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Alexander-Skarsgard-Dark-MagAlexander Skarsgard who portrays the 1000-year-old vampire viking, Eric Northman on True Blood is featured in the December issue of the French magazine, DARK Mag.   Alexander is interviewed in the magazine and discusses his character and the show just before season 2 premieres in France December 1st.

Alexander explains that when he first heard that True Blood was a show about vampires he wasn’t sure about it, wondered what it might look like, and actually thought that it was a joke.  That was until he until he heard that Alan Ball was involved, who wrote and co-produced the award winning American Beauty film and TV series Six Feet Under.  Once he heard that Alan was behind the creation of True Blood he knew it was going to be great.

Alexander admits that before True Blood he was never into the urban fantasy genre, however once he got the role of Eric he immersed himself into that universe 200%.  He watched classic vampire films such as Nosferatu, Dracula with Bella Lugosi, to Francis Ford Coppola to study the vampires to give his role a credible and modern interpretation.

Since France will begin watching season 2 starting December 1st, Alexander explains in the interview the storyline that his character Eric will experience. He mentions that in season 1 the audience didn’t see much of Eric but in season two he plays a bigger role searching for his maker Godric, a 2000-year-old vampire who has disappeared.  He describes how it is very important to Eric to find him and it allows the viewers to see another side on his character.  A vampire who is very loyal and compassionate, which is rare among vampires.  It shows that for him, being a sheriff is not just a job but a profession of faith.

To read the full interview with Alexander you can find it in issue 3 of DARK Mag, on newsstands December 1, 2009 (It is in French).

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