True Blood’s Kevin Alejandro Time with Nelsan Ellis and Alfre Woodard

February 4, 2010 by  

Kevin Alejandro recently spoke with to discuss his double duties working on both Southland as Nate Moretta and on True Blood as Jesus Velasquez, Lafayette Reynolds’ (Nelsan Ellis) new love interest.  Although the interview focused more on his role in Southland we highlighted his thoughts and feeling about working on True Blood and with Nelsan Ellis and Alfre Woodard who is cast to play Lafayette‘s mother.

Kevin explained that he is able to fit True Blood into his existing schedule with Southland because the shows run at different times of the year.  Therefore while one is on hiatus the other will be shooting thus avoiding any conflict.

Kevin has already started filming season 3 of True Blood and states that he his enjoying himself on the set and “they are very cool people to work with.”

Kevin discussed what his hopes are for his character and what it has been like working with Alfre Woodard and Nelsan Ellis. Kevin states:

Nelsan is another awesome guy and a great actor, one of those guys who I respect. He’s an actor’s actor, smart, funny, great with improv and the thing about him is he’s totally different from his character. He’s a man’s man and he’s just cool. Alfre is just awesome, man. She gives so much to everything that she does and it’s great. I’ve had a nice welcome there. There’s not much more I can tell you about that, other than I play Nelsan‘s love interest, which makes it great because it’s completely opposite of Nate Moretta. I get to play two very different dudes.”

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