True Blood Season 5 Episode 2 “Authority Always Wins” Recap

June 24, 2012 by  

A New Twist on an Old Tale:

Roman threatens to stake Bill while Eric looks on*WARNING! Spoilers ahead!*

We start this episode with the new and improved Tara – and boy is she cranky! Pam commands Tara NOT to kill Lafayette and Sookie, confines her to Sookie’s house for the night, and promptly leaves for Fangtasia. The relationship between Tara and her maker is certainly lining up to be a fangy one.

Once the theme song rolls, we discover Bill, Eric and Nora’s fate. It seems the plot will certainly be thick with this story line. It will be very interesting to discover Nora’s true agenda. But until then, the three of them are placed in cells and we switch to the werewolves, who are still muzzle deep in the guts of their old pack master. Alcide struggles with his new role as the pack’s replacement. A lot of the pack are just as unimpressed. Later on, we also discover how this story line will affect the relationship between Sam and Luna – especially in relation to Luna’s daughter.

The Terry plot is starting to disturb me, since he is getting more and more violent and secretive. Arlene seems to agree with me and heads off to visit Terry’s army friend. Needless to say, this does not go down well with Terry!

So, we’re back with Tara and her new-found vampirehood after that. Lafayette and Sookie are trying desperately to placate the new vampire. Eventually, they manage to subdue her with the use of a blood tease and some silver chains. Tara is then whisked away to Eric’s old hidey hole. Lafayette is beginning to have second thoughts about changing her. The stakes are out in this episode, Lafayette being the first to wield one at his cousin. Luckily, Sookie talks him out of it.

Pam, meanwhile, has returned to Fangtasia and is trying to locate Eric. Ginger is completely unhelpful. Although, the resulting flashback to Pam’s life before she was turned is completely helpful to the audience in beginning to understand the relationship between Pam and her maker, Eric.

This creates a great segue back to the fate of Eric, Bill and Nora. We discover just how effective the Vampire Authority are at torturing information out of vampires. A very interesting twist on the Bible in relation to Lilith and vampires is also brought up during these torture scenes.

Debbie Pelt’s car is discovered by Andy and Jason Stackhouse. Hints at Jason finally getting a moral conscience are brushed upon throughout the episode — to the point that Jason even tries to apologize to Hoyt. This idea is blended along with snippets of Rev. Steve Newlin and his new-found joy at being a vampire. It is interesting to note that his re-hashed religious beliefs in relation to vampires is also mirrored to a degree with those of the Vampire Authority — is this why he was changed?

Jessica is still partying while Bill is gone – with seemingly no thought to her maker’s whereabouts or safety. The show-stealer scene of the night occurs here with Jessica and Steve Newlin vying for Jason Stackhouse. Newlin is prepared to buy Stackhouse and Jessica is prepared to mess with his head before announcing she won’t sell her on-again off-again boyfriend.

We are finally introduced to the Vampire Authority head, Roman, in the next scene — hello Detective Stabler! Well, not really, but there has been much anticipation to see how well actor Chris Meloni transfers from the detective role that made him so famous, to that of a vampire. It is a very even transition, I am glad to report! I am not so glad to announce that the fates of Eric and Bill rest in his hands. This brings us to stake moment number 2. Poor Bill almost gets it from Roman before he restrains himself. Bill buys time by announcing that Russell Edgington is still alive. This is very likely to be their saving grace moment. We are also introduced to a very creepy child vampire in this scene. Where they go with that character should be interesting.

The episode then closes with a close up shot of Russell. Boy, is he one sick puppy still!

So, c’mon guys, throw your theories at us! Where do you think Season 5 is headed? Please comment below.

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