A Look at True Blood’s Dawn Olivieri

April 1, 2010

Dawn Olivieri has recently been cast to play the part of Janice Herveaux, sister to werewolf, Alcide Herveaux.  Runway Magazine recently sat down with the actress to learn a little bit more about her and her career.  We all know that Dawn is extremely beautiful and has a raw talent for her profession. She has appeared in over ten television projects including, CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother“, HBO’s “Entourage“, SyFy’s “Stargate: Atlantis”, and NBC’s “Knight Rider”, just to name a few. This past year Dawn took on the role of Lydia on season 4 of the acclaimed NBC “Heroes” series.
When asked what she liked about her profession, she simply answered,

“The endless possibilities”

She explains that her most memorable experiences come from working in the moment and being able to mark it up as an achievement is just a bonus!

To learn a little bit more about the actress, she was asked about her favorite thing in her closet, her favorite designer, some of her influences, and her favorite spot on Earth.

Dawn explains that her favorite thing in her closet are her black, beat up motorcycle boots.  She is super big into vintage clothing so her favorite designer is simply history and her influences are life in general.  She says she feels like she is a sponge, and her favorite spot on Earth is her head where she has her,

“dreams, memories, challenges, and everything in between”.

When asked what she does for fun, Dawn responded saying:

“I am an outside junkie, so anything involving fresh air, sign me up!”.

Dawn talks about how there are no limits to the possibilities that await her in the future. Well, for 2010 Dawn is already one busy girl. Besides filming for True Blood, she has several film projects on the calendar including the Hallmark film, “Xtra Credits”, a comedy called, “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, and a thriller, “Dozers”. Dawn’s advice to aspiring actors:

“Find what sets you apart. The real you. Truth comes from yourself first, and only then can you translate it into your work.”

We look forward to seeing Dawn‘s work on the upcoming season 3 of True Blood.

SOURCE: imagebam.com via Dawn Olivieri Facebook Page

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VIDEO: Dawn Olivieri Chats About True Blood

March 13, 2010

Interest in Bon Temps werewolf pack is growing and Dawn Olivieri was happy to talk about it.

On March 9th, Dawn sat down with LIVE! From the Future on thestream.tv and spoke with host Stuart Paap.

Dawn discussed her role on season 3 of True Blood. She’ll be playing the role of Alcide’s sister, Janice Herveaux, a “biker/beautician,” as Dawn described her. She has only shot one episode so far, but she’s booked for more throughout the season.

She talked about the various other roles she has had and during the interview she was forced to play a game with the host, but she seemed to have fun with it.

Can’t wait to meet these new characters once the third season begins!

Click here to watch the video interview which begins at the 27:05 mark.

SOURCE: thestream.tv

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VIDEOS: Mariana Klaveno and Dawn Olivieri Attend Valentine Romance Oscar Suite

March 8, 2010

True Blood‘s Mariana Klaveno (vampire Lorena) and Dawn Olivieri (Janice Herveaux) recently attended the Second Annual Valentine Romance “Sneak Peek” Oscar Suite at Café La Boheme to donate their gently used and new shoes to The Ashe Foundation, a non-profit that delivers shoes to the homeless and African nations.

Mariana Klaveno at the 2nd Annual Valentine Romance “Sneak Peek” Oscar Suite.

SOURCE:  fushionmag.com

(Photo credits:  IMDb.com)


True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Meet Alcide’s Sister Janice Herveaux

January 30, 2010

New True Blood Season 3 casting news coming out today regarding Dawn Olivieri (Heroes) who has been cast in the role of Janice Herveaux, Alcide‘s sister.  We here at TrueBloodNet.com knew that she got the role which was leaked out early in the week on Twitter and Facebook but it was not officially confirmed until today.

According to casting calls Janice‘s character is described as a 32-yr-old fit, tough as nails woman in biker gear, into horoscopes and psychics who also happens to be Alcide’s protective older sister.

Congratulations to Dawn and we are all excited to see her in season 3!

SOURCE: Dawn Olivieri Facebook Page

(Photo credit:  IMDb.com)


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