Evan Rachel Wood Talks About Her Role As True Blood’s Newest Vampire

June 24, 2009 by  

evan-rachel-wood-2Kyle Buchanan of Movieline had a chance to talk to Evan Rachel Wood at The Young Hollywood Awards, she was receiving the young superstar award. Ms. Wood will be playing True Blood’s Louisiana Vampire Queen, Sophie-Anne Leclerq. She was finally able to reveal some tidbits about her upcoming role on True Blood in a brief Video Interview transcribed by AfterEllen.com:

“Oh! I love being able to talk about that now. I’ve had to be so secretive about it. She’s 400 years old. Her name’s Sophie-Anne, and she’s the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. There’s a queen for every state, and that’s hers. And she’s kind of a cross between Patrick Bateman and Paris Hilton. She’s crazy. She’s just crazy. And she’s a lesbian.”

“Wood confirmed that she’s only filmed two episodes thus far and the producers plan to make her a recurring character although viewers won’t see her appear until closer to the end of the season. At least three of her scenes will be filmed with fresh-faced, twenty-something “Hadley” (who has yet to be cast), Sookie (Anna Paquin)’s cousin, who has been seduced into a whole other world — but still feels the pull of her human roots.”

Ms. Wood will be appearing tomorrow, Thursday June 25th, on both “The View” on ABC at 11:00 am,  and in the evening on  “Jimmy Fallon Live” 12:35 am (technically on Friday in the wee hours of the morning) on NBC. Both listings are in eastern standard time check your local listings to confirm appearance times in your area.

View Video interview on: movieline.com

View Transcribed interview on: AfterEllen.com

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