True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Turns Teacher to Conan O’Brien

July 22, 2014 by  

Check out Joe’s Stripper Moves!

Joe Manganiello stars as Alcide Herveaux in HBOs True Blood Season 7Recently, Joe Manganiello who plays Alcide on True Blood appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late night show, and helped him with his stripper moves and stripper name referring to his role in Magic Mike where he played a character called Big Dick Richie.

The name is very important, if you have the wrong name in stripping I can see you wouldn’t make a lot of tips.

Joe then proceeded to give Conan a stripper name: Big Red,

Like a viking, with the helmet and tear away armor. Like I’m here to pillage your village.

Conan then got Joe to ‘direct’ him and show him the body roll that is one of the most important moves in stripping.

If you are going to make money as a stripper there is a move called the body roll …

If you want to see the whole video, and watch Joe do that move, click HERE; it’s certainly worth a look in!

Source: US Weekly – Video: Joe Manganiello Teaches Conan O’Brien How to Be a Male Stripper: Watch

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)