Happy Birthday Charlaine Harris!

November 25, 2014

Charlaine Harris (credit Sigrid Estrada)

Charlaine Harris (credit Sigrid Estrada)

TrueBloodNet.com would like to wish Charlaine a very happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!

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Charlaine Harris’s Cemetery Girl Comes to GraphicAudio!

October 28, 2014

Graphic Novel, Cemetery Girl Becomes a ‘Movie For Your Mind’:

Cemetery Girl by Charlaine Harris now available on GraphicAudioFans of the True Blood creator, Charlaine Harris, will be pleased to know there is a new experience to enjoy when it comes to one of her novels, Cemetery Girl. The following press release has been issued in relation to Cemetery Girl being transformed into a GraphicAudio item:

GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind® Celebrates their 10th Anniversary this month with their exciting new CEMETERY GIRL audio. Adapted from CEMETERY GIRL: THE PRETENDERS, a Graphic Novel written by New York Times bestselling Fantasy authors Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden and illustrated by Don Kramer, the audio version is directed by Richard Rohan.

The GraphicAudio® production of CEMETERY GIRL Part 1: THE PRETENDERS is the first time that the “A Movie in Your Mind®” sound design takes center stage driving a suspenseful and eerie listening experience, where sound becomes a character in its own right. The Sound Design was created by Nathanial Perry and he and Director/Adaptor Richard Rohan carefully constructed the scenes in audio. CEMETERY GIRL Part 1: THE PRETENDER will be available in 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo Audio Download Formats exclusively athttp://www.graphicaudio.net.

Charlaine Harris says, “Wow, what a pleasant surprise! GraphicAudio has knocked this audiobook out of the graveyard. I can’t wait to hear the next installment.”

Here’s the blurb for Cemetery Girl:

Cemetery Girl centers around a teenage girl who awakens, bruised and bloody, in the grim surroundings of an old graveyard, with no memory of who she is, how she got there, or who left her for dead. All she knows is that whoever tried to kill her is still out there. Not knowing where to go, or who to trust, she avoids all human contact. She survives on stolen food and uses a cemetery crypt as her home. She takes the name Calexa from the name above her crypt.

Calexa soon makes a startling discovery:

She can see the spirits of the dead, and one in particular, can see her.

The victim of a murder that Calexa has inadvertently witnessed compels her to take action, even if it means her own life will be put at risk.

Now Calexa must make a decision: continue to hide to protect herself—or come forward to bring justice to the sad spirit who has reached out to her for help…

So what is GraphicAudio? This video will help explain this new listening experience:

At only $4.99, this is a steal! I can’t wait to check it out. Let us know if you like the idea of listening to your novels by commenting below!

You can also check out a Soundcloud sample of Cemetery Girl by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden below:

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Charlaine Harris to Appear at ‘Books in the Basin’ Event

October 10, 2014

Author Charlaine Harris Will Be Appearing This Weekend in Midland:

Charlaine HarrisThe Books in the Basin event is running this weekend in Odessa and Midland, Texas. Haven’t heard of this event? Here’s some details for you:

Day One:

  • What: Day one of Books in the Basin at Midland College.
  • Where: Midland College 3600 N. Garfield St.
  • When: Noon to 6 p.m. Oct. 10.
  • Cost: Free and open to the public.
  • What: Day one of Books in the Basin at the Midland County Library.
  • Where: Midland County Library, 2503 W. Loop 250.
  • When: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 10.
  • What: Day one of Books in the Basin at the Yucca Theater.
  • Where: Yucca Theater, 2000 W. Wadley Ave.
  • When: 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Oct. 10.

Day Two:

  • What: Day two of Books in the Basin at Odessa College.
  • Where: Odessa College, 201 W. University Blvd.
  • When: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 11.
  • Cost: Free and open to the public.
  • What: Day two of Books in the Basin at The Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center.
  • Where: The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center, 1310 N. FM 1788.
  • When: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Oct. 11.

Charlaine Harris (author of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery novels which HBO’s True Blood is loosely based on) will be appearing on day two at 7PM. So if you are in the area, why not head on down and hear what Charlaine Harris has to say about writing and her novels.

To find out more about the other authors attending this event, you can click here to visit the Books in the Basin website.

Let us know if you will be attending this event by commenting below!

Sources: Books in the Basin – Charlaine Harris

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Author Charlaine Harris to Kick Off UK Tour This Weekend

August 29, 2014

Find Out Where She Will Be Attending:

Charlaine Harris (credit Sigrid Estrada)

Charlaine Harris (credit Sigrid Estrada)

Fans of HBO’s True Blood will know author Charlaine Harris as the woman who created Sookie Stackhouse and Bon Temps in her book series, Southern Vampire Mysteries. As of the 30th of August 2014, Charlaine will touch down in London, England to kick off her UK tour for her latest book, Midnight Crossroad (published in March 2014).


From Charlaine Harris, the bestselling author who created Sookie Stackhouse the world of Bon Temps, Louisiana, comes a new, darker world – populated by more strangers than friends. But then, that’s how the locals prefer it?

Welcome to Midnight, Texas, a town with many boarded-up windows and few full-time inhabitants, located at the crossing of Witch Light Road and Davy Road. It’s a pretty standard dried-up western town.

There’s a pawnshop (someone lives in the basement and is seen only at night). There’s a diner (people who are just passing through tend not to linger). And there’s new resident Manfred Bernardo, who thinks he’s found the perfect place to work in private (and who has secrets of his own).

Stop at the one traffic light in town, and everything looks normal. Stay awhile, and learn the truth . . .

Charlaine will start her tour with a book signing at Forbidden Planet. Her full schedule is bellow:

As well as the above events, she will be attending the British Fantasy Convention, (Fantasycon 2014, 5 – 7th September, York) as a guest of honor author.

Let us know if you have the opportunity to attend any of these events by commenting below!

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Charlaine Harris Weighs in on the True Blood Finale Debate

August 27, 2014

Sookie Stackhouse Creator Defends HBO’s Adaptation:

Charlaine HarrisFor author Charlaine Harris, causing an uproar within an established fan base is something she knows all about. After many years and just as many books, she recently concluded the popular vampire novels that HBO’s True Blood is based on. In the books, Sookie Stackhouse made a very similar choice at the end as well; no vampires for her, just a regular life. While Sookie ended up with Sam Merlotte in the book series, in the Season 7 finale, she chose someone who the audience didn’t even know. Sookie chose a normal life was the point showrunner Brian Buckner was trying to make. Many fans were not impressed with his decision.

But what did Charlaine Harris think?

You know, I really enjoyed [it], because to me it bears the mark of Alan Ball, even though I know there was a different showrunner the last year and a half. Because he gives you a glimpse of the future so often at the end of his runs, and in a way, Sookie ended up not with Sam, as she did in the books, but in the same place.

She also offered up her own version of how Sookie (Anna Paquin) might have met Mr. Sookie Stackhouse in the TV series:

He was someone she met after the show! A human. She had someone she could live a human life with, have human babies with, and stay in her home, which was what she wanted. He could be a shifter or a were, but my point is she didn’t end up with a vampire.

Overall, Charlaine Harris was happy with the way HBO and the writer’s had portrayed her series on TV, even though it was so vastly different to her own version of the Sookieverse.

You can read the full interview Charlaine Harris did with Vulture by clicking here.

What did you think of HBO’s interpretation of Charlaine’s novels? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

Source: Vulture – Author Charlaine Harris on the End of True Blood, Viewer Backlash, and ‘Fabulous’ Lafayette

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True Blood Season 7: Charlaine Harris Laments the Loss of Alcide

July 12, 2014

Charlaine Harris is Sad to See Her Werewolf Killed Off:

Charlaine HarrisWhile many Truebie fans were devastated over the loss of werewolf Alcide Herveaux (played by Joe Manganiello) in Episode 3 of HBO’s True Blood Season 7, for author Charlaine Harris, it was more personal than that.

In the books that True Blood is based on (the Southern Vampire Series), Alcide survives to the very end – even if he doesn’t end up with Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin in the TV series). Charlaine has seen the birth and death of many of characters differ from her series, but it seems this one has hit a nerve:

I did [watch] because I’m very fond of him. He’s a lovely guy, inwardly and outwardly, and I was very surprised, because, of course, that isn’t how my books end, but then, I didn’t really expect them to go out the way my books did. They haven’t really followed them significantly, which is fine, but it just leaves me wondering who else will bite the dust before the series is over.

Who do you think is next to die in HBO’s True Blood Season 7? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Access Hollywood – Author Charlaine Harris Reacts To Joe Manganiello’s ‘True Blood’ Exit

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Goodbye True Blood, Hello Aurora Teagarden!

July 10, 2014

Another Charlaine Harris Series Gets TV Time:

Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine HarrisFans of HBO’s True Blood are both loving and lamenting Season 7 with this being the very final season for the vampire show. However, news has just come to hand announcing that another of author Charlaine Harris’s series will be made for TV!

This time round it will be the Aurora Teagarden series rather than her Southern Vampire Mystery series that will be getting air time. And, instead of a TV series, Hallmark will be making a series of movies based on the novels. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that former Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure will be playing the role of Aurora ‘Roe’ Teagarden.

This series spans eight books, starting with Real Murders and concludes with Poppy Done to Death. The breakdown on the series is as follows:

The drama centers on librarian Teagarden, a crime buff, lover of mystery novels and a member of the Real Murders Club, which meets to analyze famous crimes and mysteries. Her passion and insight about true crime ends up putting her at the center of different crimes that happen in her community. She will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of these mysteries.

It is unclear just how many books in this series will be turned into movies or how closely they will even follow in the books footsteps, but Trubie fans will be excited none the less! And as a fan of this book series, I can’t wait to see another of Charlaine Harris’s series come to life on the TV screen.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter – ‘True Blood’ Author’s ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Franchise Coming to Hallmark (Exclusive)

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Book Review of Dead But Not Forgotten (Edited by Charlaine Harris)

June 20, 2014

More Stories From Bon Temps and the Sookieverse:

Dead But Not Forgotten by Charlaine HarrisDead But Not Forgotten is the latest book out set in the Sookieverse. While this book is edited by Charlaine Harris, it is actually written by many different authors. You can check out the blurb below:

Dead But Not Forgotten by Charlaine Harris
Publisher: Audible Studios
Publication Date: May 13 2014

Charlaine Harris’ smash-hit Sookie Stackhouse series may have reached its conclusion, but the world of Bon Temps, Louisiana, lives on in this all-new collection of 15 stories. Written by a killer lineup of authors, including New York Times best-sellers Rachel Caine, MaryJanice Davidson, Jonathan Maberry and Seanan McGuire, and with introductions read by Charlaine herself, Dead but Not Forgotten puts your favorite characters center stage.

The stories included in Dead but Not Forgotten are:

Nobody’s Business” by Rachel Caine (featuring Kevin Pryor & Kenya Jones)
Tyger, Tyger” by Christopher Golden (featuring Quinn)
The Real Santa Claus” by Leigh Perry (featuring Diantha)
Taproot” by Jeffrey J. Mariotte (featuring Andy Bellefleur)
Knit a Sweater Out of Sky” by Seanan McGuire (featuring Amelia)
Love Story” by Jeanne C. Stein (featuring Adele Hale Stackhouse)
The Million-Dollar Hunt” by Jonathan Maberry (featuring Mustapha Khan)
Borderline Dead” by Nicole Peeler (featuring Desiree Dumas)
Extreme Makeover Vamp Edition” by Leigh Evans (featuring Bev & Todd)
Don’t Be Cruel” by Bill Crider (featuring Bubba)
What a Dream I Had” by Nancy Holder (featuring Alcide Herveaux)
Another Dead Fairy” by Miranda James (featuring Claude & Claudia Crane)
The Bat-Signal” by Suzanne McLeod (featuring Luna)
The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars” by Dana Cameron (featuring Pam Ravenscroft)
Widower’s Walk” by MaryJanice Davidson (featuring Eric Northman)

Dead but Not Forgotten was edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner.

DISCLAIMER: This book/eBook being reviewed was provided free of charge by Audible in return for an honest review.

When Audible offered me the chance to try the latest book set in the Sookieverse, I didn’t balk at the fact that I had never read an audio book before, but jumped at the opportunity to see Sookie’s world through eyes other than her original creator, Charlaine Harris! (And for those of you who have never read an Audio book before: if you have an Amazon account and a smart phone, you can hook up your Amazon account to Audible and download the Audible app and you are ready to roll! For fitness junkies, you can now run and read AT THE SAME TIME! So much love for my new reading regime.)

And what a treat this book is. Now I know a lot of fans are angry at how Charlaine Harris ended the Southern Vampire Mysteries series – so much so that my review of the final book, Dead Ever After, is still generating plenty of feedback – but please, please, PLEASE give this book a chance! Dead But Not Forgotten is written in its entirety by authors other than Charlaine Harris. Yes, Harris has edited the novel, but the work is still each author’s creation.

And what a delicious blend there is. Not only do we get to see the world through the eyes of some of the big players in Sookie Stackhouse’s world; Alcide, Eric Northman, Pam – but we get welcomed into the lives of the smaller players too – and this is where the magic occurs.

While I was excited to see stories dedicated to Eric and Pam, it was the stories of Bubba, Diantha, Kevin & Kenya and Bev & Todd that really made my day. Each story is fantastically written as well as woven seductively around the other main characters in Bon Temps and Shreveport.

You can purchase this book here.

Source: Rachel Tsoumbakos – BOOK REVIEW: Dead But Not Forgotten (Edited by Charlaine Harris)

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True Blood’s Creator Makes a Cameo Appearance in the Last Episode!

May 22, 2014

Charlaine Harris Will Feature in True Blood Season 7:

Charlaine Harris (Credit: Sigrid Estrada)Fans of HBO’s True Blood are well aware that the show was bought to life by Alan Ball from a series of books by American author Charlaine Harris. While Harris has little input into the TV show’s storyline, she is, publicly, a fan. Now, it appears she will star in an episode of True Blood Season 7!

Recently she posted the following to her Facebook page:


It will be interesting to see just what this cameo appearance will entail – what are your suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Facebook – Charlaine Harris

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True Blood’s Creator Charlaine Harris Hints at a Vampire in Her New Series

October 31, 2013

Midnight Crossroad is the First of Three Books in This New Series:

Charlaine Harris (credit Sigrid Estrada)Fans of the Sookie Stackhouse novels penned by author Charlaine Harris were saddened to see the demise of The Southern Vampire series this year (for more more than one reason). However, it seems that Harris can’t steer clear of supernatural creatures in her books.

Her newest novel is called Midnight Crossroad and it is the first of three commissioned so far. This series is set in Texas, a place that Charlaine and her husband have been living in for the past two years, after moving from Arkansas.

While Midnight Crossroad will not be released until May 2014, Charlaine had this to say about the series:

[It’s about] a mystical crossroad in a little dead Texas town. It’s at an old town that’s partly derelict but there are a few homes and businesses still in use there. A town called Midnight. And there is a reason the people who live there are living there. I didn’t really intend it to be as supernatural as it’s turning out to be. It’s like I just can’t help myself.

It seems old habits due hard too. Considering she has been writing about vampires for over a decade and with all the fuss that came from the ending in Dead Ever After, you’d think she would avoid them for a while. But, oh no, it seems along with all the other creatures residing in the town of Midnight, she suggests that one of them will be a vampire!

So, will you be checking out Charlaine Harris’ newest book series? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The News Tribune – Charlaine Harris looks to new series after Sookie

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