True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Additional Roles Set

February 14, 2010 by  

Even more minor roles have been added to Season 3 of True Blood, so we’ve got a new update for you!

First, starting with Episode 4, “9 Crimes“, is the recurring role of Felton Norris, who will be played by James Harvey Ward. Felton Norris is described as a violent young punk who is related to Calvin Norris. He also strips Lafayette‘s car and helps to beat up Lafayette.

James Harvey Ward

Another minor role is Sylvianne Chebance, who will only appear in Episode 2, “Beautifully Broken“. Her part is only described as a Were-Bitch who will be seen naked in a flashback of World War II pleading for help (in German) before suddenly transforming.

Sylvianne Chebance

Episode 2 has a couple more roles beyond Sylvianne‘s, and those include Tamara Frapasella as a henchwoman and John Rezig as Deputy Kevin Ellis.

John Rezig

Tamara Frapasella

The final character added to True Blood is Gus who will appear in Episode 3, “It Hurts Me Too“. Gus will be played by Don Swayze, who is the brother of deceased actor Patrick Swayze.

Sounds to me like there will be some interesting sub-plots brewing when we finally see Season 3 of True Blood air in June!


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  • Lynn

    I don’t think the sub plots will be as big. I think the majority of the new characters will be set-up’s for season 4. Like MaryAnn was introduced halfway through season 1, but didn’t become a real issue until season 2, I think most of the new characters will be very very minor roles until season 4 and maybe even later.

  • lily

    Enough with the freaking subplots!

  • buellblaster

    Looks like season 3 will have a major case of MCD…Main Character Diversions…..*sigh*… poorly played Alan Ball… poorly played….

    • FangsR4Ever

      I agree. I’m hoping that all these many new characters don’t take away air time from the characters that we really like to watch and want to see more of!

  • jaxx

    I am looking forward to S3 but am starting to wonder about all these new cast members just hoping there aren’t going to be too many plots and subplots involved and not enough time to tell a really great story in S3. 12 one hour episodes just don’t seem like enough time to tell the storyline of all these cast members and how they relate to each other. I trust AB to know what he’s doing, but I hope all the characters get more than 5 to 10 minutes of airtime in each episode. To me, it’s easier to focus on a few good storylines than many scattered ones. Hopefully I’m just worrying for nothing. 🙁

    Anyone else one way or the other????

    • pbt

      Hey Jaxx. Have to agree with your assessment of the situation. With only 118 days until Season Three premieres I am becoming a little concerned too. With all the new characters and plot lines, I think a five minute time slot will be all that our favorite main characters will be getting. While I am with you about AB, doing a great job. I am a little concerned for the Club Dead story. It is a great story and really sets up for Season Four. Dead to the World is another great story too.

      Let’s hope the next 4 months goes by quickly. 🙂
      Oh yeah! Go Viking Vampire G*d!

      • jaxx

        Hi pbt! I agree. Season 3 sets up for Season 4 which means Season 3, as AB has said, should, for the most part, follow Club Dead which is a GREAT story. If Club Dead is not easy to follow with too many plots and characters, what will Season 4 be like (which is based on DTTW which is another GREAT story)??? It just won’t make sense, but I know, I know, not book verbatim here and we all like surprises, I just hope the core story will be told without a lot of distractions and confusion caused by too many characters with too many sub-storylines.

        Oh well, it will be what it will be I guess.

        Less than 4 months to go. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

        • pbt

          I am sure that AB will be switching up plot lines. I just want the flavor and passion of Club Dead. The cast of 500 continues to grow and grow that is for sure.It will be an interesting season filled with passion, mystery, intrigue and whole lot of naked Skarsgard. That spoiler is from AB himself. Of course, I am patiently waiting. Not!

          118 more days until True Blood Season Three drops. Go Team! VVG!

          • jaxx

            Yes, a naked Eric/Alex is always good. hee hee

          • missyella

            Hi Gala,

            I am in complete agreement, sub plots and then some more, what is going on???????????? AB. Please, please, please do not lose the escence of a great show.

            It’s bad enough concentrating on a fantastic ensemble cast, but now to feature the 5,000, oh hell lol………………

          • jaxx

            I’m hoping that even though there are a lot of new cast members, they are supporting cast members to the stars of the show, i.e., Bill, Eric, Sookie, Jason, Tara, etc., which I’m hoping that means our favorites will be prominent front and center in the scenes with large numbers of the supporting cast members around them, ex., the bikers, Hot Shot were community, etc. You need a lot of people for background and the favorites need to interact with people. Hopefully, it’s not just wishful thinking on my part.