’s Interview with Twitter’s Tara Thornton @Tara_ThorntonBT

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The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is still taking forever for many fans, even though the wait is actually getting shorter. As many of you know, I recently stumbled upon an amazing group of Twitter roleplayers, and they’ve been incredibly kind to me, allowing me to interview them. After seeing how well my interview with Sookie and then my interview with Bill went, Tara Thornton @Tara_ThorntonBT decided that I could add her to my list of interviewees! Thanks for being open to the interview!

Isis: Hey Tara, great to have you tonight!

@Tara_ThorntonBT: I’m happy to be here! Now can we please get started? I’m really excited for this.

Isis: You got it! I’d love to know why you role play and what got you into it.

@Tara_ThorntonBT: I got into role playing on Facebook last year when I first got hooked on True Blood. This was around May of last year. I found a group of role players that were looking for characters. So I sent them a message and they asked me some questions and gave me TaraThornton. The big joke with that character is that my real life name is Tara and my real life hubby’s name is JB. A little ironic *laughs*

Isis: Yes, but that’s also really cool!

Tara Roleplayer (Tara): The original group I role played with is still around but I left and decided to go to Twitter and now here I am.

Isis: Cool. How do you like this current group?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: This group has some absolutely amazing minds in it. We all work so well together. If it’s story ideas, we have some amazing writers and imaginations, let it be web designers who can make amazing webpages and backgrounds for us or just some real awesome role players who fit the parts well!

Isis: Sounds like you’ve found a place in the role play, and it works so well for you! Have you ever been anyone besides Tara in role play?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Nope, this is the only character I have seriously done. I did make a vampire character once… but she was executed *laughing* and through that experience I know I make a terrible vampire, but I did make some real good role play friends through it that I still play with once in a while.

Isis: Wow… Executed… Sounds like you think human’s the way to go, then.

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Yeah… Human works for me.

Isis: But then again, being human comes with its own set of problems. For example, your Tara is addicted to V… Care to comment on that?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Tell me about it… I needed some kind of story line to fill in the time and well Tara tends to make some rather poor choices. Since the death of Eggs she hasn’t been doing great. I mean, he was the love of her life and now he’s gone. So I thought it would almost be fitting for her character to get caught in the dark trap of V as a way to kill the heartbreak of losing Eggs.

Isis: *nodding* A sad choice, but I can see how it’s realistic for Tara. At the same time, though, after seeing what Jason went through with his V addiction… I wonder if she really thought this all through.

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Does she ever think things through?? Look at the mess Bon Temps was in after she got involved with Maryann, Eggs, and Carl.

Isis: True. But Tara‘s incredibly smart. We’ve known that since the first episode of True Blood. At times I wonder about how much Tara‘s need to be in control is hurting her. She only has one true friend that we know of as it is.

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Sookie has been her saving grace… but now that she is tied up with the vampires, Sookie doesn’t seem to be around that much to help Tara steer clear of trouble.

Isis: Yes. Does that information help you create such a great Tara? What else helps you guide Tara to being so realistic?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Yes it does… at least in my eyes. Tara’s attitude also helps. Her ‘I don’t give a damn what you think’ attitude is something I tend to be a bit similar to in real life, so I find it quite easy to play Tara. Our motto: If you don’t like it don’t look.

Isis: It’s a great motto!

@Tara_ThorntonBT: It works.

Isis: Do you find your Tara to be more based on True Blood or the Sookie Stackhouse novels?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: I find my Tara to be based more on True Blood rather than the novels.

Isis: Is it just because she’s a stronger character on True Blood, or is there more to it?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: There’s definitely more to it. I find the Tara in the books not to be a strong backboned kind of girl. But her character in the books isn’t a major one either. The show Tara will rip your lips off if you get in her face and is all backbone, independent and very stubborn on the outside, but on the inside I see a young lady that is struggling with her identity with a mother that is an alcoholic/religious fanatic. Tara in the show still hasn’t found her own self yet and that’s why the tough exterior. It helps hide her own insecurities.

Isis: Wow. Very deep. Have you incorporated any of book Tara‘s traits at all?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: I do run @TarasTogs in some story lines and one there was a JB DuRone that showed up and we played. But right now I have @Franklin_MottTB lurking in the shadows…

Isis: Yes, what’s going on with Tara and Franklin? How much bloodshed should we expect?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Well we know in the books Franklin Mott is NOT nice to Tara, and from what I’ve read around on all the sites like, etc that this is going to be one ugly season again for poor Tara. I read somewhere that Franklin Mott is evil, so lots of blood I’m sure.

Isis: Unfortunately, Tara seems to have terrible luck in love. Hopefully she’ll find true love sooner rather than later!

@Tara_ThorntonBT: I don’t know what Alan Ball has in store for Tara. I just hope it’ll be good in a few ways.

Isis: Hopefully it’ll be good! After all, Tara‘s incredibly important as a main secondary character. Anyways, it seems to me that Tara‘s getting a raw deal the same way Vampire Bill is. Is your role play group going to make their lives any easier, do you think?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: You know, now that you’ve mentioned it, we can almost call Tara the human Bill (just without the man bangs).

Isis: *laughing* I hadn’t even considered that, but good point!

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Well right now, Tara is going through the addiction road to hell but when this story line is over next week I will be making her character lighter in lieu of season 3.

Isis: Sounds great! It’s obvious that you love what you’re doing as the delightful Ms. Thornton. What do you love most about being Tara?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Getting away with what I do on the stream *grins* I think I am the only human on the Twitter stream that can get away with the hash tag #DamnVamp and not get drained!

Isis: True, but then again, I’m sure that can make Tara‘s life difficult sometimes. What’s the most challenging part of being Tara?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Not becoming a happy meal. However, a lot of various characters have my back out there if there is a problem let it be Vampires, Fairies, Demons, Shifters or what ever else is out there. They know not to mess with me!

Isis: A backup plan is always good!

@Tara_ThorntonBT: I tend to be “over protected” out there so there is no chance of me becoming a snack or turned or killed out there because someone is always watching me. I mean the first time @Franklin_MottTB hit the stream with me 2 weeks ago I had five vampires out there ready to go after him!

Isis: WOW! Protection comes out of the shadows!

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Last night he showed up again and I had five different Eric‘s ready to go after him!

Isis: *laughing at the image of five Eric‘s…*

@Tara_ThorntonBT: I have part of the Magister‘s retinue watching as well, and they all have different personalities, trust me!

Isis: Is it like having Dissociative Identity Disorder (one person with multiple personalities) at all?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: They all have their own personalities…one Eric is your silly Eric, another is the over-sexed up Eric, and then there are the Eric‘s that are just perfect for the role (like ours). The Bill‘s are the same.

Isis: The twitter stream seems to be incredibly diverse!

@Tara_ThorntonBT: I know! When it comes to the Bill‘s, I have one that serenades me all the time, even though he’s a terrible singer! But then again, there’s also your depressed Bill and your happy Bill, over-sexed Bill and under-sexed Bill, and then, of course, the Perfect Bill (man bangs and all).

Isis: Do you have a favorite amongst the Bill‘s and Eric‘s?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Not really. Depending on the day I play with various groups. Tara role players are scarce on the internet, and I really belong to everyone on the stream. Since I’ve met so many Bill‘s and Eric‘s, I can’t choose at all! But yeah, the sparse selection of Tara‘s online and my willingness to work with other groups has helped make Tara a popular character. I love playing her.

Isis: Wow, that’s amazing! Does Tara change with each group you play with?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Yeah, I do. For example, I’ve got NOLA Tara who hangs out with Queen Sophie-Anne (@Fangtasia_Queen) and is engaged to another vampire, @FangtasiaSerge. It’s totally out of character! Then, there’s Bon Temps Tara (my real home base with the awesome @TB_Sookie). There’s also Tara that has gone on wild and crazy adventures in Las Vegas to rescue the Magister’s Executioner and assistant when they were brainwashed… Basically, Tara tends to be all over the grid so to speak. But since the Bon Temps group was formed, Tara tends to stay put in Bon Temps where she belongs *for now.* Since we’re that much closer to season 3 and I have finally found my true family group of players, Tara hasn’t wondered off from Bon Temps.

Isis: How is season 3 going to affect you and this group as role players?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: I am so EXCITED! All the people we are currently casting are characters from the show and we’re basically searching the stream for players who will fit the roles as those characters. They are coming from every group out there. Some of our new characters are also role players from Facebook; some have never even role played before! Our @SamMerlotteBT is a new role player. The person now behind Sam sent us an email asking about the role because we really needed it filled. Luckily, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and we’ve got a great Sam!

Isis: Wow, that’s great, but back to you! Do you ever have fans who can’t separate you from the Tara Thornton on True Blood?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: All the time. It’s stated on my bio the this is a role play account… but I still get direct messages from people asking me what’s going to happen in season 3 and for autographs and stuff. I’m flattered but I usually send them a message back stating thanks for the compliment but I am NOT Rutina Wesley. Funny enough, those fans are my biggest supporters in role play once they know that this is a fictional account.

Isis: That’s pretty cool. Any strange comments aimed at you?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Sometimes… Like right now people are watching this story line seriously. I am getting all sorts of comment in my Form Spring box either loving it or hating it. The followers are quite split on what I’ve done with the V story line. I remember about 3 weeks ago I was getting quite bored so I decided to run a poll: Should Tara Thornton be turned into a vampire? Well, I stirred the stream up with that one, and obviously after nearly 800 votes the answer was no, but for the longest time the yes was in the lead. *laughing* After the poll closed it was around 85% no. To keep the fans interested in True Blood, (and to prevent myself from getting bored,) Tara Thornton on twitter does some strange thing out there to “wake” up the stream. There are nights where she’ll open up Merlotte’s, play music, and mix exotic drinks to whomever wants them. It’s not really a story line, but just some fun for everyone.

Isis: Well, it’s a great way to get fans to interact! And now, for the final question… What’s next for @Tara_ThorntonBT?

@Tara_ThorntonBT: Wow… I really have no idea what’s next for me… I know Franklin is lurking around, The NOLA bunch has a silly story line about the compound being haunted or something, but right now we have to deal with the V addiction and see who Tara’s “surprise” visitor is in jail in next week’s Twittersode!

Isis: A very good question! I can’t wait to find out!

@Tara_ThorntonBT: *grins* I’m SO not going to tell you… You have to wait like the everyone else for next Saturday.

For those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!