Eric vs. Bill the Battle is Joined!

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eric-billWe here at know how you guys love to fight over Eric vs. Bill [although our response is:  Why Choose?]  So we thought we’d track their chatter in the Twitterverse with the help of Trendrr (a great little service that monitors everything that’s said on Twitter and will allow anyone to categorize and chart comparisons!).

We want to be clear about several things though because we do not want you SPAMMING us or anyone else.  These are general comments taken across the Twitterverse, sending your opinions in any form to will not change these numbers and if you did so repeatedly you’d get yourself auto-blocked for spam.  Indeed, you can get your Twitter account suspended for auto-spamming. We’re only gently encouraging you to increase your discussion of #trueblood and Eric and Bill. If things get out of hand we may have to unfollow offenders on Twitter and will have to remove this post!

The second important thing to realize is that if you are dissing one while praising the other, the program can’t recognize one as a negative comment and will count them both equally.  Therefore, in general, it’s better to make a positive Tweet than a negative Tweet!  For your Tweets to count you must include the words True Blood (don’t want to count Bill Clinton mentions now do we?). In addition, we would like to recommend that with every True Blood related Tweet you include the word #trueblood (and if you’re feeling supportive:  For those that don’t know, the hash mark creates a searchable term for others to find your tweets on that topic.  Please do NOT use #Eric or #Bill because someone is already using those phrases.  But we know that HBO would love it if everyone used #trueblood when they are talking about True Blood.  And don’t we all want to support them as a thank you for their incredible show?

The downside of these rules and suggestions is that it will reduce your character count for actual comments down to around 100. But, we’re all creative people I’m sure we can figure it out.

Enough with the chatter!  Here in the center ring it’s pugilist William Compton (aka Bill) vs the slugging Sherrif of Area 5, Eric Northman!  Can Bill dance around those big fists of Eric‘s while stinging him into unconsciousness?  Will Eric hammer Bill into the canvas?  Will this battle of the vampire titans shake the ground beneath Bon Temps?  Only time, and our graph, will tell!  Bill is kickin Eric‘s tail currently, July 9th 2009, 1500 to 800, will that change going forward?  Only you can decide! [Thanks again to Trendrr for all the help!]

Graph Source: Trendrr

(Photo credit: HBO)

  • AB


  • Amber

    I think Eric takes it. I think there is a dark side to Bill that has not been shown yet, besides theirs something weird about him. I think we will see a different side of Sookie when she gets with eric.

  • What’s Up?? You Silly,Silly…Bill and Eric fans?! We have our favorites..Mine of course, is and will always be…Vampire Bill Compton, I don’t care how old and white he gets(He’s not white, He’s dead!) And Eric is hot, too…In a different way…just not in my way…For someone else…It’s all about…I don’t know..for me personally, I don’t want to hug a guy, and my face is in his..stomach!!?? That’s just me, though!!?? Some one else might dig it?! It’s all good..(like I would ever get the thrill of doing it to either one!!! Geez!)Go Team Bill and Eric!! (Bill…xxoo)

  • Amanda

    I say both. They are both great at playing the characters and I think they are both hot. Personally I like guys with dark hair but I think Eric is hot! Stephen is equally hot. I think anyone standing next to Eric looks small since the actor is 6’5 which is so uncommon in Hollywood! Stephen is like 6 feet which is fine too! If I stood next to someone like Eric I’d look like an elf too since I’m 5’2! Either way I love both and would be happy to love them both equally! 🙂

    • val

      Actually if you Google the two of them,they are-Stephen Moyer 5’10 and Alex Skarsgard 6’4.

  • Nia

    A point needed to be made about any name calling. It is never warranted nor deserved.

  • mindy

    oops. what i was saying is we all have a real life, and no one should be taking these posts so personal. I myself, am a Eric fan, but if someone called him a big oaf or something I wouldn’t chastise them and how they perform in their profession. Lighten up for goodness sakes. Elves aren’t even real, let’s not get all offended over nothing.

  • Val

    well i see that you two really love to “word play” and do it well but “can’t we just all get along”?(Brad Colbert-GenerationKill) some of us love Bill and some of us love Eric.Its kinda fun to have your favorite guy win a little love time-I think Bill and Eric sharing Sookie just adds spice to the mix and after all,its really Eric’s turn isnt it?

    • mindy

      Jeez guys. It’s just a show. W

  • pbartteacher

    PS Thanks for the flame, I needed some toast today.

  • pbartteacher

    Nia, you are reading way too much into the comment. It was sincerely meant as a cute person. I love elves and find them very endearing and always honest. The few elves I have met and know are always a load of fun. As I am sure that Stephen is too.

  • Nia

    Bill all the way. Eric is definitely a runner up, but something about that smoldering eyed, sexy, southern gent has me mezmerized!

    • pbartteacher

      Bill is nice. But there is something about Eric. He has such a commanding view over everyone. And let’s face it Nia, the man rocks a black muscle shirt.Oh those shoulders. Poor Stephen looks like an elf next to him. I like my men big. Oh that sounds really bad. Yes!

      • Nia

        You’re absolutely right about Erics physique. He has a beautiful body. He is a bad boy. Aren’t we all at least a bit attracted to a bad boy? And Yes Bill is shorter. But his height does not bother me one bit. He is still much taller than me, and manages to fit oh so much into that beautiful package! He is just an amazing lover, protector, and devoted man/vamp that melts my heart with his smoldering look and beautiful hands. I can’t help it. Eric doesn’t do that for me. But he definitely comes in a close 2nd.

        • pbartteacher

          Yes, Stephen is my second choice for sure. He was the initial reason I started watching the show. But having said that, there is something different about him this season. I haven’t quite put my finger on it. I think they have changed his looks this season and not in a good way. Eric on the other hand just get better and better each episode. I can’t wait until Sinday. Supposed to be the best hands down. And lots of Eric and Sookie. I am sure Alan Ball will not disappoint us. Sookies lips all over Eric’s hot bod. Bill and Sookie have been great but time to switch it up a bit.

          • Nia

            They over did his white makeup a bit. Hve to admit. Still cannot to cover up his handsomeness.
            I am looking forward for the trangle to commence. Should be fun!

          • Nia

            Hi pbartteacher,
            I was not going to voice my true feelings to your post but it has bothered me all morning, so I have to get this off my chest. Elf? I am always hoping that all comments concerning these two wonderful characters/actors remain civil and positive. It is a hurtful thing to say. I look at this from this perspective, what if these comments are brought to Stephens attention? How would you feel if you were in his place. It is hard enough to play opposite someone who is 6″ taller. Then, to read things like this. I am sure as a professional he would shrug it off but…
            Let me put a few scenarios to you. If Bill ate the blue pill and grew 6″ and Eric ate the red pill and shrunk 6″. Would you still stay loyal to Eric or switch camps again? Or perhaps switch to Hoyt who is also 6’4″? My loyalty runs deeper and is more steadfast.
            You are an educator, what if you were in your classroom looking out the window at the playground and see the school bully, taller and stronger preying on the smaller boy who is sweet and a bit of a loner, what you say to yourself? Would you call the smaller boy a shrimp and laugh? I know we are not talking about children here and it is just a show, but hurtful comments are painful to anyone, young or old.
            By the way I do love elves. Especially since “Lord of the Rings”! Legolas was gorgeous. It is rare that I go for Blond men, but… That is just my preference.
            Also, I happen to see Stephen M. in a movie he did about 10 years ago. He was a man in the middle ages and he had long wavy blond hair midway down his back. Now there was an incredible sight! WOW.
            You are a educator and a profesional. I am a medical profesional. Lets keep this positive and lighthearted and choose our favorites in a pleasant manner and remember we should always support the cast and the show.
            Thank you.

      • Val


  • shelby

    i love both men! but I love bill more. his just so mysteries and i love it.

  • Eric is good..But, it is SO…Vampire Bill Compton!!!!!!!! Whew!! Go Bill!!!

  • Willow