Natasha Alam From Uzbekistan To Hollywood

July 8, 2010 by  

Not only does HBO’s hit True Blood acquire the best actors, the show even scores royalty. Natasha Alam, the newest addition to True Blood and Playboy model is also a princess.

In 1998, Natasha married former Shah of Iran’s grandson Amir Ebrahim Pahlavi Alam, granting her the royal title. Though their divorces was finalized in 2005, Natasha gets to keep the title until her ex remarries. She notes,

“I kind of forget that fact…But in situations like this (speaking to the media), I get refreshed about it…In London, being a princess was a big deal – because of the whole royal family and everything. You get reminded of that in London. I loved that feeling and experience…But I felt lonely and unfulfilled. I felt there was more to life.”

Natasha is focused fully on her acting career; she is playing Yvetta, the newest Fangtasia dancer. Whether she is on a television screen or in a print ad, the 27 year old strikes a stunning figure with her blue/gray eyes and an Amazon height of 6’2 with 4 inch heels on.

Though, Natasha isn’t simply relying on her beauty to grab acting gigs; using tapes and a voice coach, Natasha is trying to strip away her Russian accent in order to gain more acting opportunities. However, all this hard work and great opportunity on True Blood almost never happened.

When Natasha was a child, her grandmother fed her beer in order to get Natasha to gain weight. Understanding what it means to go hungry during the Nazi invasion in WWII, Natasha’s grandmother didn’t want her grandchild to suffer. However, once Natasha’s mother got wind of the situation, the beer diet ended. So rather than starting a brewery, at 17 Natasha was enrolled in the University of Technology for aviation where her major was aircraft mechanics. Natasha remarks,

“I found the Technology school boring…I think I would have been much happier if I was studying quantum physics or astronomy or something like that.”

Natasha said goodbye to her blue coveralls and opted for 100% nude pictorials in an 8 page spread, which gave her a new title: a Playboy centerfold. Before enchanting everyone on the July cover of Playboy, Natasha started modeling in Moscow only to then perform on the runways of Rome, London, Milan and New York.

There’s no doubt that Natasha enjoyed being a model but she felt like she could do more, specifically on screen. Her first acting role was a cigarette commercial in Italy. The commercial was sexy, and full of special effects, which could be why she’s so comfortable on True Blood. Aside from these performances, Natasha has also appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful, The Unit, Entourage, and NYPD Blue.

Natasha still isn’t satisfied. She is looking to expand her screen story and star in a movie, perhaps even an action movie. She does have the skills as Natasha competes in Wushu, a form of intense Chinese martial arts.

An action flick could also distance her from the stereotypical Russian characters that she dislikes. Natasha doesn’t want always want to play a mail order bride or a prostitute in Saint Petersburg. In order to avoid being type-casted, Natasha has worked hard to eradicate her Russian accent and prefers to use a more neutral accent at auditions.

For Natasha it’s all about opening her horizons, growing and learning with every job she has. She’s overjoyed to be on the cover of a legendary magazine, such as Playboy, and feels like she is living her dream. Fans may only know Natasha as Yvetta on True Blood, but it seems like the American audience will be seeing more of this talented princess.


(Photo Credit: Associated Press)