Jim Parrack to Star in Talk Is Cheap

October 21, 2014

You Can Help Get This Climate Change KickStarter Project Started:

Jim ParracJim Parrack (True Blood’s Hoyt Fortenberry)k (who played Hoyt Fortenberry in HBO’s True Blood), has just signed on for a very unique new project. It is called Talk Is Cheap and it tells the powerful story about a father and daughter’s falling out, a vow of silence, and the ignition of a silent viral revolution. A teenage girl is so disgusted by “all the talk” about climate change, she posts a video online declaring she’s done talking until real change happens. Literally done talking. Her video goes viral and within days millions of kids follow her example.

You can help out this project via their KickStarter campaign. They have announced that everyone who donates $1 to the project via KickStarter will get the title of associate producer. Now that adds up to a LOT of names in the credits – 1.5 million in fact! But, the idea this KickStarter project is trying to achieve is to get 1.5 million people interested in this story. With that mission in hand, they hope it will help change the world’s opinion on climate change.

You can check out the Talk Is Cheap campaign video below or head on over to KickStarter to donate and find out more information:

Talk Is Cheap will also star Jim Jarrett and Kyla Jarrett. Academy Award winner Barrie M. Osborne has signed on as executive producer. Let us know by commenting below if you donate so we can check the credits for your name!

Source: KickStarter – Talk Is Cheap – from Academy Award Winner Barrie M. Osborne

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


Help True Blood’s Carrie Preston Make the Last Episode of ‘Darwin’

October 4, 2013

Trubie Fans Can Donate to KickStarter:

Carrie Preston DarwinDarwin is an original webseries directed by Carrie Preston (who plays Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur in HBO’s True Blood) and created by Christopher Gerson, Karl Kenzler and Lynn Rosen. Preston is currently raising awareness for this series in a bid to complete the final episode. Recently, she took to Facebook with the following message:

Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler-Belleflier in HBO's True Blood) asks fans to help fund her series, 'Darwin'

Photo Credit: Carrie Preston/The Vault.com

Carrie Preston also released the following statement on why you should help fund Darwin:

I felt inspired to bring DARWIN to the screen because I fell in love with the very flawed, wonderfully specific and heartbreakingly funny characters. I wanted to take the elevated language in the script and match it with a directing style that was equally heightened. So I created a palate of shots and points of view that allow the audience to find intimacy with the characters and at the same time experience the slightly off-kilter nature of them.

Fans who help out via the KickStarter campaign not only get the sense of achievement gained from helping the cast and crew get this series finished, but the other incentives also include:

  • a digital download of Season 1
  • access to premium content on the Darwin website
  • a limited edition postcard signed by Carrie Preston
  • a personalized Facebook thank you video from the cast
  • a personalized shout out on Twitter from two time Tony nominee Celia Keenan-Bolger
  • a Twitter shout out from Hemlock Grove’s Dr. Johann Price (played by Joel de la Fuente)
  • for True Blood fans, Carrie Preston will give a person shout out while on set!

You can help fund this KickStater project by clicking here.

You can view the promotional video below:

Source: KickStarter– Darwin: The Series

(Photo Credits: KickStarter.com/Carrie Preston Facebook page/The Vault screen print)


True Blood’s Lindsey Haun Needs Your Help For ‘Nanoblood’

August 19, 2013

Want to Help Lindsey Haun Make a Movie?

Lindsey Haun stars as Hadley Hale in HBO's True BloodFans of HBO’s True Blood will know Lindsey Haun as Sookie Stackhouse’s (Anna Paquin) cousin Hadley Hale. But did you know she is also a successful singer? And now she needs your help to become a successful director also!

The movie she is directing is called Nanoblood and here’s the blurb for it:

Los Angeles: It’s the story of three young lovers and the bots that tore them apart. [Nanoblood is a] sci-fi flick about a painter and his scientist wife who embarks on an experiment to replace her blood with robots––but when a mysterious lover comes between them the bots begin to reveal an agenda of their own…

In order for Lindsey to get this project up and running, she is asking for public funding via KickStarter. In total, Nanoblood needs $12,000 to get the show on the road. Fans can help out by heading on over to Lindsey’s website: haunsolo.com/nanoblood for more details on this exciting project.

The KickStater project will run for only 30 days from August 18 to September 17 and includes some awesome rewards in return for donations. Fans have the chance to pick up original artwork as well as a private dinner-theater performance of the film as a one-act play by Haun and the cast.

So what are you waiting for? So far over $1,500 has been donated to Nanoblood. You can donate directly to the Nanoblood KickStarter program by clicking here.

But, for starters, here’s the video teaser for Nanoblood:

Source: Lindsey Haun press release

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


Joe Manganiello Project on Kickstarter

May 10, 2011

True Blood Star Cast in Independent Film Seeking Donations:

Joe Manganiello by Rodolpho MartinezJoe Manganiello has joined the cast of “Most Likely,” a potential independent film about high school graduates whose lives intermingle years after graduation.

Wait, why “potential?”

“Most Likely” originally began as a stage play titled “Skirts & Flirts” whose run sold out in both LA and New York. The play was written by Gloria Calderon Kellett. With a successful run on stage, the creators now want to bring this project to the big screen. But they need some help.

“Most Likely” is seeking funding for production through Kickstarter.com – a fund-raising website for independent projects like this. Kickstarter calls itself an “all or nothing” donation program. The project sets a monetary goal by a certain date and collects pledges. If they reach their goal, great. If not, no one is charged for their pledge.

Joe Manganiello is playing a former high school “fat kid” turned personal trainer. Check out the trailer on Kickstarter’s site and if you deem the project a worthy one, make a pledge and help Joe and all those involved bring this project to life.

“Most Likely” is seeking a total of $5,000 by June 3rd.

Source: kickstarter.com – Most Likely by Gloria Calderon Kellett

(Photo Credit: Rodolpho Martinez/IMDb.com)