Interview With Todd Lowe From True Blood

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Todd LoweRecently Todd Lowe who portrays Terry Bellefleur, the traumatized Iraqi War vet who helps out at Merlotte’s bar in Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series “True Blood” was interviewed by Jerod Williams of Splash Magazines Worldwide. The interviewer asked Todd a series of questions ranging from his portrayal of Terry Bellefleur, what we can expect in Season 2, his other talents and what he has in store for the future.

Before Todd Lowe obtained the part of Terry Bellefleur on “True Blood”, he studied theatre at The University of Texas at Austin and landed guest spots on “Walker: Texas Ranger” and “Without a Trace”. Todd has performed in various movies including “The Princess Dairies“, “Where the Heart is” and “Redline” before he landed a regular part on the “Gilmore Girls” as Zack van Gerbig.

The interviewer asked Todd if he is being recognized on the street to which Todd replied not so much. In some ways he is relieved by this fact. He states that although a few people have come up to him and commented on the good work he does on the show he is still able to walk around and not feel like he has to go into hiding yet. When Todd is asked how he prepared to play the part of Terry, he said that he based Terry on the homeless war veterans that he had seen when he lived in Austin. He states there was one man in particular that he used as a reference in his audition for “True Blood.”

“I thought back on one guy who said he would sell me a sonnet for a cigarette. I gave him a smoke and he said “My mistress’ eyes were nothing like the sun . . .” and that was some Sting song, I think, and I gave him the rest of my pack and made it to Shakespeare class on time. When I auditioned for Terry, I had him in mind. A sympathy seeker who hustled me out of my smokes.”

Todd states that he feels privileged to be working side by side with a bunch of very talented and professional people who are “prettier” then him (he jokes that he doesn’t think he is as pretty). When he is asked about what audiences can expect for season 2 he states that he is contractually bound not to tell anyone anything, but he is dying to tell someone.

“I can’t even tell my mom who uses my cousins to get information out of me. I can tell you this much just based on last season that Terry’s coming back and appears to have a developing relationship with Arlene (played by Carrie Preston)”.

Todd is asked during the interview that based on his theatre training which one works better for him, television or film to which he states television. The reason is, as Todd describes it, with television it feels more like a stage production where one is able to sit at a table for readings and to improvise certain things. As of now he doesn’t have enough film experience to make a true comparison, however and this point in time he feels quite comfortable on television.

Many people still do not know much about Todd Lowe and one of the interesting things to discover about this actor is that he is also a musician and has his own band. He started playing rock music on his guitar at 17 and then country music at 23 because he found it easier to play. Todd’s band is call the Pilbilly Knights which consist of him and some of his friends and together they have a myspace page (Pilbilly Knights), their music out on iTunes and a record entitled “DUT“ getting played on XM radio. When the interviewer asked Todd what would someone expect to see at one of his band’s performances he said that you would find a place full of people whooping and hollering to their “cowpunk music, country music without the O” and his girlfriend, Sasha, (a dancer) choreographing dance moves with her friends on the dance floor. Todd also provided a little tidbit, “If you email me and want to come sing a well known song or ANY country song, you just might get a chance to perform it at any of our shows.” Asked which of the two art forms he prefers, acting or playing in a band Todd states that he prefers to be “an actor because it pays and a musician when it does, get back to me on that one.”

Besides acting and playing in his band Todd spends his time playing his guitar, doing cardios and doing martial arts as a way to strengthen his hand muscles so as he jokingly says to “know how to put a knife into someone’s larynx if I have to.” Now is he hinting at something for us. We do not know and he wasn’t about to reveal it in this interview. So what is next for Todd? He has several projects lined up including a small part in “Skateland” starring Heath Freeman and Ashley Green from “Twilight”. Also he is involved with a web series with Justin Tanner entitled “Avenue 43” and his band is going to write two more songs.

In closing the interviewer (who is a friend of Todd’s) states that even though he is now part of the entertainment industry, he has not changed and has not allowed the industry to change him from being “genuinely a great guy with an obscure and funny personality that is infectious.”

SOURCE: Jerod Williams: Splash Magazines Worldwide

(Photo Credit Sue Schneider – Moonglow Photos)