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Alexander-Skarsg-rd-alexander-skarsgard-7963367-384-576One of the people over at had a great opportunity to serve as an extra on Alex’s film, Straw Dogs, and to do an exclusive interview with him for their website.

At the time of the interview, Alex was in the final days of shooting the Rod Lurie’s film Straw Dogs in Shreveport, LA. He was pleased with the work they had been doing but understandably tired. The story of the film is pretty intense, as those who have seen the original Straw Dogs will know, but Alex says that their version is distinct and interesting.

He seems to have enjoyed the time he spent in Louisiana. It’s funny that his True Blood character, Eric, runs the vampire bar, Fangtasia, in Shreveport, but most of their filming is done in Los Angeles. Now Alex has actually had a chance to live for a few months in the South, and he gushes about the atmosphere of the culture, especially in soulful New Orleans where he spent a fun weekend with some of his costars.

Alex also compares making movies in America and Sweden, with the biggest difference being the budget and the number of people involved in production. He doesn’t seem to prefer one over the other, and says it really depends on if you’re working with the right people.

When asked about playing such different roles, from Eric on True Blood, to Sgt. Colbert on Generation Kill, to Charlie on Straw Dogs, and so on, Alex says that he finds things to personally relate to with each of them:

“I think it has to come from inside of me. It has to begin within myself. And there is always a bit of myself in my characters.”

On the subject of fame, Alex doesn’t seem phased by all the recognition he’s getting for True Blood now. After all, he’s been well-known in Sweden for all the work he’s done there, and his father, Stellan Skarsgard, is also a popular actor. He mentions that it’s just important to cherish what’s private—to know who you are and who your friends are.

He also talks about his interest in architecture, what he loves about Sweden, and other projects he’s working on.

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  • Antonio

    I think that Both Alex Skarsgard And Stephen Moyer are gifted actors as well as highly astute men. In the buissness which they are in, One needs to be keenly intellectual and observant of character and motivation. I think that both of them handle this quite well. Both of their informed performances contribute to the show’s ongoing success and popularity with its fanbase.

    • pbartteacher

      I agree but since the article was about Alex I figured we were supposed to comment about the Viking.

  • pbartteacher

    Almost on the dark side. Team eric all the way. season 3 only 210 days away!

  • Antonio

    I was just reviewing some clips from S2…So Much of it Is So Good! I definitely prefer season 2 Although At this point I havent seen much of season 1..I Do Like “Mine” though I was quite impressed. I happen to stream a clip from S2 The one where Sookie demands that Laffy be released. This scene is Just Classic! Eric is just So Cool,So Commanding He’s a bad-ass!
    Now, I’m Team Bill All the way BUT, Eric Totally takes charge here! Eric is So Forceful..So Cocky Sookie and Eric “Butt Heads” here and All Bill can do is look “panicked” and utter “Sookie..Don’t!” Scolding her like a child??
    He does say “Enough!” But Sookie and Eric in each other’s face I find that So Sexy! Sookie gets “bitchy” with Eric and He does Not take her shit!! Bill comes in to the bar gives Sookie a Big Hug and then~~~Backs Down??! “I Swear Bill Compton You better NOT know ANYTHING about this Or I don’t think i could forgive you!” All he is able to say is “Sookie!” with that wounded look in his eyes. I’ll Go But I want $5,000 EN: YOUR Human is getting cocky!” Sookie: If You dont let him go(laffy) right now i’m goin to the Police! EN: I DONT RESPOND WELL TO THREATS! He bares his fangs as if to rip into her…He backs off and then says “Maybe we can work something out?”
    Sookie:YOU Disgust Me! I LOVE that!!
    I like Bill But in this instance ERIC Rules!! He da` man!!
    Eric Got It “Goin’ On”
    I felt like saying Bill grow some—You Know Whats and tell Him Off and for Pete’s Sake Stand up to Her…For once!
    I’m Not saying he had to yell at her like he did in the car with Jess Another Classic Moment!
    I Hope that Sookie does not “emasculate” Him! Eric would Never stand for her whiny bullshit!
    Even though, Bill DID Punch him out and blood from his mouth spurted out That was So COOL! I was like “Get Him,Bill!” Hes a cocky SOB! Guess i’m back on Team Bill after all but who knows for how long! LOL

  • pbartteacher

    Thank you Janie for the wonderful article. So intelligent and sexy. Can the Viking be any more attractive than he already is? Great picture also. Keep the Alex articles coming. Can never get too much of the Viking Vampire G*d. 212 more days until Season three. All Hail the Viking. All Hail True Blood.

  • Antonio

    Great Pic of Alex. Really Cool!! I really don’t know Why its an Either Or Thing Steph Or Alex They both seem to be Such nice,intelligent, guys who are passionate about their work and their lives offscreen as well. Really How can You choose? LOL
    🙂 Both Eric and Bill are Really COOL! Sorry Sam You’re Not a Vampire and as for Jason Get Lost Bonehead!! LOL