Wolves vs. Vamps: Sex Appeal Showdown

March 6, 2010 by  

Do Alcide Herveaux and True Blood‘s werewolves have the appeal to knock vampires from the top slot in fans’ hearts in Season 3?

Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner has paved the way for the shirtless, buff brand of wolf-men, and Alcide player Joe Manganiello is no slouch either, but the sexy factor for werewolves is hampered by their very nature, according an article by True/Slant writer Scott Bowen.

He attributes the overt sexuality of vampires in True Blood to their ability to maintain human qualities after their transformation. Vampires still physically appear human, save the pallor and the fangs, while werewolves find themselves snarling, growling, and in desperate need of a shave when the full moon rises.

Bill Compton and Eric Northman can don striped track suits and designer jeans without fear of more than the occasional blood stain. Fashion is trickier for a werewolf:

“The lycan in his human state could dress like Cary Grant, but the minute the transformation happens, rip, there goes the duds. The werewolf in full combat is never a fashion plate. Clothes are of no matter to his maximal expression of his monotonousness…”

A vampire‘s feeding habits are also more seductive, than a werewolf‘s, he said. Wolves are more likely to pounce, rip, and devour than seduce, nibble, and suck.

“To feed, a vampire must somehow penetrate its victim’s body, an easy pornographic metaphor. The vampire must be careful with the blood, and thus with the victim, to get all the blood it can, as if the vampire actually cares.”

A werewolf‘s monthly transformation can put a damper on his love life, no matter how good he looks shirtless;  he either has not enough time to cultivate a romantic relationship before his next transformation, or is too concerned about the safety of the woman he loves to ever let her get too close.

We’ll see what Alan Ball has in store for werewolf lore when Season 3 premiers this summer; fans have plenty of time to work on their Team Alcide shirts in the meantime.

SOURCE: trueslant.com

Photo credit: TV Fanatic