Kristin Bauer van Straten Behind the Scenes of True Blood

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Everything is bigger on the third season of True Blood and that goes for Kristin Bauer van Straten‘s role as Pam. In this season, Pam has already established herself as sassy, sexual, and ruthless. Kristin sat down with to talk about her character, working with Alexander Skarsgard and her environmental work.

Though Pam is a vampire and has been for quite a long time, there are human elements to her. Pam was eager to join Eric when she discovered the power and immortality vampires had. Kristin remarked,

“She is un-remorseful, unapologetic, which are two traits some of us could probably use a touch of. She is, in some ways, who I wish I could be but alas, that directness might leave me very lonely.”

Though the show has not delved into Pam’s past, it has sparked some creative thinking on Kristin’s part. For her, Pam was a free spirit during a time when women were seen as property and had no real freedom. When Pam became a vampire, she was given the freedom to choose what she wanted to do with her life, as opposed to being told what to do.

This line of thinking proves how powerful Pam can be. Though she is soft spoken and at times appears to careless about the situation, she is actually listening intently and taking stock of what is going on. By doing this she can control the situation, which perhaps is why she is being given a bigger role on the show this season.

Pam is no longer in the shadows of her maker, Eric Northman, but that doesn’t mean Kristin dislikes playing alongside Alexander Skarsgard. On the contrary, she considers Alex to be a good friend and a joy to work with. Kristin seems to be very loyal to Alex, which is a reflection of Pam’s loyalty to Eric. For Pam, Kristin believes,

“Loyalty is huge for her, and for me in life as well… Power is actually not as alluring to her as integrity. And that motivates me too, it’s fun to find those things where the character and I overlap but I guess that is inevitable as all Pam has is her creators so pieces of all of us and our imaginations will be in her.”

For Kristin, the show and the cast are brilliant; though she would love to work with everyone on the show, she believes that the characters and the storyline are going along as they should. There’s no need to be greedy in her desires to act alongside each and every cast member when the show is allowing each character to grow organically. Who knows, given Pam‘s growth on the show, there may be opportunities for her to act alongside each and every cast member.

Perhaps being a fan helps create such an amazing piece of television work. The cast and the director Alan Ball, are focused on creating a compelling story that fans will love and feel satisfied with. On working with Alan Ball, Kristin has noted,

Alan seems to be very aware of the big picture and at the same time the details which is also rare and special. He has assembled an amazing thing here, all out of his vision one day after picking up a book. Many people are being employed and entertained by that vision…Visions becoming reality is a thrill for me to see and be part of as I think it’s what makes the world go round. Without artistic vision, and the ability to transmute those visions into something others can see…life would be…well, unlivable.”

Even with a great cast and a great director, what makes True Blood vampires so much better than the slew of vampires that have sprouted up? For Kristin, she believes that because True Blood is Alan Ball’s baby, he is willing to push the envelope a bit more. Given that the show is intended for a more mature audience, True Blood is able to delve deeper into more taboo topics.

Speaking of delving into deeper territory, what about Season 3 spoilers? Kristin simply noted that for Pam, her loyalty and strength will be tested. Audiences will come to understand the relationship between Pam and Eric. However, this can all be said about all the characters this season. Each character will be defined and will be faced with hard questions.

It seems that Kristin is thoroughly enjoying her time on True Blood as well as her role in Secret Life of the American Teenager. However, there is more to her life than simply her acting. She is active in the efforts to make the public aware of the situation in the Gulf Coast. Kristin believes that as a community, people can work together to help save one another. She noted,

“Abri, my husband, and I work well with IFAW to do just that for Whales and The Elephant Ivory trade in Africa. The Gulf is a horror. And I think it should be a wake up call for us and a time to examine all of our dependence on oil. If you are alive you use and need oil. The soles of my shoes I’m wearing right now, the frames of my glasses, parts of this computer and my couch…but we could be much more conscientious and efficient or we will keep harming others.”

To find out ways of helping Kristin’s cause and learn great tips to keep the earth alive and well, please visit: There are actors that inspire audiences to dream and to believe in imaginary worlds. Kristin is not only one of those actors, but she also manages to inspire people to believe in our own world and to believe that we can create beautiful place for ourselves and for the future.


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