Ryan Kwanten “Flies by the Seat of His Pants” When Playing Jason.

June 25, 2009 by  

jason-s2According to an interview with Fancast, Ryan describes his approach to playing all those hot, sexy scenes in HBO‘s True Blood as, “I just fly by the seat of my pants.”  To which we ask, what pants?  The buff Ryan Kwanten chats about his frequently ‘au natural’ character Jason and proselytizes about season 2 of True Blood revealing plenty SPOILERS so beware those that don’t want to know!

When discussing the Church of the Light, Fancast asks, “Is this ‘church’ a full-fledged cult?”

“Yeah,” replies Ryan, “as more and more information unfolds, even someone as simple as Jason sees the cracks in the foundation. Reverend Steve Newlin tends to go a little AWOL, and he turns his God-loving group into a vampire-hating group. That’s when Jason starts to question things”

And when discussing the sexiness of vampires, Ryan disagrees.  “I don’t know if I’d say they were sexy. To me the allure, I guess, is that it’s the devil you don’t know.”

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