Video: Ryan Kwanten talks Jason and Season 4

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Ryan Kwanten Talks About the Joy of Playing Jason and Season 4

Ryan Kwanten as Jason StackhouseIn the video below, Ryan Kwanten who plays Jason Stackhouse on the hit HBO series True Blood, sat down with and spoke about working on the hit show. 

Kwanten talked a little about how the writers of the show make it fun to play Jason and why he enjoys the role so much saying:

” ….they still keep surprising me with the scenes, the episodes, the arcs over the course of an entire season”

The star goes on to give us a small insight into Jason’s new responsibilities coming up in Season 4:

” I just love the fact that they leave the most, you know, incompetent guy to look after an entire village.”

Finally Ryan gives us his take on Jason’s career in law enforcement :

“…..them giving Jason a badge and a gun and calling him a cop, it’s an embarrassing state of affairs for Bon Temps police department.”

Sounds like Season 4 will hold plenty of new challenges for our star in the role of Jason. I personally can’t wait!

Source:– Fantastic Fest Ryan Kwanten

(Photo credit : HBO Inc.)