Ryan Kwanten on Red Hill and True Blood

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Ryan Kwanten Talks about Red Hill and Being Jason Stackhouse

Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse in True BloodRyan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) of True Blood talks about his upcoming movie “Red Hill “due out this fall.   Trubies have lots to look forward to during the break from True Blood.  Mr. Kwanten plays an intrepid young officer who uncovers sinister doings while trailing a killer in the rural Australian town of Red Hill.  Ryan even recounts some of his prouder moments on set:
“I’m lying in pig poo and hay on the ground, handcuffed, and it’s minus-7 [degrees]. My cheek’s in pig poo and Patrick says, ‘I’m going to be playing the panther.’ If you see my reaction in the film, it’s one of my most proud acting moments.”

Mr. Kwanten is also happy with the direction Jason seems to be moving in on True Blood.  I think we all appreciate the depth (and sexiness) that he brings to Jason Stackhouse.  When asked if he had any idea what might be in store for Jason in season 4, he admits that he has no idea.  Since Jason doesn’t seem to be too into the far reaching future, Mr. Kwanten prefers to stay in that vein and not know more about what Jason will be into in the next season.

Mr. Kwanten revels the trick to playing Jason is to not play him too simply.  As the series has unfolded we have seen more to Jason, while he is still that slightly thoughtless horn dog we’ve all come to know and love, we also see he isn’t lacking a moral compass and that’s all thanks to Mr. Kwanten’s portrayal of him.  When asked if he had any ideas or desires for Jason in the upcoming season Mr. Kwanten gave one of the best answers:

Honestly, whatever I could come up with in my wildest imaginations would pale in comparison to what they do come up with.

You can catch “Red Hill” in theaters November 5th.

Source: Speakeasy, Jen Yamato

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