Happy Birthday Sam Trammell!

January 29, 2011 by  

Happy Birthday Cake

We here at Truebloodnet.com would like to wish a very happy 40th birthday to Sam Trammell who plays the wonderful Sam Merlotte on our favorite show.

We hope your day is full of laughter and fun Sam!

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  • seriously happy birthday sam

  • Antonio

    I’m Confused here! After looking up his bio,2 different dates are given for his birthday
    1: Late January 1/29
    2: Mid May 5/15

    I thought id heard here that Sam’s B-day is in May
    I guess some just cant get enough of Our Favorite Furry Shifter!
    Thats OK Sam seems to be a Great Guy and what a sense of humor!
    He always cracks me up! Did you see that interview segment with him and Marshall Allman? Hysterical!
    Whenever Your B-Day is Sam,WE wish You ALL The Best!

  • Happy Birthday Sam…I love your character on the show and in the books!!! Your voice so reminds me of an actor from a fews years back.. I don’t know if anyone remembers him but they should cause he was agreat Western actor and a hero from World War Two… his name is Audie Murphy.Sam sounds just like him… I love it.Plus he’s got the same sweet heart!!

  • jaxx

    Happiest of birthdays Sam!! Life begins at 40. Have a good one.

  • Frank Bowden JR

    Happy birthday Sam, We share the same birthday!!! But I have got a few years on you. 🙂

    Frank Bowden jr.