EXCLUSIVE Interview with Dr. Ludwig’s Marcia DeRousse!

August 4, 2014

Marcia DeRousse Pops Into TrueBloodNet to Answer Some Questions:

Dr Ludwig (Marcia DeRousse) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) star in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 (entitled 'May Be the Last Time')For fans of HBO’s True Blood, Season 7 has been the season for cameo appearances. It seems the HBO writers are eager to bring back as many fan favorites as is feasibly possible. In just the last episode alone we welcomed back Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack) and the pocket rocket that is Dr. Ludwig!

And for fans of Dr. L, the actress who plays the miracle worker to the supernatural, Marcia DeRousse, her latest guest appearance was just as unexpected as it was to the fans:

I was shocked, more than anything else. I thought Dr. Ludwig had been put away for good. So, after the shock, I was also excited. I was just happy every time Dr. L was brought in. This time was the most fun, but I loved all three stories she was in.

she said when she stopped in for a quick chat with TrueBloodNet.

In Episode 7 (entitled May Be the Last Time) we find Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) desperate to find a cure for Bill Compton’s (Stephen Moyer) accelerated dose of Hep-V. Considering Sookie suspects her fae blood may be the reason Bill’s strain is so virulent, she calls in resident doctor to the supernatural, Dr. Ludwig, to try and sort it all out. While Dr. L leaves in a hurry once she realizes Sookie is related to dwarf killer, Niall Brigant (Rutger Hauer), is it possible Dr. Ludwig could have helped cure Bill, if she were given enough time? According to Marcia:

I think she THINKS she could cure Hep-V, but as to whether she actually could – well, who knows? She is a pretty kick-ass character, but maybe not the actual best doctor! (Please don’t tell her I said that! HA!)

Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us Marcia 😉

While she may be the best doctor out there (after all, even Sookie thinks her bedside manner sucks), for many Truebies, there was absolute excitement over her return to Season 7. And, after reading all the recaps and reviews on Episode 7, there was barely a bad word to be said about the return of Dr. Ludwig – other than her lack of airtime.  What does Marcia think is the widespread appeal of Dr. Ludwig?

You know I don’t now, except she is so crotchety and blunt perhaps people wish they could be more like her – and get away with it! LOL Whatever the reason is, I am so grateful and love everyone back one hundred fold.

I think Marcia may be onto something there. Personally, I always loved her honesty and genuine comic relief in situations (this season especially) that would normally be quite dire. Speaking of drastic situations, Dr. Ludwig has had to deal with a maenad, Pam’s (Kristin Bauer van Straten) rotting face and, now, Bill’s grotesque Hep-V veins over her time on True Blood. While many supernatural creatures have also appeared over the seven seasons, which creature would Marcia have liked to see explored in True Blood, if we were given another season?

Hmmmm… might have been fun for a poltergeist to show up – a true trouble maker – that would need to have Dr. Ludwig intervene to calm those pesky tendencies down! And since my dear friend, Zelda Rubinstein starred in the Poltergeist movies, I feel it might have been fitting.

That sure would have been awesome. I could just imagine a poltergeist showing up and disturbing all the patrons at Merlotte’s, for example. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) could have even helped Dr. Ludwig with that dilemma!

Now that True Blood is meeting it’s true death, what does Marcia have in store for her fans down the track?

Several things in the works – all of them cool – and need lots of energy and good thoughts and prayers from all of you so they come to be! Of course, I always stay busy with Spiritual work.

So we need to keep our fingers crossed and let the energies flow so we can see Marcia DeRousse back on our screens as soon as possible.

Finally, I had one last question to ask Marcia. One that has been asked of every cast member recently: Did she take (or receive) any True Blood memento’s? Also, if she could have taken anything from the set, what would it have been?

LOL! I did not take anything from the set- except the hair bands and pins left in my hair. What I got from True Blood was a group of the most wonderful people in the world – on the set, and as fans and friends. Thank you so much. I love all of you!

And we love you too Marcia DeRousse! Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and chat with us here at TrueBloodNet. Also, thanks for bringing such a wonderful and much loved character to life on True Blood.

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Marcia de Rousse as Dr. Ludwig Returns to True Blood!

August 4, 2011

Marcia de Rousse as True Blood Dr. Ludwig

We all love the irrascible Dr. Ludwig, and this Sunday, August 7, 2011, Marcia de Rousse will reprise her role as doctor to the Supes! Dr. Ludwig will have a face off with our beloved Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) in “Cold Grey Light of Dawn“, the 7th episode of season 4.

That’s not all that happens in this episode, of course. According to IMDB:

With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light. Eric embraces his amnesia; Luna discovers Sam is not the man she thought he was; Lafayette expands his consciousness; Pam gets a body peel; Andy’s date with Holly doesn’t go as planned; Jessica has doubts about her future with Hoyt; Alcide and Debbie join a new pack.

Check out the Buzzed video for the bloody sneak peek of Dr. Ludwig’s return. She’s in the very last moments of the clip so you’ll have to suffer through interviews with Kristin Bauer van Straten, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and other fangtastic True Blood actors to see it. (I was being a bit snarky, you’ll enjoy the video!)

Video Credit: The Buzz
Photo Credit: HBO


Ask Dr. L — All in the Family

September 21, 2010

For a small fortune (and the promise of a steady supply of medicinal quality V) TrueBloodNet.com has gotten Dr. L to agree to answer your supernatural medical questions. Ask Dr. L is written by Dr. L (any resemblance to any characters living, dead or undead is purely coincidental), also known as Doctor to the Supernaturals, and was founded by her mother, Philine Paullips. It is the most popular and widely syndicated supernatural medical advice column in this world — or any other. Known for its uncommon nonsense and immortal, or just darn old, perspective.

September 20, 2010

So Dr. L,

I’m kinda confused by the whole “making” a vampire thing or what did they call them, “prodginey?”  Eric even said, “the only vampire you can trust is the one you made.”   Is it vampire law or just the way vampires work that they can only make one vampire?  Like can Bill make another vampires now that he has Jessica?  If Jessica were to die can he make another?  Franklin also mentioned making Tara his bride, is the bride the same as a child?  Lots of weird relationships going on when it comes to the fangs.

-Genalogical Gary

Dear GG,

First of all, did you mean “progeny“? Because for the life of me, I can’t figure out what a “prodginey” is… Sheesh!
OK, now that we’ve had a spelling lesson, let me address your question. I personally feel this idea of vampires only being able to make one evil spawn of themselves is just to lull humans into feeling safer than they really are. In fact, I can see no reason that these foul creatures could not turn as many people as they had the opportunity to. I think they just don’t do it very often, because the unlucky folks they bite are just a food source to them, so they suck them dry and let them die. Ooooohhhh! I made a rhyme!
I am happy you brought up dear Tara. Such a beautiful girl, and a veritable punching bag for weird male partners! Poor girl. I wish she’d come see me for some much needed counseling, and perhaps a little of my Kung Fu training as well. Tara dear, if you’re reading this, call me.
Oh, and no, a bride is not the same as a child- unless she is a child bride- and that cracks open doors I have no intention of going through…

Hey Dr. L,

Okay so seeing Tommy changing into a dog for dog fighting, although awful, really got me thinking:  What other types of things do shifters do to be profitable?  Like is everything we see at a zoo a shift?  Do shifters run Sea World and are the dolphins really shifters and that’s why they can do all those cool tricks?  The circus lions?  Shifters too?  I mean if not, you and I should cash in on this and work with all the shifters in the land.  Can you imagine the success?

-Seeing Dollar Signs

Dear Dollar Sign,

I wonder just what you smoked or ingested before you asked me a question such as this. Did you get your hands on some illegal “V“? First of all, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in Tahiti that “you and I” will ever cash in on anything together.
As for real animals vs shifters, the less you and the rest of humanity know, the better. I fear these creatures are exploited enough, without the likes of Seeing Dollar Signs getting involved. The nerve!!  Get a job- I hear McD’s is hiring…

Dr. Ludwig,

Do you know whether or not the military accepts supernaturals into their ranks? I know that the supernaturals have skills and abilities that I’m sure can make the military an effective fighting force. But, I also know that some of the supernaturals can be rather unstable. Do you know the official stance?
Thank you ma’am,

Recruit Valesquez

Hello, young Recruit,

This is quite an interesting query. As you may know, I am involved in many highly sensitive government projects, including the military. So I am not at liberty to fully answer your question. But I will say this much, our military deserves our respect, our support, our highest regard, and super top quality rations, such as Kibbles N Bits and raw meat…

Whas’up D to the R to the L,

So my question goes a little something like this: What do the vampers do for Halloween? Like to me, it would seem like a little cliché for them to be outs and abouts. They are like Halloween all year round, wouldn’t it be a bit much for them to be all like Gothic on the one day a year its social acceptable and all that jazz? It’d be like putting chocolate syrup on a chocolate ice cream. Too much of a good thing yo. Maybe vampers dress up like normal humans? That would High-Lair-E-Us.



I’d like to offer you a courtesy consult with me to do a CAT scan to determine whether you actually have two brain cells to rub together. Trust me when I tell you, this is an offer not to be declined, as it would cost thousands of dollars. The trade off would be that I have total use of the results to use in my teaching, as proof that humans CAN live without a brain…
As for vampires and Halloween, that is pretty much any and every day for them, what with the blood running out of their eyes, no breath, no heartbeat, ice cold skin, and so on. So yes, their trying to pass themselves off as “normal” humans would be a real scream.
But what is wrong with chocolate syrup on chocolate ice cream?

Be sure to Submit your questions in the Comments Section below and if you’re unlucky enough Dr. L may choose to answer your question (and send you a bill.. how does she find us? Does she use mail Owls?)!

To view past Dr. L words of wisdom just do a search on Dr. L in the box in the upper left of the page.

Disclaimer: These answers are provided for entertainment purposes only and should not be followed by ordinary humans. This column is a parody of the Gothic fantasy series, True Blood, and as such, is presented here for your amusement. Ask Dr. L and the various writers that contribute to it, have no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said nor any relation to Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse novels.


Marcia deRousse – Hooray For Hollywood!

August 11, 2010

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. L

Marcia deRousse who plays the acerbic Dr. Ludwig on True Blood (but is a total sweetheart and a very gentle soul in real life) has kindly agreed to occasionally give us a ‘behind the scenes’ peek as life as a actor in Hollywood. If you have questions about specifics of the lifestyle or just living in LA just put them in the comments and I’m sure Marcia would be happy to address them.

I know many of you feel that the life of an actor is all glitz and glamor, parties and paparazzi. That may be true to a point for the truly big stars who have “made it”. But for most of us, it is a work in progress.

In this article, I will tell you about the process of getting headshots done. Headshots are an actor’s calling card, the introduction to casting directors, directors and producers- the power people who give us work. Headshots are very specific and unique. They are not just a good snapshot of the actor. They also cannot be so “glammed up” that the actor is not recognizable to the person or people they will, hopefully, meet to interview for a role. Headshots must be a truthful representation of the person who walks into that audition. I can’t even imagine how embarrassing it would be to enter a casting director’s session, and have them look at the picture, then look at you and say, “What the heck happened, here?” So, as trite as this may sound, it is imperative that an actor goes into a headshot photography session “knowing thyself”.

One very important part of this process is choosing the right photographer. If the actor is not comfortable with the photographer, forget it! No matter how both people try, they just won’t “click”. Also, the photographer has to have a really great eye for what she or he knows the agents, casting directors, etc, are looking for. This almost has to be intuitive within the photographer, and it certainly has to reflect that connection between the actor and photographer.

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. L

NOW- having said all that, I just had my new headshots done by am amazing photographer, Annie Fourguette. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Even when I went in with my set of ideas, what she came up with on the spot worked even better. The first picture is probably going to be my actual new headshot. Yes, this IS what I really look like! The second is yet another of my alter egos, the “feisty little old lady”, ala Estelle Getty. And the third shot- my shameless plug to get back on True Blood again- me with a “wolf”. Hey, a little subliminal seduction never hurt anybody! Oh, and in an effort of full disclosure, the “wolf”. who’s name is Samuel, is actually a coyote…but he agreed to play the wolf for the photo shoot. Thanks, Samuel!

In the LA area and need headshots? Get in touch with Annie- annie@gallerieafourguette.com

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. L

[Editor’s Note: Wow what a change between the three pictures! I was really amazed what can be done with minimal make-up and a prop ‘wolf’. Thanks so much for sharing with our readers Marcia and don’t forget that anyone that has a question/comment etc. should post them in the comments section!]


See Marcia de Rousse, True Blood’s Dr. Ludwig, as a holiday elf!

November 8, 2009

Dr L 1

No, I’m not kidding!  Watch this hilarious commercial for Verizon Wireless with True Blood‘s very own Marcia deRousse!

Great job Marcia!


True Blood’s Dr. Ludwig, Marcia deRousse To Appear At The House Of Besarab

November 3, 2009

The House of Besarab Will Welcome a Quartet of Noted Psychic Mediums on Opening Night Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009  Including Marcia deRousse

It is said that the Hollywood American Legion Post on Highland Avenue near the Hollywood Bowl, the imposing 33,000-sq.ft. Egyptian Revival-Moroccan Deco edifice where the environmental play Tamara debuted in 1983 and broke all records by holding court there through 1994, has also long been home to wanderers from beyond.

Now, as Terance Duddy and Theodore Ott’s all-new take on the legend of Dracula, THE HOUSE OF BESARAB, prepares to breathe an air of spooky paranormal activity back into one of Los Angeles’ most significant cultural monuments when it debuts there on Thursday, Nov. 12, four noted psychic-medium practitioners with a specialized penchant for raising the dead will join the opening night revelers to travel from incredible room to incredible room along with the other more earthly-bound audience members who will be shadowing the actors in this unique site-specific adventure that brings the unique experience of Tamara back to Los Angeles theatregoers.

marcia-derousse-dr-ludwigTHE HOUSE OF BESARAB’s special spiritually-inclined opening night guests include psychic actress Marcia deRousse, so memorable in her current run as the über-scary Dr. Ludwig on the hit HBO TV series True Blood; married mediums Michael and Marti Parry; and clairvoyant Donna D’Amore, author and proprietor of the Heart & Soul Healing Arts Center in Pasadena.

Marcia deRousse, the diminutive “f”-bomb spouting vampiric expert on True Blood, whose portrayal of Dr. Ludwig has generated such fan interest that a popular fan written parody column has sprung up on the True Blood website, TrueBloodNet.com featuring “Ask Dr. L,” plied her more mystical wares as the star of the TV series pilot Small Medium at Large, among many roles on television series. She was the mother of Matthew McConoughey and Gary Oldman in the feature film Tiptoes and worked on Highway to Heaven with Michael Landon, someone she believes to now be one of her spirit guides. Recently onstage she was runner-up for Best Actress for The Sugar Bean Sisters at Sierra Madre Playhouse in Entertainment Today’s annual Ticketholder Awards and appeared opposite THE HOUSE OF BESARAB’s Dr. Van Helsing, Travis Holder, in the west coast premiere of Charles Mee’s Summertime at Theatre @ Boston Court.

Miss deRousse explains, “I have been a psychic medium since I was a kid, and ‘talked’ to my spirit guides every night when I went to bed. Then when my grandma died, I was sure it was a mistake that everyone was crying beside her grave, because she was standing there winking at me saying, ‘I’m OK, honey… I’m right here.’” But religious constraints and dogma caused deRousse to repress her gift for many years until the death of her mother in 2000, when medium Brian Hurst told her on first sight, “You know you can do this, right?” deRousse is now a noted psychic, medium, and animal communicator, also adept at helping people explore past lives.

The historic 1929 Legion Hall, the place where Gable, Chaplin and Bogart hung out regularly at the Deco Bar and where parts of such films as Kubrick’s The Shining and the new Star Trek were shot, as well as being the place where Marilyn Monroe and a host of famous starlets were introduced to the Hollywood community in the Legion’s massive Auditorium, is not simply a breathtaking example of Hollywood’s early 20th-century architectural grandiosity. It is also the place where the TV series America’s Most Haunted searched for the facility’s active spirit inhabitant Marshall Wyatt and found that more things went bump in the night there than they had originally anticipated. Wyatt, longtime Bar Manager of the Post who lived for 33 years in the building, died from a fall on one of the complex network of staircases he traversed on a daily basis—and many regulars there swear he never left.

THE HOUSE OF BESARAB, which will be a much-needed benefit for the American Legion, is being produced and directed by Mr. Duddy under an Actors Equity Association Hollywood Area Theatre (H.A.T.) contract and stars Michael Hegedus as the suave but menacing Count Dracula alongside veteran Equity actors David Himes as Renfield, Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Best Actor Award winner Travis Michael Holder as Dr. Van Helsing, Chase McKenna as Mina, and Dane Bowman as Jonathan Harker. Also featured are Terra Shelman as Dr. Seward, Jason Parsons as the resident wolf-hybrid, Miliza Milo as the gypsy woman, and Megan Harwick and Sara Spink as the Count’s buxom pregnant vixens.

THE HOUSE OF BESARAB opens Thursday, Nov. 12 playing host to its psychic guests, and will continue to play Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9pm and Sundays at 8pm through Sunday, Dec. 20 at The Hollywood American Legion Post 43, located at 2035 N. Highland Av. in Hollywood, halfway between Franklin Avenue and the Hollywood Bowl. General admission is $40.00 (on-site parking is $5.00), or the special $55.00 package includes parking, one cocktail and hors d’oeuvres at intermission. There is a 25% discount for U.S. veterans and union members of SAG, AFTRA and AEA (with proper ID presented at the door). The Deco Bar, with a complete full service of alcoholic beverages, will open nightly one hour prior to that evening’s showtime. DUE TO MATURE THEMES AND THE AVAILABILITY OF ALCOHOL, NO ONE UNDER 21 WILL BE ADMITTED!

For tickets and further information, please call the special House of Besarab / Plays 411 hotline at 323.960.7612 or log on at www.plays411.com/besarab.

To enjoy the popular fan written parody “Ask Dr. L” column on our site click here to  read some of the unusual questions and answers that Dr. L.  encounters.


Calling Dr. Ludwig, Fan Remedy Needed

October 10, 2009

Dr Ludwig

Many of us had a surprise this season when Marcia deRousse made an appearance as Dr. Ludwig in episode 3 , Season 2 of True Blood.  For those of us familiar with the books, it was nice to see her be made physical incarnate. Those of you who haven’t read the books, it was quite a surprise to see her on the show.  Her sarcastic attitude and quick wit brought a nice humanistic aspect to the show. Her role, though small and quick on the show, was met with positive reviews from fans all over. So good was her part, that fans are asking HBO and Alan Ball to bring her back.

For those of you who missed the episode, here’s a quick recap: Bill and Sookie just leftthe Hamby residence and Bill assures Sookie that he has glamored them. He then tells her that Jessica is not a doll you can play dress up with. This doesn’t sit to well with Sookie, who then dashes off into the woods.  We next see a back lighting of a creature with a bulls head who chases Sookie and scratches her back (hence the name of the episode,”Scratches“). Meanwhile in the car, Jessica tells Bill to go after her and make up, which Bill does to little to late. One thing leads to another and they end up at Fangtasia, where low and behold, Eric has implored the help of Dr. Ludwig . This is where, in my opinion, Marcia steals the show. She interacts with Bill and Eric has if their just some other humans off the street, and is in total control of the whole situation with her wit and humor, not withholding how grave the situation is. She finally gets Sookie to the point where she can accept Bill‘s blood, although Eric tries to give it to Sookie first, then says nonchalantly,” I’ll expect my payment by the end of the week”. Then as she exits she tells off the vampire with the force that could even stop him in his tracks.

It’s no wonder why fans of True Blood adore and want her back! I think in doing so, they would only gain many more fans, and keep us regulars hooked in for good. If you too would like to see her return, and give your vote to have her back, check this site out:


Until then, I suggest grabbing a bottle of True Blood, opening the books, and passing time till we get season 3 to quench our craving for more True Blood.

Source:  truebloodwiki.hbo.com

Photo credit: HBO Inc.


Wish Marcia deRousse aka Dr. Ludwig A Happy Birthday!

July 11, 2009

Just letting all you True Blood fans know that it is Marcia deRousse‘s birthday today.  We True Blood fans cannot forget the memorable Dr. Ludwig from Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood where Marica‘s character saves Sookie‘s life and at the same time delivers great lines with her sassy mouth to Bill and Eric, which we all loved.  So if you have twitter and wish to say Happy Birthday you can tell her @smartlilblonde.  Happy Birthday Marcia!


(Photo credit:  Marcia deRousse)


True Blood’s Dr. Ludwig Says Thanks!

July 2, 2009

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. LudwigMarcia deRousse who played tough-as-nails, no nonsense, Dr. Ludwig in the third episode of Alan Ball‘s hit series True Blood, “Scratches”, wrote us to say:

“To say this has been one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life would be a major understatement! To be even a tiny part of Alan Ball’s ensemble, even if it is only for this one time, was every actor’s dream come true. But to have your interview and the ensuing love that came from it- that is beyond my wildest dreams! I would like to say ‘Thank You!” to everyone to everyone who read the interview and especially those that took the time to make comments.”

To which we reply:

Thank you! Dr. Ludwig was great! We loved hearing someone tell the handsome but pushy and dangerous Eric to “Fuck off!” and him have to take it! She adds that the preceding line, as well as telling Bill to, “Back off, vampire!”, are two of her all time favorite lines (and the fans seem to agree!).

It’s nice to see a little bit of yourself in a show you just love. I was taught first aid in the military and I’ve always said, “If there’s an emergency and you need my medical help, you’ll live, but you’ll regret it.” Dr. L seems to have the same attitude. She’ll get you through it but scars and amputations are not her problem.

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. Ludwig

Marcia agrees stating, “Oh! I loved Eric‘s “soothing” mention to Bill that Dr Ludwig had treated one of Pam‘s humans who’d been mauled by a werewolf. “He lost an eye, but otherwise, he’s fine.” I can just see her digging out that eye and tossing it aside…She’s quite a gal, that Dr. L.”

On speculation that Dr. Ludwig might be a “Sup”, Marcia says:

“Is she otherworldly? Don’t know myself. But she’s surely either brave or in possession of a mighty big death wish! I really love her.”

On whether she’d like to reprise her guest staring role of Dr. Ludwig Marcia replies:

“She’s not likely to be back this season, but I’d love to play her again sooner than season 5 or 6 [Editors Note: Dr. L reappears in the Sookie Stackhouse novels in books five and six] As I said, they likely should have her on speed dial.” Later Marcia added of her True Blood filming experience and the fans reactions to Dr. L, “I have embraced and enjoyed every moment.”

So have we, Marcia! Is it wrong of me to hope that sometime in the not terribly distant future Dr. L. will get to woman-handle Eric, Bill or Sam? We could all vicariously ‘play doctor’ along with her, although it’s clear that when it comes to doctoring, Dr. L. is not playing! While Marcia feels that Dr. L. is ‘quite a gal’ we have to add; so are you, Marcia!

To read the full interview: Dr. to the Dark Side

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. Ludwig with Anna Paquin Sookie Stackhouse

(Photo credit: HBO)


TrueBloodNet.com Exclusive Interview with Marcia deRousse

June 26, 2009

Marcia deRousse True Blood Dr. Ludwig and Matthew McConaugheyDr. Ludwig: Doctor to the Dark Side

Recently we had the great pleasure of talking to Marcia deRousse who will be playing Dr. Ludwig on this Sunday’s True Blood episode, “Scratches”. She’s been in such films as “Tiptoes”, “And The Award Goes To…” , “The Grannies” and “Under The Rainbow” and in familiar TV shows including “The Fall Guy”, “St. Elsewhere” and “Highway to Heaven.” She also does stand up comedy and plays including “The Sugar Bean Sisters” for which she was nominated for Best Actress by the Ticketholder’s Awards. She took most of the nineties off to take care of her sick mother but returned to acting in 2000 after her mother passed. Oh, and she just happens to be a little person.

TBN.com: The Ozarks are beautiful, what is your favorite thing about growing up there?

Marcia: The nature and the beauty of it. The beautiful clear rivers, our farm is right between two beautiful, clean pristine rivers. The natural quality of everything there plus it’s an easier slower way of life. I got to have more of a ‘normal’ upbringing than if I had spent a lot of time in the city because it’s slower and quieter and gentler in many ways.

TBN.com: We know you attended the University of Missouri, Columbia attaining a degree in education. How long did you teach?

Marcia: In Missouri I taught for two years and then when I came out here I substitute taught for about seven years. I would get permanent, long-term, substitute jobs. I was offered jobs to teach but it’s hard to take a teaching position full time because when they call you for an audition you have to go! You can’t say, can you wait till schools out?

It was funny because when I was at the university of Missouri, Columbia and wanted to declare an education major, I went to the office and the secretary handed me the form for elementary education, I asked for the K through 12 form because I really wanted to teach Junior High and High School. She looked at me and said, “You can’t.” I asked why and she said, “You’re too small.” I looked at her and I blinked and asked, “What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?” She replied that, “You’d never have any respect from kids that were bigger than you.” So I walked down the hall to my advisor’s office, and he went back and told her, “Give her the forms, she can teach anybody she wants to teach.” And he made the woman apologize to me.

The funny thing was I always ended up being the most beloved and respected teacher in the school because we’d have the first day, and I’d say, “You can ask me questions, don’t be rude but ask questions and we’ll discuss it and then we won’t talk about it any more. It becomes a non issue, my size is a non issue. I’m still your teacher, I’m still older than you. I’m here for you to learn from me and I’ll learn from you.” And it always worked. People would think it was funny because during break time I’d be walking through campus and there would be these big kids following me calling, “Miss deRousse, Miss deRousse, Miss deRousse.” People from farms said it reminded them of banty hens which sit on big eggs and before long after they hatch the babies are much bigger than the mother but they’re still following her around! They thought the kids following me reminded them of that.

TBN.com: When and how did you know that you wanted to be an actor?

Marcia: Because I was different anyway, I learned early on that I could either use that, or I was going to get slaughtered by it. So I became the class clown, plus I was the smart kid; I had that strike against me as well. I realized I could either learn to have people laugh with me or at me. I could entertain them and have them on my side or I could have them picking on me. I would actually go to bed at night and pray, “Please, God, please give me a good sense of humor, let me be funny.” And one day it just happened!

That was in Junior High School and I thought, “This is great! This is really fun. I enjoy this.” So I was in the speech and the drama classes and did all the school plays. When I went to college I believed that I was going to teach special ed, I’d really intended to do that but I walked past the theater department one day and walked in and that was it! I thought, “Oh no, this is home. This is where I’m supposed to be.” So fairly early on I knew. When the family would get together and I had a captive audience I would put on a little show. I’d think, “You can’t go anywhere. We’re going to make sure I get to do something.”

TBN.com: What was your very first performance and how did it go?

Marcia: I did stand up comedy after I graduated high school. They were doing a fundraiser in my hometown and they needed somebody funny to keep the show going. I happened to know the guy that was the MC from school and he said, “Why don’t you just come and do some of this?” because I’d developed little characters like Lillie Tomlin. He thought I should come and do it to keep the show going. That night, when I was finished, I walked out and got a standing ovation. I thought, “OK! This is what I want to do!” I think that’s why, even going onto college and doing theater (it’s still my favorite). That energy of having a live audience right there. If you throw love out to them they’re going to give it back to you. That’s when I realized, “OK this is what I’m really supposed to do.” So that’s what sticks in my head as the, “aHA!” moment that this is what I really want to do.

TBN.com: Clearly, then, you prefer theater?

Marcia: Theater is my favorite BUT you can’t really make money in LA in theater. It’s really difficult to do. If you want to make a living in theater you need to be in New York or London or somewhere besides here. There’s a lot of what’s called, “equity waiver theater’, I’m a member of actors equity also. There’s a lot of that which is 99 seats or less. And I do it because I have to do theater every so often or I just go out of my mind.

So theater is my favorite because you get an immediate response. You know that people enjoy you.. or don’t! Whatever the case may be you know immediately. When they don’t at least you have a few seconds to change your gear a little bit. It’s the most challenging and it’s the one I love the most and I think it’s interesting because Alan Ball worked and theater, and Stephen, of course, loves theater. And I heard he and Alex exchanging information about theater, so even though I didn’t talk to Alex about theater, I’m sure he’s done it quite a bit too.

So it seems like the people at True Blood like theater actors. I think partly because if you can do theater, you can do anything; and maybe I’m just being conceited, but it’s a very disciplined field. You have to really rehearse and develop and grow and learn. And then every night, when you walk out [on stage] you have one shot that night. There’s no retakes! I think that discipline of theater actors is appreciated at True Blood.

TBN.com: It mentions in your biography that you were ‘discovered’ standing in a bank line, can you tell that story?

Marcia: When I first moved out here, I had my teaching degree in hand and was working at Braille Institute. I is on the corner of Vermont and Melrose which is in the Hollywood area. I was taking acting classes and developing. My acting teacher at the time was Gerald McRaney who went on to be a big star in “Simon and Simon”. I was a very ‘serious’ actor. I went up to the bank at lunch time to deposit my check on a Friday afternoon.

There was probably a little PMS going on, I was a little on the grumpy side and the bank line was long and I was irritated. This little guy came up and tapped me on the shoulder and I said, “WHAT?” and he said, “Oh! Have you heard about the movie that Billy Barty is doing called “Under the Rainbow?” And I said, “No.” I mean I was awful! I look back on it now and I just want to slap myself. He said, “Well he’s still looking for more little people to be in it and here’s his phone number, I’m going to write it down for you. Why don’t you give him a call and tell him that Ed Valentine told you to call?” I’m thinking, “OK everyone’s a producer here in Hollywood, I might as well take it or he won’t leave me alone!” So I took his card and put it in my pocket.. and I was called up next in the bank line and when I turned around after he was gone. I had started thinking, “What a jerk you were.” It’s really not how I am but it was just one of those times!

That was on a Friday and on Sunday, I was hanging my jacket up and found it and thought, “Well, I’ll call this number and see who this really is.” And it really was Billy Barte! And he really was looking for more people. When I told him the story he just thought it was the funniest story and he told me to come on over and long story short I got hired to be in the movie, “Under the Rainbow’ and that was my first working job. That was in December when I had only gotten out here in September. Again, it was all meant to be.

TBN.com: What was it like playing ‘mom’ to Matthew McConaughey and Gary Oldman in “Tiptoes”?

Marcia: Oh my goodness! That was absolutely astounding! They are two magnificent actors! I didn’t realize what a wonderful actor Matthew is until I was on the set. I was thrilled, of course, because I thought it would be nice to work with this gorgeous man. And he IS gorgeous! Like Stephen and Alex, he is even more beautiful in person. When I met him and worked with him and realized how smart and sharp and on target he was.. and how giving! What a giving actor he is. He makes sure that everyone has their moment to shine. He and I sat and talked and got to know each other a lot.

Gary was a little more, maybe reticent and shy. But he also had prosthetics, because he played a little person. So he was in the make-up area quite a bit, he wasn’t out with us as much as Matthew was. It was almost like an out of body experience to be working with them. One day we had a scene with Kate Beckinsale who played my daughter-in-law. We were at the dinner table and there was a break and we’re all sitting there just chatting and Matthew popped up and reached over and patted my hand and said to Gary, “Mom was about five when you were born, but that’s Hollywood ain’t it mom?” It was a really wonderful experience and I really enjoyed it. I figure I’m one lucky woman. Look at the men that I’m working with!

marcia-2-smTBN.com: Can you describe who and/or what your character in True Blood is?

Marcia: I had read the book, my friend Pattie Tierce who was in a play, “the Sugar Bean Sisters” with me, the one [play] where I was runner-up for best actress, had done a True Blood episode. And one day when we were rehearsing she said, “I’ve got to get home so I can watch this episode.” So I watched it and was immediately hooked! Then when I read the books and the character of Dr. Ludwig I thought, “Oh my God! Wouldn’t this be great!” But in the book she looked pretty different to me and knowing how Hollywood can stay true to type I thought, “Well gosh.” So it was in the back of my mind and I thought it would be such a wonderful thing because I saw her as very pragmatic, as I played her. Very pragmatic and matter of fact. And she is a doctor; she is also a healer which you sort of hear about. And I honestly don’t know a whole lot more about the other stuff. She doesn’t just use medicine. I saw her as being fearless, totally fearless. She will work with them, the vampires and the other-worldly people. She probably charges through the nose. She probably makes a months salary every time she goes in and works with them. But she’s also not afraid of them. There’s probably something in her back pocket telling her they’re not going to hurt her, anyway. They do need her because she’s one of the few that will work with them. But she needs them too. She’s a character!

TBN.com: Is it a recurring role?

Marcia: I hope so, in the book it is. She comes back twice more in the books. One of my friends who’s a real True Blood addict said, “I think those folks ought to have Dr. Ludwig on speed dial because they’re always getting hurt.” You never know, because look what they did with Lafayette! He died in the books but in the series they brought him back. It’s funny, this morning on my Facebook [Editor’s note: her Facebook name is marcia.derousse for those that would like to friend her] I took the test to find out “Which True Blood character are you?” and I turned out to be Lafayette! And I thought, “This is perfect because not only do I love his character but he comes back!” So you never know. I have no inkling at all of what they’re going to do but who knows, if they decide to, they can bring her back.

TBN.com: I was going to ask you if you’re a fan of the show but you already told us that. You seem to be anticipating my questions!

Marcia: Well I’m psychic!

TBN.com: What appeals to you regarding the show?

Marcia: One thing that really strikes me is that it is addressing so many of the prejudices that this world has that’s focused towards the vampires. And they address that, they show how ugly it is to be looked down upon and separated. And with the vampires they’re weaving in the shape shifters according to the books, the werewolves. Again, I don’t have any idea what they’re anticipating doing. But they are bringing in all these creatures that for me, being such an imaginative kid, I always believed they were real. In my head, they were real. So seeing them on the show, I like these characters. I like these beings. I like them so I wouldn’t be afraid of them… except maybe Eric! But Dr. Ludwig‘s not! I think they show the humanity in these characters and I think that’s beautiful.

For me, someone being different and looking different… I know, come Monday when I go out, I’ll be recognized because every time I’m on TV or in a movie, I am. But I’m recognized anyhow because I’m different enough. And it’s OK. I love it and enjoy it and it’s alright with me, but it’s showing the humanity [True Blood] and the fact that being set apart and being picked on is not right. I love that. I love the fact that they are likeable characters. Those beings, the vampires, the shape-shifters.. I’d go sit down with them. I’d go to a party with them because they’re just likeable.

TBN.com: Is there anything about filming True Blood that’s different than other shows that you’ve worked on? Anything that’s more challenging or more enjoyable?

Marcia: I found it really enjoyable in that they are the classiest group of people I’ve ever worked with in my life. From Alan Ball all the way down. Very nice and friendly. Very accommodating and very professional. Everybody is so professional, so well prepared. Everything works like clockwork. I’ve been on a lot of sets and I have never seen such precision in the way that everything works out. Of course, the three people that I worked with, Anna, Stephen and Alex have all worked together quite a bit but they never made me feel like an outsider, not for one second.

At the table read, my take on Dr. L, there were things that were funny. Now Dr. Ludwig would fall over dead if she thought she was funny. But I knew she was supposed to be funny. And people were cracking up and thought she was funny. And as I was leaving I heard Anna Paquin say, “Oh you’re funny!” She was coming towards me and put out her hand and said, “I’m Anna and I wanted to meet you because we’re going to work together. I’m thinking to myself, “Yes I know who you are.” But I introduced myself and went on and I thought to myself, “How sweet!” Then I was in the make up chair and Stephen came and sat in the make up chair next to me (eat your heart out! [Editor’s note: We are, We ARE!]) but he did the same thing. He said, “Hello, I’m Stephen” and I wanted to say, “I have not been living under a rock, I know who you are!” but being professional I said, “How do you do, it’s nice to meet you.”

His [Stephen’s] dog came in with him and his dog straight up to me, because dogs always know when you can talk to them, the dog came straight up to me and said, “Hi! I want you to tell him that I’m not a dog!” I sat there for a second then looked at him and said, “Your friend here says to tell you that he’s not a D-O-G.” He looked at me and he blinked and said, “Well that’s exactly what he thinks!” Well that’s what he told me. So he thought that was pretty funny. They all treated me as if I’d been there forever as well and that was just lovely. And that doesn’t always happen either.

TBN.com: Are there types of roles that you’re hoping to do, that you haven’t had the chance to do yet?

Marcia: I’ve always been good at feisty little old ladies, Estelle Getty type characters. I do those on stage a lot. I would just love to do that type of character on a sit com or a show. Number one you can get by with absolutely everything. Those old ladies get to say what they want to and nobody gets mad. They just say, “Oh, that’s cute!”

Also, something that doesn’t necessarily say, “Little Woman” on the call. Because I am first of all a human being. But that’s a fight that all people that are different, whether it’s little people or people with disabilities… we have to work just a little bit harder than everybody else. We have to be just a little better; we have to shine just a little brighter. I’m working on it! I did audition for that kind of role on a sit-com the day that my kittycat Snowflake died. I knew she was dying and she told me to go, I didn’t want to leave her but that is actually still pending to do a sit-com with that role so keep your fingers crossed. Because again, she’s a feisty one! I don’t know how I get these feisty roles!

TBN.com: What further projects do you have in the works?

Marcia: I have two indie films that I’m going to be working on this summer. One is called “Pie Head” where I play a grandma in that one, it’s really cute. The second one is going to be a real joy. It’s still untitled but it’s with Joey Travolta’s group and I’m co-staring with Jerry Jewell who’s one of my dearest friends.

… And then, after Sunday night, my mouth to God’s ears, people will realize, “Oh yes, she is still around.” It goes in cycles. Merideth Eaton got everything for a long time, and God bless her I’m glad she got the work that she got. She’s very talented and very beautiful. But this one was my turn! The girl that auditioned with me, also a dear friend of mine, and there were only two of us at the audition-two little blondes, she made Dr. Ludwig compassionate. When she told me that I thought, “I’m sorry Desire, I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think you’re getting this one.” It was just meant for me to have that particular role and this is a hugely popular show.

Out here, my doctor is in Beverly Hills and I went over for a check-up the other day and there were billboards everywhere! True Blood, True Blood, True Blood! And now, “True Blood Perfume: attract a human!” [Ecko Unltd] [Editor’s note: Where do I get a bottle of ‘Attract a Vampire’ perfume?] It hit home to me; this is a big deal! I’m glad I didn’t know exactly how big a deal it was when I went for the audition because I probably would have stood around tongue tied. Here I was with the two big sex symbols. Punching them in the arm and treating them like buddies.

I have to tell you this because everyone loves him [Stephen], and they should! At the end of the day which was a really long day, because my stuff could be done in one day, I was holding my eyes open with toothpicks. Someone came up and put an arm around me, I turned and it was Stephen. He kissed me on the cheek and said, “I just wanted to tell you how lovely it was to meet you, Marcia, and I look forward to working with you again. Is that sweet?! And, of course, I didn’t wash my cheek for about weeks! We were just all milling around, waiting to see if we had to shoot again, and just to have him do that! He didn’t have to! It was so sweet. So he is really as nice as everyone believes him to be. Very nice and very sweet and even more handsome in person.

I think the show will go as long as they want it to. With Charlaine Harris working on book ten, it could go ten years. And they can add their own things in so you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen! And Alan is brilliant. Just being in the room with his energy is almost overpowering because he’s just brilliant. I am a little tongue tied around him.

TBN.com: We have heard that you’re also a medium, psychic, animal communicator, energy and prayer healer, and can sense people’s past lives. Can you talk about that work a bit?

Marcia: It’s something that I’ve always had. I was raised in the Pentecostal church and was told that that was wrong so I tamped it down but it would pop back up. My parents were very spiritual too. They never tried to stop me but then I’d go to church and I was told I’d go to hell. But then when my dad died when I was fifteen, he started coming to me immediately. I thought, “Oh no, no, push it back, I can’t talk to him it’s a sin.” But when my mom died in 2000, I thought, “that’s it, I’m going to start this again” and little by little I started getting back in the groove and working with people. I see, I hear, I sense, I feel spirits from the other side. They’ll come to me and talk to me.

On the set, Alex walked in and seemed to want to talk to me so I turned and looked at him and he said, “I understand you’re clairvoyant.” I said, “Yes.” and he said, “Well I don’t really believe in that but I know this woman who can do blah blah blah..” And I said, “That’s ok, you don’t have to believe in it and I’m not here to convince you.” In a big group like that it’s best if I shut it off anyway. But I saw an energy coming in behind him offering to prove it to him but I thought, “No, no, no. We’ll wait till another time.” Someone coming in to say hi and I thought, no, I have work to do. The spirits know who can see them and hear them and sense them and talk to them and they’ll hone in on me. They think, “we’ve got a live one here!”

I also get psychic information from my spirit guide. And also, whoever I’m sitting with, their spirit guide can also give information. My lead spirit guide, who talks to me the loudest and gives me the most information., for the longest time I called him Mr. Smartass because he WAS. He’d give really Smart assed answers when people would ask questions. When I looked at him he looked like a cowboy because spirits have lived, they incarnated. And he looked like a cowboy. He finally said, “If you’ve got to call me something, call me by my name, it’s Jeb.” He’s very quiet and very profound and can be very loving. If people need loving information he can be. People will ask questions and he goes and gets the answer. Sometimes he says, “Maybe you ought not tell them this.” And if he says that I’ll just say, “well we’re not getting a real clear answer” because obviously the person is not going to accept it and I don’t want to upset them. Although, sometimes the truth just has to come out. But if it’s not something that’s really helpful or a benefit then I don’t say it.

But my favorite are the animals. Talking to them. They are straight, pure love. I work with animals that are here and I can work with animals on the other side too. But they are just so perfect. They are here to teach us, and to love and be loved, that’s it! I love them much more than dealing with people.

The last couple of years I’ve been meeting men that are past life men. When I meet them, I realize I know them. And sure enough, we’ll meet each other and it’s as if we’re the only ones in the room even with all these glamorous women around. And I think, “Oh no, here we go again. It didn’t work last time or the time before that so why are we trying it again?”

TBN.com: Do you visit fan sites to read about yourself or True Blood?

Marcia: No. But I will now!

TBN.com: If Dr. Ludwig died what would you want on her headstone?

Marcia: Took No Prisoners

TBN.com: Do you have a favorite charity?

Marcia: The ASPCA, I do fundraising for them.

TBN.com: Do you twitter and would you like your fans to know what your twitter name is?

Marcia: I have a Twitter account but I’m not good at using it. People say ‘I’m following you”, and the only thing I know how to do is write back and say, “You’ll be very bored because I don’t know how to do this”. But my twitter name is smartlilblonde if anyone wants to follow me and then maybe I’ll learn how!

TBN.com: Are there any questions you would like to ask the fans?

Marcia: If you went to the hospital emergency room, and Dr. Ludwig came in to treat you, what would your reaction be?

Marcia: I expect people are going to be tickled by Dr. Ludwig. The response even in table read was very good. Then there were things added afterwards so I expect people are going to enjoy her and live vicariously through her. She’s not going to be going to USC school of medicine to teach bedside manner to the med students but she comes in and takes care of business.

We here at TrueBloodNet.com were certainly tickled pink by Marcia! She was very fun to talk to and we are eagerly awaiting her appearance on True Blood this Sunday. We can only imagine how much fun it would be to ‘play doctor’ with Eric, Bill, Sam and Pam.


(Photo credit: Marcia deRousse)