PHOTOS: Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Make Dreams Come True

March 15, 2010 by  

On Sunday, March 14, True Blood stars Stephen Moyer and fiancée Anna Paquin were found supporting a great cause while visiting the Santa Monica Pier. The cause? The Make-a-Wish Foundation, of course. Sunday was the Make-a-Wish Foundation‘s annual Fun Day, which gives children with life-threatening medical conditions the chance to relax and just have fun with their families outdoors on the beautiful Venice Beach.

Stephen and Anna seemed to be having a great time supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation, as the photos below clearly show, and it’s wonderful to see such great actors supporting such a wonderful cause!


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  • Antonio

    Its Inspiring and Heartwarming to see Both of these talented people supporting a great cause! The pics are Incredible! They look great together! I’m glad that they did this! As for making dreams come true? They Already Have for Me! True Blood has inspired me and moved me as an aspiring writer and has helped me to let go and try to move on. The strong social commentaries provoke much thought and dialogue. I havent been this moved and affected by a Tv series since Beauty & The Beast(A series that aired on network Tv for 2 and a half seasons in the late ’80s)
    Many of us here have been moved and inspired by TB! Steph and Anna seem like nice people! Sam,Alex,Ryan Rutina Deborah Ann
    All seem So nice and grounded and professional and unpretentious!
    I think that working on or for The show True Blood Would Be a DREAM JOB! I think that 1 of the S3 titles describes it nicely
    “beautifully broken” I’ve always enjoyed seeing interviews of the cast here and listening to the actors speak about their work or favorite episodes of the show! (The TB Cast Hungarian Interviews of Stephen,Alex and Sam were The Best) I thought!
    Steph Alex and Sam are So funny! Steph and Sam are Always good for a laugh! All I know is that TB and the wonderful cast have made dreams come true for me even if they are small ones!
    Both Stephen Moyer And Sam Trammell said in an interview once “Believe in Yourself and Just Do It!” refering to acting and just life in general.
    TB is 1 of the things that make me happy
    OK I’ve babbled enough here
    In Short,I like the show very much
    The articles which I have written here prove that
    Thanks to All the cast and crew of TB to HBO to Alan Ball and to ALL of YOU here at TBNET the writers the editors the people who keep the site going with news and updates to All the posters 🙂

  • Nia

    They are such a lovely couple. Dressed down and just having fun.

    I am happy to see how they are always quick to support a worthy cause such as Make-A-Wish.

    I hope filming is going well for them both and I am really looking forward to S3.

    Thank you Isis for posting the news and the wonderful pictures.

    • Antonio

      Hi Nia These Are Cool pictures! They look So happy! Bless Them!
      Its refreshing to see people supporting a worthy cause or charity and Not just a Photo-Op for the paparazzi! The Dream is Still Alive and it Goes on!!

      • Nia

        Hello Antonio!!!!!!!!
        I am so glad to hear from you!
        Yes They are lovely and look so happy. You can’t help but be so happy for them.

        I have found that Stephen and Anna have always been there for the kids (Stephens Brentwood theatre campaign was wonderful, I was happy to be a part of it)and also for animal causes as well.

        We know that Stephen is a huge animal lover. Gotto love him for that. He always talks about his dog Splash.

        BTW, I was a huge fan of the series “Beauty and the Beast”! Great show! Very passionate. A lovely lady and a beast with a heart of gold!!!!!!!!
        Sound familiar!! LOL
        Its late so I am off.
        Take care!