Andrew Paquin Speaks about His Sister Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

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Andrew Paquin recently spoke about his latest movie “Open House” starring his sister, Anna Paquin and her True Blood co-star and fiancé Stephen Moyer along with discussion about the couple’s engagement.

Andrew explained recently to People Magazine that his psychological thriller, “Open House“, was filmed in his own home and he had a great time directing his sister, even though at times he found himself a little nervous. Despite being siblings and being the older brother, Andrew was nervous because “she’s such a good actress” and the fact that he only had two days to work with her in his directorial debut.

“We only had two days together and it was my first time directing and I wanted to do a good job. But she made my life pretty easy as a director. She knows her lines perfectly and she understands her character.”

Andrew noticed something special between the two before Anna and Stephen announced their engagement.

“They have amazing chemistry together on and off the screen. There’s something special going on, and they understand and respect each other.”

As to what Andrew thinks of his little sister marrying Stephen?  He completely approves and thinks that Stephen will be “an amazing husband to Anna and a great brother-in-law”as the two have actually become close friends.

“She’s in very good hands,” says Andrew. “Steve’s a lovely man and a really great guy. He’s become a very good friend. Everything is great and I’m really happy for them.”

As Andrew said, he know that they love each other very much and are kind and good to each other which is very important.

Below is a series of photos of Andrew from the Tribeca Film Festival 2010 portrait studio at the FilmMaker Industry Press Center on April 25, 2010 in New York City.

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  • Ckayed

    Personally, I find an interview such as this one to be quite tasteful in comparison to the endless streams of photos and comments of every single move that they make outside the studio. Even Stephen’s children seem to be fair game and although I adore both of these fine actors and love to hear good news about them both, I would so like for them to be allowed to have more privacy. However, getting back to the above interview; well done.

  • Dianne

    Why is this relevant? Would someone please take the high road and stop invading the personal lives of these people?

    • Dianne, I completely agree with you, but I think the reasoning behind the questions is a couple of things.

      First, Andrew is Anna’s older brother, and since he’s more accessible than their father, the press is following an OLD directive in which the “man of the house” had to approve of the man marrying his daughter (or sister, as the case may be). It’s not exactly what we do nowadays, but I guess the press thinks that since Anna’s famous, these kinds of questions are appropriate to ask her brother, instead of asking him about is movie.

      Second, if the media didn’t ask such “deep” questions, they’d have no gossip to report, and where would all the “fans” be then? LOL

    • Hi Dianne,

      The reason I decided to put this post up was because Andrew was being interviewed at the Tribeca Film Festival and he was asked about working with Anna and Stephen and the next set of questions lead to the discussion about their proposal. This was not a “gossip” magazine hounding Andrew and no one was invading anything.