Alexander Skarsgard: No “Sock” Required

July 27, 2009 by  

asphotothomasengstromSPOILER ALERT:  Alexander mention a spoiler plot towards the end of the article,  so you have been warned.   Alexander Skarsgard who portrays the vampire sheriff, Eric Northman on Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series True Blood recently visited his home country of Sweden for two weeks. While there along with visiting  family and friends, he took time out to talk about his recent success in the U.S.  From his start as Brad Colbert on HBO’s Generation Kill to his gaining popularity on True Blood, Alexander‘s star is definitely shining bright.  Just recently he  landed a role alongside James Marsden and Kate Bosworth in Straw Dogs. Alexander discussed in the interview his struggle to succeed in the U.S.:

“During the first three years, Alex lived on a couch at a friend’s in Hollywood. “I fought hard for the roles, just as so many others and many of my talented friends here are still trying to; I realize how fortunate I am.”

In a brief paragraph the interviewer provides some background on Alexander’s recent and rising success:

Alexander started with” Generation Kill” about a group of U.S. Marine Corps soldiers during the invasion of Iraq.” True Blood” will lift him even higher. He loves the series’ the mix of sex, desire and danger of the impermissible.”

In regards to Alexander’s feelings about his character Eric Northman on True Blood:

“There is an attraction; it’s easy to go wrong. Eric is not as crazy as many think, but he has a strong will and can justify his actions.”

Alexander also spoke candidly on his feelings on nudity:

“For me, it is no big deal, I’ve been naked in other roles I have in the past both in the theater and in films. Here they wanted to test everything from a sock to body-colored mini underwear, but it just felt weird. I prefer to be naked instead.  So long as you and your co-star know how t works, it is okay and we are a tight bunch that makes this series.”

There is some hint that Alexander has an upcoming nude scene and will have sex with someone on True Blood but Alexander refused to go into details.  We will just have to keep on watching True Blood to find out.  When he was asked if he was surprised at his success Alexander simply responded:

“No, not at all.”