Alexander Skarsgard’s Dad on True Blood?

February 5, 2010 by  

Since the latest True Blood casting news came out this week regarding a flashback scene with Eric Northman‘s parents, fans have been rallying around the idea of Alexander Skarsgard‘s real-life dad and internationally acclaimed actor Stellan Skarsgard to play the role of Eric‘s human father, King Ulfrick.

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So what is the possibility of father and son sharing the screen in season 3 of True Blood?

According to Jennifer Godwin from E! it looks like it will not happen.  As Jennifer states:

“We asked reps for papa Skarsgård if he would be playing Ulfrick on True Blood, and they said, “He will not.”

So now that the hopes of True Blood fans seeing Alex perform side-by-side with his father have been dashed some fans have thrown out several names for the part. Max von Sydow, Bill Nighy and Viggo Mortensen have been mentioned and as reported on E!Online both Max Von Sydow and Viggo Mortensen both actually speak Swedish.  Bill Nighy on the other hand has vampire experience in his work the Underworld franchise.

So who do you see playing the role of King Ulfrick?

To check out all the details and to let your voice be heard go to E!Online and let them know what you think.


  • Jennifer

    I think it should be Bill Nighy too!! I TOTALLY agree with Cynthia on this!! I also think Viggo would appear too young to play the part.

  • Ballondor

    Dolph Lundgren!

  • Megan

    All three mentioned in this article would be good choices. I also think Liam Neeson could be added into the mix, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

    I feel like Viggo is too young opposite Alex Skarsgard, though I do love him.

  • Loleaf

    I can see why Stellan wouldn’t want to be on TB(even though he would be perfect). This is his son’s big break, and he probably wouldn’t want to impose on that! But you can’t help but to imagine the two Skarsgard men side by side…YUMMY!!!

  • TracyM

    Stellan would have been brilliant, but another Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren would also fit the bill well..

  • Lulu

    NO! We Must have Dad!Skars playing Askars father… What an opportunity to do some amazing casting. I want Dad!Skars!!

  • val

    Too bad Stellan isn’t going to be his”dad”!That would have been quite a coup for TrueBlood!

  • Sooo disappointed about Stellan…that was a wet dream. Oh well.

    Definitely on board with Bill Nighy. He has the presence, the physical resemblance and the chops.

    It’s a minor role, my guess now is that it will be an unknown.

  • jay

    i like the idea of viggo mortensen, he is one of my fav actors!!

  • Cynthia B. Demented

    Bill Nighy hands down!!! He’s so talented and could pull off the character even if he doesn’t speak Swedish. With the range he has, he could learn his Swedish lines or have a Swedish accent (or at least give an European feel to his lines..whatever suits the character and scenes best) and still make it sound extremely natural. I got no doubt he would make an impressive King Ulfrick.