Pre-Order Anna Paquin’s ‘The Romantics’

January 13, 2011 by  

Released on DVD February 8, 2011

The RomanticsWe all know True Blood’s Anna Paquin does a fantastic job on the HBO hit show, but now you can see her in a different role.  Her film The Romantics co-starring Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes, has Paquin showing us her frosty side.  The film centers around a group of seven friends who come together for Paquin and Duhamel’s wedding.  Problems arise due to the fact that Holmes’ character is still in love with the groom.  One reviewer had this to say about her performance.

“Easily walking away with the film, Anna Paquin’s entitled bitch queen of a bride. Although she may be the ostensible villain, her aggression makes her sympathetic compared to the sulky shells around her; when she pussy whips the pre-wedding jitters out of Duhamel, we only wish she’d tear into the rest of the cast as well.”

The movie officially releases on DVD February 8, 2011 but you can pre-order it by clicking here.  Below is the trailer for the movie.  Let us know if you have seen the movie or if you plan to!

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