Interview with True Blood Jewelry Designer Udi Behr

November 8, 2009 by  

udiHBO’s hit vampire series, True Blood, has been so successful that it has even resulted in its own jewelry collection. Udi Behr, the chief designer for Love Peace and Hope, is a huge fan of the show and came up with a line of modern goth jewelry to go along with it. In an interview with Luxist, he talks about how True Blood inspired his designs.

To reflect vampires‘ immortality, Udi uses the infinity symbol in his pieces:

“The infinity symbol and two fangs that link into it. If you look at my line, a couple of the specific iconic shapes are teardrops of blood with rubies;.I’m doing the 8, eternity and the chains. I use either leather or stainless steel, because vampires get very damaged if they wear silver, so just in case Louisiana vampires or Texas vampires want to buy jewelry, tada! They can!”

He does use silver for the rings and earrings because of how difficult it is to manipulate stainless steel in rings, joking that not all vampires are great so people might want at least some silver jewelry to protect themselves from those bad vamps.

Udi’s favorite characters are Eric and Tara:

“Everybody likes Eric. Everybody wants to be Eric; he’s the coolest vampire. He’s so cool, you know? He’s not in love, he doesn’t want a girlfriend. And Tara. I like Tara very much; she’s a really cool girl.”

Were it not for their aversion to the sun, Udi wishes that he could really be a vampire:

“That’s why I’m doing this. You sleep all day and you party all night! And you live forever! Only one thing: I like to go to the beach.”

Udi has created some really pretty jewelry in his True Blood collection, which is available at


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