True Blood Season 2: Is Blood Copy Back?

May 5, 2009 by  

bloodcopy_header1With the approach of True Blood Season 2 is seems that Blood Copy might be returning as well. Before True Blood aired back in September 2008, the public was bombarded with strange messages, posters, mailings and video trailers from a group referring to themselves as the “The Blood Copy Report.” A group of investigative reporters trying to search the truth regarding the emergence of vampires and the impact of their reveaedl existence with society.  It has been many months since we last heard from “The Blood Copy” group until recently.  A cryptic message left on a sheet of paper simply saying “Midnight, 2895 Leonard Street, New York, NY.  Andrew will be there” was recently sent to the Blood Copy group.  Andrew one of the reporters for the group was last heard over a year ago and no one has heard from him ever since until now.  What does it mean?  What happened to Andrew and where has he been?  Why the mystery?  It looks like we will have to wait a little while longer to find out in the meantime take a look at the note yourself and decide yourself what does this all mean and let us know.  What happened to Andrew and what is Roger walking into?  Click here.


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