that her maker, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) is now Hep-V positive, Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) grapples with her – and his – identity.

She wants to know who Bill is, how he was made, what the stories are behind all the names she knows belongs to Bill in a myriad of ways (family friends, loved ones). You can watch her latest video blog entry and find out just how much of a struggle this is for poor Jess:

Source: YouTube – True Blood Season 7: Jessica’s Blog: Who is Bill Compton? (HBO)

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True Blood Season 7: Jessica Hamby Needs Your Help!

June 30, 2014

Adilyn is in Trouble and Needs YOUR Help:

Deborah Ann Woll stars as Jessica Hamby in HBOs True Blood Season 7

Check out the latest video from Jessica Hamby’s (Deborah Ann Woll) blog. She needs your help to find Adilyn (Bailey Noble) – and she needs it NOW! While she was sleeping, it seems Adilyn got herself in a spot of bother and now Jessica has no idea where the fairy is or how to help.

While we know what happened in Episode 2 of HBO’s True Blood Season 7, poor Jessica is still none the wiser – but boy isn’t that girl illustrious! Since she is confined during daylight hours, she can’t search out Adilyn, but she can feel that she is in dangerous uses the internet to her advantage by sending out the following S.O.S. video via her blog:

Source: YouTube – True Blood: Jessica’s Blog: An Urgent Message (HBO)

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)