All in All it’s the Final Brick in the Wall

July 18, 2009 by  

american-wall2Brentwood Theater Update:  For those that don’t know, Stephen Moyer is the ‘First Patron’ of Brentwood Theater in Essex, England and it is where he began learning his theatrical skills.  The theater was undergoing much needed renovations in order to continue to provide a venue for teaching all aspects of theater work as well as providing the enjoyment of seeing a local production and American fans of Stephen Moyer grabbed at the opportunity to show our support and gratitude for Stephen’s wonderful performances in True Blood by donating to their, “Buy a Brick” program.

In fact, so many American’s bought a brick that they gave us our own section!  Here is the news release from Brentwood Theater’s Mark P. Reed on the recent unveiling.

Dear All,

As promised here are some pictures from Sunday’s ‘unveiling’ – actually there was no actual cover to remove, but a group of over fifty regular supporters – mainly those who had contributed to the final bricks – came along for a very social afternoon and a wander around the new building.

It was a great day.

In this Smilebox are a few pictures of the completed ‘UK’ wall and the brand new ‘American’ wall outside The Audrey Longman Studio. If you want a close up, you can go to our website at where high quality files of these two walls have been uploaded.

True Blood is about to launch in the UK, on satellite/cable so I guess I will have to wait until it goes on Channel 4 in the autumn. Steve (and Anna!) are all over the papers and we are sure that the UK fans will be clamoring for a piece of the action too!

Thank you once again for everything. If you are on Facebook, I have a group called ‘The OFFICIAL Brentwood Theatre Trust Group’ so if you want to keep in touch, please join. And, especially for our Christmas production of the TWITS, we have set up a Twitter called BrentwoodTheat.

Keep in touch!
Best wishes


To view the full photoshow with a great musical accompaniment:

(Photocredit: Brentwood Theater)