AUDIO: Stephen Moyer on BBC 6 Radio with George Lamb

March 6, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer continued his guest appearances in the UK to help promote season 2 of True Blood this time appearing on BBC 6 Radio with George Lamb Saturday morning.  Stephen had fun talking about True Blood, vampires, and skateboarding with Splash. Stephen‘s son Billy came along for the interview which was fun to listen to as well.  A wonderful interview which you will definitely enjoy!

Click here to listen to Stephen’s interview which begins at the 2 hours and 11 minutes mark.

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  • Nia

    What a great and fun interview!!! But I would expect no less from this amazing man.

    I agree with everything my fellow True Blood devotee and total Stephen lover, Lizzie just posted!!!
    Well said Lizzie!!

    I love that Stephen brought his son Billy to the interview. His schedual of filming all his projects, now True Blood, add that to all the traveling he has to do and it must be so hard for him to spend time with his children let alone his lovely fiance’ Anna (he has already said how much he misses filming with her). I admire this man so much, his talent, and boundless energy, and love of family shines bright in all he does.

    We all know what a great dad he is. Taking Billy with him…..good for you Stephen! Although you may need to practice your skateboarding!!!!! Just watch out for those knees!

    What a great talent, handsome and sexy, and add that to his charm, wit and sense of humor that keeps us all laughing and what we have is a total man package that just keeps us all swooning!!!

    I am hoping for many future recognitions for all this man does!
    He so deserves that and more.

    Team True Blood!!!

  • Thank you Adore Bill! What a wonderful and crazy interview! I loved the bit about Splash having a passport and I liked Billy’s responses to the interviewer re Stephen’s surfing and skateboard skills! You just can’t get better then Stephen when it comes to interviews and photo shots!

    This man absolutely rocks and AB is so lucky to have this great man and great talent on True Blood! I am sure Stephen is going to rock the socks of every viewer in S3 with his acting skills!

    This man deserves an Emmy and Golden Globe and imo was robbed in S1 as he thoroughly deserved to be nominated and win!!

    Go True Blood!!!!