Sam Trammell in “Details,” “Unshakable” and “Shrinking Charlotte”

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Sam TrammellTrue Blood’s” Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) has been very busy since the second season finale of “True Blood” — he’s begun filming the first of three movies and has been making numerous public appearances.  The Tony-nominated rising star Sam Trammell, 38, has been cast in three upcoming films: “Details,” “Unshakable” and “Shrinking Charlotte.” According to Sam at a recent appearance on the Chelsea Handler talk show “Chelsea Lately,” he’s started filming the first of three movies, “Details” (formerly “The Details”).

In the movie “Details,” directed and written by “Mean Creek’s” Jacob Estes, Sam Trammell shares the screen with Tobey Maguire (“Spiderman”), Elizabeth Banks (“The Uninvited”) and Laura Linney (“Love Actually”). The film synopsis provided by IMDB says “Details” is,

“A black comedy about a couple whose disagreements over how to deal with their raccoon infestation leads to an escalating series of events.”

The cast and crew have been filming in and around the Seattle area; below is a clip of the crew filming a scene in front of a police precinct where a piano is dropped from a crane, supposedly onto Tobey Maguire’s character.The film is scheduled for release in 2010.

The second film that Sam Trammell has been recently linked with is the horror movie “Unshakable”, directed and written by Stanley Orzel, and starring Ving Rhames (“Mission Impossible III”) and Russell Wong (“The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer”).  The film’s synopsis given by IMDB states,

“In a huge mansion on a remote island, nine people brought together under the pretense of ‘information exchange’ soon transforms into a harrowing battle for survival as members of the group are being slowly killed off by an ancient shape-shifting demon.”

Sam Trammell plays Kane, a bodyguard whose job is to escort a client to an underground meeting of the minds. The film has an expected release date of Aug. 18, 2010.

Lastly, Sam Trammell has been cast as psychiatrist Jeff Bicknell in the movie “Shrinking Charlotte” with Brittany Murphy (“Don’t Say A Word”) and Kathleen Turner.   The synopsis provided by IMDB states,

“‘Shrinking Charlotte’ is a romantic comedy about three single men who stalk and date a woman in therapy in order to learn about honesty, fate and eventually love. First we have Jeff, a shrink in need of a shrink — repeatedly rescuing his melodramatic, hypochondriac mother who has a habit of dying and traveling towards the white light. Jeff’s dating life revolves around finding the perfect woman but the truth is, he’s searching for one just like dear old mom. Next we have T.J. whose wife has thrown him out after she caught him womanizing. Although T.J. is working hard to mend his marriage, there is one large hindrance — namely a big, bossy sister in law who plays mouthpiece for T.J.’s wife. Finally, we have Rick, Jeff’s charismatic bastard brother who is a father to a troubled 14 year old with a quick line and keen wit. Rick’s problem in the dating world is that he’s the ultimate ‘psycho-bitch from hell’ magnet. In the film’s opener, Jeff confides to T.J. and Rick that he’s secretly in love with his client who, albeit a little looney tunes, “she’s working on it.” When Rick hears about this neurotic patient of Jeff’s, he immediately steals her phone number and the chase is on. Over the course of the film, our men discover just who Charlotte really is. And after experiencing her fabrications, deceit, manipulation and Kung Fu kicks, Rick and T.J. throw in the towel and discover their true fate.”

The film has begun filming scenes in and around Atlanta and Decatur, Ga., most notably with Kathleen Turner at Decatur’s Raging Burrito & Taco and is expected to be released July 14, 2010.

When not filming, Sam Trammell has been busy stepping out with many “True Blood” actors onto the red carpet, such as HBO’s season seven premiere of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” at the Paramount Theatre on Tuesday Sept. 15. Joining him in support of the HBO project were many of his “True Blood” co-stars — Michelle Forbes, Evan Rachel Wood, Anna Camp and Michael McMillan.

Sam Trammell and Michelle Forbes

The downtime between seasons will be hard on fans devoted to Sam Trammell and “True Blood” but with the cast involved in so many projects and appearances, fans will be able to get their “fix” seeing the talented cast in varied roles and ways.


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