HBO Garners 99 Emmy Nominations!

July 16, 2009 by  

emmy-statueHBO Garnered 99 Emmy Nominations for it’s original series, among them were three nominations for True Blood.  In addition, True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard‘ (Eric) miniseries, “Generation Kill” was nominated for Outstanding Miniseries.  Congratulations to all who got the nod!

It is rather frustrating that the Emmy’s have continued their tradition of ignoring genre work except in the technical departments.  It’s past time to break those barriers and the quality of acting, writing and directing in True Blood makes it clear that those prejudices are still in place.  So while we are very excited for those who’s outstanding contributions to True Blood are being recognized (Suzuki, Cat, Rusty, we’re lookin at you!) we can only hope that next year is the year that finally brings down the wall.

Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series

True Blood • Burning House Of Love • Cold Ground • Sparks Fly Out • HBO • Your Face
Goes Here Entertainment in association with HBO Entertainment
Suzuki Ingerslev, Production Designer
Cat Smith, Art Director
Rusty Lipscomb, SDSA, Set Decorator

The Competition:

Bones, Heroes, Mad Men, Pushing Daisies, and The Tudors.

Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series

True Blood • HBO • Your Face Goes Here Entertainment in association with HBO
Junie Lowry Johnson, CSA, Casting Director
Libby Goldstein, Casting Director

The competition:

Damages, Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, The Tutors

Outstanding Main Title Design
True Blood • HBO • Your Face Goes Here Entertainment in association with HBO
Rama Allen, Designer
Shawn Fedorchuk, Editor
Matthew Mulder, Creative Director
Morgan Henry, Main Title Producer
Camm Rowland, Designer
Ryan Gagnier, Designer

The competiton:

Lie To Me, Storymakers, Taking Chance, United States of Tara

Outstanding Miniseries

Generation Kill • HBO • Company Pictures and Blown Deadline Productions in association with HBO Films

The competion:

Little Dorrit

The Emmys will be aired Sunday, Sept. 20 (8:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) on the CBS network.

To view the complete list go to: The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Michelle

    First and foremost, Congrats to Generation Kill for the nomination! We know how well of a series that was and the acclamations it received so it’s finally great to see the hard work has paid off. Also, congrats to the few nods that True Blood received -even though they were robbed.
    I think what is funny is that the series has many layers written into it, and one of them is people being prejudice against either black, white, gay, straight, vampire, human, etc. How funny that this translates into real life in that the show is written extremely well, the casting in phenomenal, and the directing is off the charts…yet they are snubbed because they are a genre show. I hope that starting next year, those prejudices are thrown away and the board/committee start looking beyond what *fits the box* and see a well-written, well-directed, well-cast series.
    But…we already all knew that! Let’s see if more people will climb aboard the True Blood train and give the show the chance it so deserves!!

  • val

    I am SO glad they are honoring the excellent mini series GenerationKill! Alec/Eric WAS the star-so he really helped get that nomination.He and Stark Sands and the guy who played Ray were so good in it!!!!

  • It is hard to believe NONE of the actors including supporting cast members such as Rutina Wesley and Nelson Ellis were ignored for their great performances.

  • cgp

    Such a shame TB wasn’t nominated. Hopefully they won’t be snubbed next year – this season is already so Emmy worthy, and it’s getting a much bigger buzz.

    I have to say, I’m also more than a little po’d that Alexander didn’t get nominated for Generation Kill. That’s criminal too. Grrrrr.

  • pbartteacher

    Extremely disappointed that the Emmy’s continue to overlook genre television shows. I feel Alan Ball and his crew of writers deserve an Emmy for writing, Rutina Wesley and Nelsan Ellis each for supporting actress and actor,respectively and a best actress nod to Anna Pacquin. We can only hope that they wake up before next year’s nominations. Just because the subject matter is vampires, shape shifters,maenands, supes of all kinds is no reason to not think that it isn’t superbly written television. We all know (TB addicted) that the show is about much bigger issues. Acceptance, prejudice, being the outsider….Oh well, I ramble on. Yes, I will watch the Emmy’s to see my favs from TB but it will be bitter sweet.

    • Nia

      Good post pbartteacher, the academys and guilds have always snubbed scifi/supernatural entertainment. They have never deemed it worthy. You would think that they would learn from all the buzz and the general appeal these shows have for the public. Especially in these times, we need entertainment to take us away from reality. True Blood is a marvelous diversion/distraction. Its writing and cast have found cozy comfotable places in our hearts and minds. I am sure the academies believe that this fiction is just to out there. But thats what we like about it. We are grateful even if the powers that be are not. In our hearts they are the “True” winners. My hats off to them and my hands are clapping loudly. Let the little people speak!
      So do not feel bad for rambling for I have now done the same. The more rambling and grumbling and general noise we make, perhaps the powers will take notice.

  • Nia

    True blood should have been nominated for best drama. Stephen Moyer should have been nominated for best actor in a drama. Thats all I have to say.

  • natasha874

    Woohoo!!!!! I’m so happy for him!