True Blood Season 6 Finale: Warlow is Set to Explode!

August 18, 2013

Robert Kazinsky Hints at Warlow’s Bad Side:

Robert Kazinsky stars as Warlow / Ben Flynn in HBO's True Blood Season 6Many trubie fans have been enjoying the Warlow (Robert Kazinsky) storyline in HBO’s True Blood Season 6. It’s nice to see Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) have a potential partner closer to her type (fae-human) and that will result in her still being able to sunbathe in the summer.

Of course the downside to this budding romance is the fact that Warlow not only drained the majority of fairies in the area and sent Niall (Rutger Hauer) into a nasty otherworldly dimension, but he is intent on turning Sookie into a fairy-vampire hybrid!

So what will happen if Sookie drags her heels on her promise to marry Warlow and have him turn her into an undead, sparkling daywalker? According to Robert Kazinsky, it could be explosive:

This guy’s a timebomb if he goes off. It’s not just scary, it’s cataclysmic. He’s an incredibly powerful vampire, and as a fae, he throws fireballs. He can take what he wants, but he’s trying his best to be understanding, to be a good guy, to make her love him of her own free will. She has a choice, and he’s given her that.

Kazinsky also compares Warlow to an addict, saying that his character cannot stop at draining just one person. Once he starts, he can’t stop. Is this an indication that another bloodbath may follow in True Blood’s Season 6 finale perhaps?

And if this is the case, will Warlow survive to see True Blood Season 7? Robert is not even sure, it seems:

In my mind’s eye, I can’t see Sookie and Bill getting over their troubles — or even Sookie and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) — so maybe this guy is her best chance if he makes it to season seven.

What do you think will happen between Warlow and Sookie Stackhouse in the True Blood Season 6 finale? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Boston Herald – Rob Kazinsky hopes Warlow and Sookie can wed …  or all hell will break loose

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True Blood Season 6: Is Sookie Stackhouse Pregnant?

August 1, 2013

Does Glowing During Sex Result in Pregnancy?

nna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) and Robert Kazinsky (Be Flynn/Warlow) star in HBO's True Blood Season 6

In Episode 6, (entitled Don’t You Feel Me), of HBO’s True Blood Season 6, we got to see Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her very special fairy lady parts get intimate with Ben/Warlow (Robert Kazinsky) while she was hiding him from Billith (Stephen Moyer) in Fairyland. With a rather ‘glowing’ end to the consummation, fans have been speculating that Sookie could now be pregnant, thanks to the same thing happening when Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) and Maurella’s (Kristina Anapau) tryst ended this way.

If this is the case, than more questions than answers are raised:

  • If Sookie is pregnant, would the baby be human, fae, vampire or a combination of the three?
  • Does glowing really indicate conception, or is it just a sign they had a ‘happy ending’
  • Would Billith stoop so low as to drain one of Sookie’s fairy babies if they turn out to be the same as Warlow?
  • How many babies would Sookie have?
  • Does this now mean that Warlow and Sookie are married?

Recently, Roberrt Kazinsky dropped a hint about that scene when asked about what Warlow can and can’t do, which has further fanned the rumors:

I can eat, I can cry, I can bleed, I can have children, I can walk in daylight. And that’s an interesting proposition for a show like this.

Well, now isn’t that an intriguing thing to say? It will be interesting to see if anything comes to fruition from Episode 6. While there was no hint of pregnancy mentioned in Episode 7, (entitled In the Evening), there is still plenty of time for things to occur with three more episodes of True Blood’s Season 6 left. Wouldn’t it make a fantastic cliffhanger?

You can view the entire interview with Robert Kazinsky here.

What do you think? Could Sookie Stackhouse be pregnant? Let us know why or why not by commenting below!

Source: io9 – Warlow explains how his sex powers will change True Blood

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Rob Kazinsky’s Best True Blood Scenes are “Still to Come”

July 27, 2013

True Blood Star Rob Kazinsky Teases the Best is Yet to Come:

Robert Kazinsky stars as Ben Flynn/Warlow in HBO's True Blood Season 6

Truebies Rejoice! Rob Kazinsky, the faery-vampire hybrid obsessed with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) teases that some of his best scenes on True Blood are yet to be seen.  A fan on Twitter asked him what the highlight of his experience on the show has been so far, and his reply was:

That’s all still to come!

Whoa! Does this mean there are more exploding light sex scenes with Sookie? A fight with Bilith (Stephen Moyer) perhaps? Fans can’t wait to find out!

Apart from his role as Ben/Warlow, Kazinsky stars in the action/sci-fi flick Pacific Rim, out in theaters now.

Source: – True Blood Season 6: Rob Kazinsky’s Favorite Moment is Still to Come!

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Spoiler: True Blood’s Rob Kazinsky Talks Season 6 Major Twist

July 12, 2013

Episode 4 Brings Major Plot Twist as Warlow is Revealed:

True Blood's Rob Kazinsky

The major twist in the Season 6 Episode 4 of True Blood was revealed and left many fans shocked at what happened! Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) new love interest Ben Flynn(Rob Kazinsky) is exposed as none other than the infamous Warlow.  Not only is Ben revealed as Warlow, but we find out that Ben is half vampire, half faerie!! Some may have seen the writing on the wall, after all since when has Sookie been attracted to anyone that is any good for her?  Warlow is responsible for the deaths of Sookie’s parents, and has been promised Sookie herself.  From what we know of Sookie, she won’t be giving into Ben/Warlow very easily!

Access Hollywood had the chance to catch up with Bon Temps newest heartthrob and here is what he had to say about his secret identity finally being revealed:

It’s cool… Ben has always seemed like a very bland character because you [couldn’t] show the fact that Ben was Warlow, otherwise it gives away the whole season’s secret. This is actually the first conversation I’ve been able to have where I say, ‘I’m Warlow.’ I didn’t even know when I got the job that I was Warlow. I auditioned to play Ben and then I actually found out from costume, way after I got cast, that I was playing Warlow. I’d watched Season 5. I’d seen everything. I was like, Warlow’s a bada**. I get to be a vampire-fairy? That’s cool as hell. And I’ve got so many things that I want to talk about, about Warlow. It’s so good to see that villains can have shades… that he doesn’t have to be an automatic evil vampire thing and the idea that he is a fairy? It has been hypothesized that Warlow could be a fairy-vampire, but what you’re about to see and what he is, is gonna supersede any kind of preconceived notions that people had of what that means.

One thing is for certain this reveal is going to make Ben/Warlow have to work especially hard if he hopes to genuinely win over the heart of the fairy princess Sookie! How this story unfolds will be sure to keep the Truebie fans on the edge of their seats!

One thing is for certain this reveal is going to make Ben/Warlow have to work especially hard if he hopes to genuinely win over the heart of the fairy princess Sookie! How this story unfolds will be sure to keep the Truebie fans on the edge of their seats!

Check out the full interview at the link below!

Source: Blood: Rob Kazinsky Talks Show Twist

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True Bloods Truth About Rutger Hauer

June 27, 2013

Is He Only the Fairy King, Or Perhaps Something More Sinister?


Rutger Hauer stars as Niall Brigant in HBO's True Blood Season 6

For those, like me, who have read the Charlaine Harris books you might have been waiting for Niall Brigant to appear; and who better than renowned bad guy Rutger Hauer to be posted into the role. True Blood’s casting director was a genius in Season 6 and it has left us all wondering, is he JUST Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) fairy grandfather; or more?

Ever since his casting, rumours have been flying that he is ALSO Macklyn Warlow the powerful vampire who murdered Sookie’s parents and is now tracking her to get what he is ‘owed’. Unfortunately, Hauer, when interviewed by refused to confirm – or deny – the rumours.

That’s how it started, and at that point they said it was a misunderstanding. It was a misunderstanding that was created — but OK, who am I to say? Because I didn’t know what I was doing. I signed on blind.

What we DO know so far is that he has some big news for Sookie, who is the first Fae-baring Stackhouse that the ancient contract talks about, and without Niall, she and her kind are in great danger.

Niall is showing up because the last of the fairies are in the wrong corner. And Sookie needs to know something that I can tell her. I can show her something that she doesn’t know, and it will help her in the end. It will save her if she loses her life. But then there’s all kinds of spins happening after that, that kind of make that go away a little bit.

Warlow has made a few poignant appearances in Episodes 1 and 2, apparently with more impact yet to come with Hauer promising:

[Expect] big things in Episode 4

Rob Kazinsky, who plays Fairy Ben, a new love interest for Sookie, talks about how he savoured every onscreen moment with Hauer and apparently the feeling was mutual.

Rutger was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m a huge fan. The tears in rain scene (which Hauer famously improvised) in ‘Blade Runner’ is my favourite scene in pretty much any movie ever. He’s an incredible actor. … We had so much fun.

So how evil is Hauer’s on screen persona? Knowing he has played some legendary villains in the past. This is what Rutger had to say:

I have no idea …I play a character — I think he’s pretty nice, you know. He’s grumpy, but he’s nice. I think he’s got a dangerous side that makes him who he is. They wrote it that way a little bit and they cast me, it’s pretty clear that I’m going to go there a little bit.

I guess, the only thing we can do is hold on and go along for the ride. What do y’all think? Is he more than he makes out?

Source: Entertainment – Rutger Hauer Spills on ‘True Blood’s’ New Big Bad

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True Blood’s Rutger Hauer gets a Name Change!

June 4, 2013

Macklyn Becomes Niall Brigant:

Rutger Hauer stars as Niall Brigant in Season 6 of HBO's True BloodBack in November, we announced (along with all the other media outlets) that Rutger Hauer would be playing the role of Macklyn in Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood. For months now there have been many articles written in relation to Macklyn and how he will affect Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason Stackhouse’s (Ryan Kwanten) lives. Also, there has been plenty of conjecture between fans as to Macklyn’s role. Some even suggested that Macklyn was really the elusive Warlow.

Now, all of a sudden, along with the emergence of official photos from HBO, there seems to be a name change for Rutger Hauer’s character.

Say hello to Niall Brigant.

Fans of the Southern Vampire Mystery novels will be familiar with this name. Niall is in fact someone very dear to Sookie. It will be interesting to see just how closely HBO will follow the books in relation to this character.

What do you think about the name change? Let us know in the comments below.

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