Alexander Skarsgard on Metropia at Tribeca

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The animated film Metropia, featuring Alexander Skarsgard and directed and co-written by his friend, Tarik Saleh, was premiered in New York last month at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Both Alexander and co-star Juliette Lewis answered questions for about the movie.

To get a bit of background, Metropia is considered a dark film (“film noir”) that recalls to mind the book 1984, where Big Brother surreptitiously watches all citizens to keep them in line.  In the case of futuristic Metropia, which takes place in Stockholm, “Big Brother” control is by a powerful business corporation.  Unknowing individuals are influenced and manipulated while being under constant surveillance.  Somehow, the Metro subway system is connected to the corporation’s stronghold on people.

Having discussed the script for years with Tarik, Alexander was drawn to the story because it’s “not so far from where we are right now in the States. It’s run now more by corporations.”  Alex now lives in the U.S. and agreed the current political environment had much to do with how he played his character.  On a new law passed by the U.S. Supreme Court that removed limits on how much money corporations can donate to politicians for their campaigns, Alex said:

“Corporations can basically just buy a candidate or sponsor a candidate for billions of dollars. It’s hard for the little guy to get his voice out there…So I was just fascinated by that.”

Alexander provides the voice of Stefan, a corporate enforcer.  A lot of creative freedom was allowed for the actors, but throughout, Alex was influenced by the current events rather than thinking about a futuristic world.  “It’s not a fantasy.  It’s fiction, but to me, it wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t related to our society.”

Considering the film is animated, and he really just provided his voice, what was Alex’ reaction to it when he saw it for the first time?  According to Alex, “It was quite surreal.”  It was over a year after the film was recorded that he finally got to see the full interaction between all the characters.  The movie came to life for him and he found it pretty amazing.

Metropia comes out in selected theaters in the U.S. on May 12th.  It is also available on cable TV on demand.

So what’s next for Alexander Skarsgard?  We all know he’s currently shooting Season 3 of True Blood, which begins on HBO on June 13th, and that’s what he’s focusing on.  We can expect to see vampire Eric Northman looking for vengeance for something that occurred 1,000 year ago.  “And there will be nudity!”


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