Ryan Kwanten Real Life Romance

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Jason Stackhouse may have a hot girlfriend every other week on True Blood, but Ryan Kwanten has been without a real life love interest for a few years now.

Ryan’s life right now is focused on his career, which with the success of True Blood has blossomed brightly and with astonishing speed. Ryan notes,

“It would be very selfish of me to try and bring someone into that world when I can’t give them the time they deserve.”

Though American gossip magazines have linked Ryan to country music singer Whitney Duncan, he is quick to diffuse those rumors as well as the rumors he is writing a sex book. What he is actually writing is more of a satirical take-off of many of the self help books being published today.

There are so many rumors, but in truth this untrained actor is shy, and his life is far away from any controversy, which may be why paparazzi don’t hound him. Ryan remarks,

“I’m not the kind of guy that inspires madness in people.”

Has Ryan seen himself on True Blood? His body, not only stirs up madness, but also stirs a heat wave in fans’ living rooms. However, he isn’t a slave to exercise or obsessive healthy eating; he actually reveals that he’s a chocolate fiend. In order to keep his physique in top shape, Ryan relies on relaxing but heart pumping activities from yoga to boxing. He notes,

“I never want to be that guy at a dinner table saying, ‘I wish I could have dessert…I actually went through a stage when I would order dessert first.”

Ryan is now in the position to order dessert first; he’s on a hit show and is gaining fans with every episode. He was even invited to the Oscars, which he enjoyed very much, but he feels his plus one, his mom, enjoyed it much more. He jokes that when his mother met Jon Voight, she believed he was a long lost friend.

It seems like Ryan’s mother has found a home with the Hollywood celebrities and Ryan simply needs t0 follow her lead. Though the press may be concerned with Ryan’s lack of real life love interest, fans all around the world are saying thank goodness, and planning on wooing Ryan Kwanten with the same charm Jason Stackhouse woos his ladies.

To see a video of Ryan being interviewed, click here and check it out!

SOURCE: news.com.au

(Photo Credit: GQ.com)