Jim Parrack talks True Blood with MTV’s Hollywood Crush

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Jessica HoytWhile relegated to a supporting role in season one of Alan Ball‘s True Blood, Jim Parrack’s Hoyt Fortenberry has bloomed as a major love interest over the course of season two and the growth of his fan base has gained momentum at an astonishing rate along the way.

According to Jim, this happy reversal of fortune took him completely by surprise.  He tells Hollywood Crush that he started out feeling very unsure of his character because:

“In the beginning, I think the way it was going was a friend of Jason‘s that had a tough time with the girls, but I think more because he was sort of this dumbass jerk,” Jim explained. “I wasn’t certain and when we shot the pilot I asked Alan who is it that I’m playing here? We didn’t have a really clear idea, except that we had a few clues. I was spending some time with the Rattrays in the beginning. There was some reference to me buying weed from them or selling weed to them. It was kind of a different kind of  role and I didn’t know what to do with it. So finally in the pilot episode, there’s a scene where Sookie comes over and asks Hoyt what happened to her brother. And I said to Alan, maybe the reason this guy doesn’t do so well is because he’s innocent and shy. We tried it and everyone really liked it.”

Hoyt is repeatedly unlucky in love until the introduction of baby vamp  Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll). Hoyt is quickly smitten and polls indicate that the audience too have fallen in love with the pairing.  Jim loves the storyline, stating with a laugh:

“As outrageous as it sounds to have, you know, a newly turned vampire fall in love with a 28-year-old guy who lives with his mother, it seems like it’s one of the more grounded storylines,”

True Blood‘s season two finale leaves the fate of the romance between Jessica and Hoyt up in the air and the resolution of that potential rift is one more unknown in an episode  full of cliffhangers.

In addition to expressing his fascination with the Hoyt/Jessica storyline, Jim also tells Hollywood Crush that the evolution of Eric Northman‘s character (Alexander Skarsgård) is one he enjoys watching as it develops:

“It kind of came out of nowhere,” Jim marveled. “It was so strategic. Starting the season off with getting the haircut so the Euro-weirdo vampire is more accessible right from the get-go. And he’s such a good-looking guy, such a charming guy; it’s hard when he does the littlest turn of kindness. It’s hard not to want to get on board.”

Though his costars, Alex and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) have jokingly commented on that other vampire phenomenon, Twilight, when Hollywood Crush tried to pry some opinions about it, Jim simply replied, “I guess I don’t know quite what it is enough to draw a comparison [to True Blood]”.

Certainly, the popularity of the lovable Hoyt has helped Jim gain more acting opportunities.  Over the hiatus, Jim will be very busy with several projects.  Currently, he’s slated to begin filming Battle: Los Angeles, an alien invasion film costarring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and Bridget Moynahan.  He also wants to work with his wife, actress Ciera Parrack, and some friends from his acting school Playhouse West to produce a script he’s written based on the biblical story of the prodigal son.  True Blood fans, however, can’t wait to see where Jim and Alan Ball take Hoyt‘s character in season three.  Sometimes, nice guys do finish first after all.

SOURCE: MTV’s Hollywood Crush

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