Who Is The Fangtastic Five?

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And where do our favorite Sexy True Blood vampires fit in?  Sorry fanpires you are going to have to watch the video to find out.
Now we all know True Blood’s two leading vampires Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) have brought back sexy on and off the screen.

Since this an all time list (which you need to keep in mind before you have a fit.)  The video gives us a brief view of vampires on the big and small screen.

Personally in recent memory except for Nosferatu and the vampires from “Thirty Days of Night” (I’m sure their is more so be nice when reminding me.)  I found most vampires to be sexy, seductive and misunderstood.   If you remember most of the old movies there was always some long lost love that the female character resembled which made the vampire obsessed and needy of her love.
Alex Fox of Bizarre Magazine gives us her rundown of her “fangtastic five” in her short video interview on ITN Extreme.  Let us know your comments below if you think she has the “Top 5″ correct!

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  • Lori

    Oh, kids, what about Spike and Angel? Have you so quickly forgotten that most beautiful fanged dynamic duo? Get thee to a video store and review!

  • Rebecca

    Just think where we would be if we didn’t have Eric and Bill. The bring sexy back to the lovers of the fangs.

    • Nia

      OOH yes Rebecca! By the way, Stuart Towndsend was not mentioned. He was beautiful as a vampire in “Queen of the Damned”. But my vote is still for Bill as number one!

  • Larinhastar

    How come she didn’t even mention Eric??!! Come on! He’s my number 01 all the way… Bill doesn’t deserve this. He’s a lying, cheating bastard!!!

    • Nia

      You are entitled to your opinion but I believe you are a bit out of line with that statement.

  • Nia

    Yes, Yes, Yes. I love Stephen as Bill Compton. Give the guy a break ladies. He is awesome in the role. He has a smoldering look, a beautiful body, and a bite to melt our hearts. I do believe Eric should be included in the #5 though. Keifer Southerland? Are you kidding me? Replace him with Eric and then we are talking about a list worthy of those vampires we adore.

  • Atlantis

    1. Eric Northman

    But I’ve heard soon that Johnny Depp will play Barnabas Collins. And that will be super hard to beat.

  • sofia


    No way that is the Top 5!

    1. Eric Northman
    2. Gary Oldman’s Dracula
    3. Gerald Butler’s Dracula (although the movie sucked -in a bad way :p)

    …and i don’t really care about Numbers 4 &5, u can fill those as u like.


    by good… Eric Northman is a good not a vampire! HE IS THE NUMBER ONE OF COURSE!

  • lemor davidovici

    the main reason why bill is 1 # leading vampire is the love romance between him & sookie & how there relationship blossomed overnight & bill still having his humanity in check.

    • deb

      My number one is a tie between Bill (what she said x 1000) and Spike from Buffy. No one will ever out sexy those 2.
      After them, Eric, Gary Oldman’s Dracula & Angelus (not wimpire Angel, but when he was bad he was HOT)

  • TG

    1. Alexander Skarsgard – Eric Northman totally modern vamp
    2. Keifer Sutherland – Lost Boys
    3. Frank Langella – Count Dracula sexy voice goin on with black eyes
    4. Gary Oldman- Count Dracula cool take on an old part
    5. Stephen Moyer – Bill Compton

    All have the cool sexy voices and there own unique charisma!

  • Rebecca

    #1, Eric Northman.#2,Bill Compton,#3,David from Lost Boys,#4,Gary Oldman from Dracula,#5,Kyle Schmid from Blood Ties or maybe Blade. There are so many good vampire shows that it should be top 10.

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  • Jackie

    Whoops, forgot Jasper Hale and Carlisle Cullen from Twilight. I would put them before Angel and Barnabas Collins. My bad.

  • Jackie

    What, no Eric Northman. He should be number 1, followed by Bill Compton, Edward Cullen, what about Angel?? Barnabas Collins of Dark Shadows (newer version).

  • Krista

    TOTALLY forgot Eric on there . . . He would be my number one with Bill as number 2. No one tops Eric in hotness!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • val

    I agree with the sexy viking as number one!

  • Eric Northman should definitely be number 1!

  • Roguemouse

    All the important vamps were there, so I ain’t gonna complain about the order 😉

  • linz

    I totally disagree I think that number one should be Eric, definately not Bill, and Rob Pattison should be number 2…

  • MaraAnn

    Oh yea!!! Bill is hot but they forgot about my sexy Eric Northman

  • I think them Twihards gonna drop dat Cullen boy like hot hoe cakes when they get a taste of Godric.